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    Rime Sighted Censhuliel
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human (Lunar Exalted)
    Age: 43, but younger in appearance.
    Alignment: Chaotic (Good?)
    Class (or approximation): Sorcerer?
    Power Rating: A?
    As the silly tektek, but tall and bit of white in the hair which suggests a feather pattern, changing to actual feathers at the back of her neck.
    Equipment and Abilities: Fancy exalted sword(Reaver Daiklave), manacles, spyglass. Mostly changing shape and sorcerous powers. Extra speed, toughness and strength. Notably, cannot be forcibly transformed into anything and may go crazy around certain injustices.
    Backstory: Living near the edge of a large Isleand, Censhuliel lived a fairly normal life with which she was reasonably content, until her store and house burned down in a routine accidental fire, which killed the rest of her family and almost did the same to her. She ended up lost in the great ice, and doesn't go into more detail about that. Since then, studying human cities.
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