First of all, I really like what you're doing here.

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Bonus Feats: At 1st level, 5th level and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th and 20th), a hexblade gains a bonus feat. She may select this feat from the list of [Hex] feats or fighter bonus feats. The hexblade must meet all the prerequisites for a bonus feat
Fair enough.

Baleful Aura:
  • Aura of Carelessness:
  • Aura of Hesitation:
  • Aura of Fatigue:
  • Aura of Distraction:
Nice Idea, though it seems strange to give it at lvl 6, as you remove spells starting from lvl 4. Probably not a big issue though. As for individual auras, Aura of Hesitation and Carelessness seem fairly weak compared to the other two. Can't think of any other ideas though.

Malevolent Aura:
  • Aura of Paranoia:
  • Vampiric Aura:
  • Aura of Inaction:
Nice once again. Though a bit strangely ballanced. Aura of Paranoia in particular seems underpowered. Especially for lvl 14.