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Thread: BleachITP Reborn Character Registry

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    Default BleachITP Reborn Character Registry

    This is the character registry for BleachITP Reborn roleplay. For characters of the old Bleach roleplay, look elsewhere.

    DO NOT POST CHARACTER DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD! If you want help, criticism etc. concerning your future character, post it in this thread. All other discussion pertaining to the upcoming RP is also to be held in that thread.

    If you see a spot you want is taken, don't despair! Many things are possible within the game! Just come and talk with us.

    Please don't delete posts!
    I have a nagging feeling it messes up hyperlinks in this post. If you feel like not playing a character anymore, slap an NPC tag on them or contact me, and I'll slash their name over from the list.

    Explanation of tags:
    • (NPC) means non-players character. The original player left, but the character is/was too important to be retconned out of existence. Consult OOC for using or playing them.
    • (MIA) means the player of a character left, without providing conclusion to the character. As such, their fate is undetermined. They were too fundamental to be retconned out, but also in such a position they don't need to be played anymore for the story to make sense.
    • (Deceased) and (KIA) mean the character died in the story. Background utilizing these characters is allowed, but for obvious reasons they aren't played anymore.
    • A name that is crossed over means the character has been retconned out of the game. For the purpose of the story, they never existed. Don't use them.

    Soul Society: Shinigami characters go here. Exact ranks are yet to be decided, so you can aspire for any position - note, though, that higher ranking officers will not see as much action!

    1st Division
    Commander-General: Tsukada Ryouichi (NPC, played by Frozen_Feet)
    Vice-Captain: Yamamoto Sauyri
    4th Seat: Eiji Ito
    6th Seat: Orimoto Ranoue

    2nd Division
    Captain: Miyagawa Yuuki (NPC)
    Vice-Captain: Shihan Kyasarin (NPC)
    3rd seat: Noburo Arata (NPC)
    4th seat: Nao (NPC)
    5th: Sigint Kageen
    12th seat: Miyako Akimoto (NPC)
    Unseated: Sadanaka Hideuchi, Jomei Akemi

    3rd Division
    Captain: Shizuka Magatsu (NPC)
    3rd seat: Koishima Daisuke (NPC)
    8th seat: Hund Wolfgang
    20th seat: Junichiro Michishige
    Unseated: Zaraki Nasumi
    Former members: Sakura (NPC)

    4th Division
    Captain: Fujiwara Akira
    Vice-Captain aspirants: Nobu Aki
    3rd seat: Feiyan Tewulan (NPC)
    13th seat:
    Unseated: Alysha Sietka
    Former members: Norreni Udeoshi (NPC)

    5th Division
    Captain: None.
    Vice-Captain: Minuet (NPC)
    20th Seat: Hikaru Shin
    Unseated: Llyn Wa-Fang, Yotsubo Hiyashi
    Former members: Ryuunosuke Osamu (Deceased)

    6th Division
    Captain: Damara Shishihara
    Vice-Captain: None.
    12th seat: Shiaki Koujin (NPC)
    Former Members: Fukui Kyou (Deceased)

    7th Division
    Captain: Zibarra Emet (NPC)
    Vice-Captain aspirants:
    3rd seat: Noburo Hideyaki
    5th seat: Reikiku Nakamura

    8th Division
    Captain: Nakamaru Masaru
    Vice-Captain: Nagamichi Soushi
    Xth seat: Suroshi Nagashi
    Unseated: Jack Teach

    9th Division
    Captain: Hirokatsu Goto
    Vice-Captain: None.
    3rd seat: Kenichi Kurohoshi (NPC)
    4th seat: Okaji Kaki
    5th Seat: Takeru Kojima
    10th Seat: Akiyama Shou
    19th seat: Naruhi Ziha (NPC)
    Former members: Shirakawa Kiku (NPC)

    10th Division
    Captain: Takashi Taiki
    Vice-Captain aspirants: Isamaru Myojin (Switching Divisions?)
    3rd Seat: Taro Banzuke
    4th seat: Konpaku Aya
    7th seat: Hayashi Goro
    17th Seat: Ren Karashi

    11th Division
    Captain: Yukimura Seiko
    5th Seat: Atanabe Jiro
    8th Seat: Amagatsu Kazuma
    Former member: Hannibal Magalhăes, Himura Michiko (NPC)

    12th Division
    Captain: Ryou Kazuo (MIA) (KIA?)
    Vice-Captain: Katisugo Ichimyouri
    3rd seat: Souten Ai (NPC)
    9th seat: Nakatashi Tamiyo
    20th seat: Hirako Yoshi

    13th Division
    Captain: Hayashi Natsuko
    Vice-Captain: Mitsukai Karite
    3rd seat:
    4th seats: Hayashi Shinji and Hayashi Ikimi (NPC), Inoue Hotaru
    5th seat: Tsukikage Shishiou
    6th Seat: Shinji Ichimyori
    8th seat: Kuroda Ryo (NPC)
    13th seat: Sato Hachirou
    Unseated: Allan Crossdale, Yama Akio

    Kido Corps
    Commander: None.
    Vice-Commander: Yama Yuuta
    Seated members: Tai (NPC)
    Senior Members: Ryoichi Yasu
    Junior members: Misaki Ichimyouri, Hidetsugu Iwaki, Megane Sihr, Katagawa Shizuka

    Former members: Hamasaki Hibiki (MIA), Akemi Aoki, Kageki Mai (Deceased), Chen Shengdi (Deceased), Kitano Takeshi (???), Kageki Hotaru (Deceased)

    Visitors: Caerwyn ap Gruffydd (NPC)

    Las Noches: Arrancar and Hollow characters mostly go here. Espada positions will be decided by Draken, player of King of Hollows.

    Quincy: If you want to play a cool spirit archer...

    Mortals: If your character is just a hapless human caught up in the turmoil, it'll go here.

    Samsara Created from Blanks, they want to restore themselves to the Cycle of Reincarnation. Now hiring - contact Kayne650! This faction is on hold due to key players vanishing. If you have ideas for them, posit them in the OOC. Making new characters for this faction is not recommended unless you are also willing to drive a plot for them.

    Loose cannons: Characters whose exact allegiances are mutable or unknown. Beware, for some of the worst villains belong to this group!

    S.W.O.R.D. : a group of mortals seeking to shield the Mortal World from the threats of afterlife. While noble in goals, their means beg some questions... Strawberryman looks over the faction and takes care of new agent recruits.This faction is on hold due to key players leaving. If you have ideas for them, posit them in the OOC. Making new characters for this faction is not recommended unless you are also willing to drive a plot for them.
    Agent 00: Identity unknown. Director of the organization.
    Agent 01: Nero Abel (MIA)
    Agent 02: Roger Beaton
    Agent 03: Anthony Wallace
    Agent 04: Mikami Aura
    Agent 06: Josiah Kane
    Agent 07: Hubert Fiorentini (MIA)
    Agent 09: Vincent Bochinsky (MIA)
    Agent 08: Angelo Damiano
    Agent 13: Tsukino Hiroto (MIA)

    Correspondant: Mihail Yashin

    Random beasts of the Spirit world: Creatures that just kinda are there, without fitting any known category.
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