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    Faction Profile: Ostari Elves

    informal "City Elves"

    The Ostari Elves have lived in the Nexxus for thousands of years, living in the city that has always existed in this meeting place of worlds. It has gone by different names, but is currently known as Inside.

    As beings that do not weaken and die as they age, they are naturally loathe to do battle, as they have no immunity to being slain. The conflicts of mortals rarely interest them, and they can often seem cruel and capricious when faced with human suffering.

    Their love is for building, which is fortunate as they live in a city that encounters a great deal of destruction. What magic they have is geared for this purpose, and they are often the ones who repair things offscreen.

    They have no interest in ruling Inside, and are happy to serve whatever government they believe will best promote stability. They don't believe in revolution or civil war. They also have very little interest in the expansion of the empire outside the city. They have pledged their support to Vyrn during his lifetime, which is roughly the same level of commitment as choosing to support a president during his 4 year term of office.

    Their numbers are few, and most of the population has seen a millenium or more in the nexxus.

    Their representative to the Empire is Councillor Veriswen Hiriloth (next post)


    Restated in plain talk: These are Tolkien elves, proud and aloof and immortal and very old. Like the various divisions of elves tended to have special talents towards certain fields of endeavor (some with ships, some with trees, some with gems), these elves are particularly talented civil engineers and city builders.

    They tend not to care much when humans are injured or killed, as they were going to die soon anyway, but they work very hard on rebuilding the property damage and keeping the city's infrastructure going.

    They're pretty much a bunch of jerks, actually. But useful jerks.
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