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Thread: [3.5] The Hexblade Homebrew Handbook!

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    Satyrus, I like the new character theme and have added it to the list in the second post. Thanks a lot!

    Also, everyone, here's my stab at a spell-less, aura focused hexblade. I'm not sure about some of the auras, so let me know what you think. Also, if you have any ideas for new ones, please let me know. I'm trying to go for interesting, circumstantial debuffs instead of the more blanket penalties imposed by the curse and dark companion features. Little fun things that require some creativity to use or cater to certain circumstances. If they cater to a more obviously-martial character, all the better. Anyway, here's what I've got so far:

    Class Variant: Spell-less Hexblade

    The variant hexblade gains all the normal class features of the hexblade, with the following changes and additions.

    Spells: The hexblade does not gain the ability to learn or cast arcane spells.

    Arcane Talent: The hexblade does not gain the Arcane Talent class ability.

    Bonus Feats: At 1st level, 5th level and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th and 20th), a hexblade gains a bonus feat. She may select this feat from the list of [Hex] feats or fighter bonus feats. The hexblade must meet all the prerequisites for a bonus feat.

    Battle Casting: The hexblade does not gain the Battle Casting class ability.

    Baleful Aura: Beginning at 6th level, a hexblade learns to project a baleful aura that hinders those around her. A hexblade can activate this aura thrice per day as a swift action and dismiss it as a free action. A hexblade can only have one aura active at a time. The aura ends if the hexblade is dazed, unconscious, stunned, paralyzed or otherwise incapacitated. An opponent can make a Will save (DC 10 + ˝ the hexblade’s class level + the hexblade’s Cha modifier) to negate the effect of the aura but must make an additional Will save each time he or she re-enters the aura. The aura affects all non-mindless creatures within a 20 foot radius, though creatures the hexblade considers allies gain a +4 bonus to their Will save to resist the effects. A hexblade can select one aura from the following list at 6th level and another at 8th level and 11th level.
    • Aura of Carelessness: The foe takes a -4 penalty to AC against attacks of opportunity while within the radius of the aura.
    • Aura of Hesitation: The foe takes a -4 penalty on attacks of opportunity made while within the radius of the aura.
    • Aura of Fatigue: The foe is fatigued while within the radius of the aura. This condition vanishes immediately upon leaving the aura.
    • Aura of Distraction: The foe must make a Concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) in order to cast spells within the radius of the aura. The Concentration check DC increases to 20 + spell level at 10th level and 25 + spell level at 15th level.
    • Aura of Lethargy: Creatures affected by the aura feel their muscles and senses begin to slow, making even the flattest ground seem rough and treacherous. If a creature fails its save against the aura’s effects, it treats the radius of the aura as rough terrain.

    Malevolent Aura: Beginning at 14th level, a hexblade’s Baleful Aura becomes more powerful. Any time the hexblade uses her Baleful Aura class ability, she can choose to manifest a Malevolent Aura instead. A hexblade can select one aura from the following list at 14th level and another at 18th level. She can also select an additional aura from the list of Baleful Auras instead. A Malevolent Aura functions as a Baleful Aura, except as noted below.
    • Aura of Paranoia: All foes affected by the aura are considered flanked, even if they are not threatened by other assailants.
    • Vampiric Aura: All creatures within the radius of the aura must make a Fortitude save each round (DC 10 + ˝ the hexblade’s class level + the hexblade’s Cha modifier) or take one point of Constitution damage. This save replaces the Will save normally necessary to avoid the effects of a hexblade’s aura. During every round in which her aura drains at least one point of Constitution damage, the hexblade gains fast healing 3. This aura cannot drain an opponent’s Constitution score below 1.
    • Aura of Inaction: All foes affected by the aura are unable to make attacks of opportunity as long as they remain within the radius.

    What do you think?
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