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Incidentally, is there a specific hexblade literary corpus outside of the myriad of traditions of malevolent magic practitioners who bring bad luck to the community? Is there something specific to which you're referring?
Elric of Melanborne is a pretty solid example of what you're describing, but he's not fully in control of where his bad stuff goes.

I rather like your spell-less class varient because I've never been a fan of the idea of innate magic users being able to pull off stuff as specific and finessed as most spells are. I rather like the idea that a Hexblade is basically oozing malevolence and screwing with everyone's luck in the area and instinctively cursing people with foul language instead of empowering himself with Jump spells that he can use...for some reason.

I'd be inclined to make the radius larger and make it affect allies, just not as much or possibly simply giving them a bonus on their saves because there's less hate/malice behind it.

I think Aura of Distraction aught to scale with class level [just to keep it relevant past level 9 or so].

Aura of Paranoia would be fine if the patch had something that allowed them a benefit when they were flanking an opponent, but as it is, it seems entirely unhelpful to the Hexblade itself, especially when you could have Vampiric Aura, which is hillariously good by comparison. Possibly add a small bonus to the class for attacking flanked targets? Cha mod or something? Just to make it seem actually worthwhile...