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2. Huh. I'm not sure AF(Curse) is the right feat (it's great for any Hexblade, after all). I'm still trying to figure out a good feat for Luck Shaper... wait, here's a thought: Scathing Wit. It lets you use Intimidate to grant opponents penalties. A Luck Shaper (who shapes the luck of others through curses) would surely be able to use harsh language to hurt the luck of others, no? It's a thought, anyways.
You're right, and that's one of the reasons I'm not sure what I want to do with those requirements. I'm trying, if at all possible, to stick with stuff that's already included in this handbook or that's easily available, so you don't have to have access to Dragon Magazine or comb online feat lists to find the prerequisites. Maybe Skill Focus (Intimidate) or Persuasive? Maybe Enlarge Spell?