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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephibosheth View Post
    You're right, and that's one of the reasons I'm not sure what I want to do with those requirements. I'm trying, if at all possible, to stick with stuff that's already included in this handbook or that's easily available, so you don't have to have access to Dragon Magazine or comb online feat lists to find the prerequisites. Maybe Skill Focus (Intimidate) or Persuasive? Maybe Enlarge Spell?
    Well, Scathing Wit fits really well, and is actually available in the Dragon Compendium. Actually... on that tack, what about this:

    Scathing Curse [Hex]
    Prereqs: Intimidate 8 ranks, Hexblade's Curse ability
    Benefit: When you use your Hexblade's Curse ability, you may make an Intimidate check at the same time, replacing the DC of your Curse with the results of your Intimidate check. A creature can only be affected by a given Hexblade's Scathing Curse once per 24 hour period.

    There, a strong feat that would be a good prereq for Mr. Lucky above.

    Quote Originally Posted by Temotei221 View Post
    As much as I love my class being advertised to advance other homebrews, I must ask why no one can spell my name unless they look down while typing their post.

    Maybe I'm just conditioned to spell it right. It is my name in Japanese, after all.

    The name stays because of the class's moderate fame. If I changed the class name, it could be lost to someone who wants to find it on the Fax Wiki or something. (Ha!)
    Because I don't bother spelling names correctly, that's for the weak! Or, if you prefer, because I didn't realize it was wrong.

    As for the name, I hate that name. It's the Corrupter to me dammit!
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