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    Timeline for past events. Post feedback and corrections in the OOC or PM Frozen_Feet. You can also update the Story So Far section in the wiki.

    Before Summer:

    In Mortal World: Hayashi Izumi becomes a Substitute by the hand of Kuroda Ryo, to fight off a Hollow threatening her friends. Ryo is rendered powerless and informs he will hang around to see how Izumi will turn out. (Episode 1)

    Week before school starts again:

    In Soul Society: Taiki Takahashi brings Kitano Takeshi into Maggot's Nest to reinforce bindings of Hannibal Magalhães. They listen to the old Captain tell of what happened two centuries ago. Takeshi angers Taiki by his antics. (Episode 2)
    In Soul Society: Captains hold a meeting to discuss urgent Seireitei matters. Kitano Takeshi makes a visit, informing he wants greater co-operation between Gotei 12 and the Corps
    In Soul Society: Several high-ranking officers use the free night to vent off some steam. Yamamoto Sayuri and Kitano Takeshi go to a spontaneous date and play pranks on each other. Takeshi manages to offend Sayuri.
    In Soul Society: 7th Division notes deathstone quarries are running low and they need to find a new quarry.
    In Mortal World: Valeria Abel arrives to Fushichou town. She meets Watanabe Kaito in Venti Buon. They agree on a welcome party to be held in Valeria's home.
    In Mortal World: A mysterious suited woman also arrives in the town. She notices the unstable presence of Soshi Koan and confronts him on an alleyway. Soshi flips and tries to kill her, which ends poorly for him. Iganawa-kai Michiko saves her underling before the woman can take him away. Detective Henry Rheims-Coleby appears on the scene and interrogates the woman before she's taken to hospital.
    In Hueco Mundo: The Primera Espada Genoveva decides life is boring and tricks Decima Pico Kurazume into an arena match with their Fraccion as the stakes. Septima Sereg Arturo is bullied to host the event.
    In Hueco Mundo: The Ghost King has captured 4th Division Vice-Captain and several other Shinigami. He gives one of them to Octave Espada Cheng Mei to interrogate.
    In Soul Society: Drunken Kitano Takeshi gets the bright idea to demolish the Kido Corps and build them back from ground up, using upifted Rukongai citizens as workforce. When Yamamoto Sayuri hears of this, she is furious and decides to confront him.
    In Mortal World: A pool party is held at Abel residence, with many students taking part. All goes well before Sasaki Ayase hurts herself and has to be taken home.
    In Mortal World: Delinquents of Michiko's gang fight against other two in a fight over an old warehouse.
    In Hueco Mundo: Segunda Espada Edward Callahan starts to plot a way to bail Pico out of trouble. For this, he contacts Novena Espada Pan to boost Pico's contestant. Elsewhere, Genoveva hires Privaron Espada Tark to be her champion. Edward's Fraccion Lalita Tandon challenges Privaron Apolinar Rodrigues to a race over his particapation in the coming tournament.
    In Mortal World: Quincy Hisamori Aki confronts the strange woman who beat Soshi Koan. It's revealed the woman is a Hollow going by the name Õta Yui. Aki is determined to kill her, but is forced to leave when she cries for help. Beck Williams sees her fleeing, though. Soon after, Detective Henry comes in and interrogates Yui, but doesn't get much from the encounter. He goes on to search for Aki.
    In Mortal World: Namikaze Sora meets the lost soul of his school's old janitos, Mori Souta. They chat for a while, before weird shrimp-like Hollows assault Souta. Sora's efforts "free" Souta from his grave by shortening his Chain of Fate, and the two flee, leaving the shrimps to fight off another Hollow called the Coat Man.
    In Hueco Mundo: Cuarta Espada Alejandro Mendez seeks out Garoux Lobosolo to be his champion. Apolinar grudginly agrees to side with Edward to help Pico. Lalita Tandon meets cheery messenger Numeros called Canguro and persuades her to be Edward's champion.
    In Mortal World: Õta Yui is freed from Hospital and decides to go to Venti Buon, which is unfortunately closed. She meets a Bount called Silva Rai, and they spend the evening together, meeting the masked form of Coat Man as well as a Bount Sören Stein who is to be the new English teacher in Fushischou High.
    In Mortal World: New teachers arrive at the school and are welcomed by the principal Reene Lucaster.
    In Soul Society: Sato Hachirou, 13th seat of the 13th Division, and Hayashi Natsuko, said Division's Captain, mastermind the annual Gotei Joint Operations. Word is sent to other Divisions.
    In Soul Society: Captains gather together for a poker night, though some are missing. Their Lieutenants and officers get together for a night out as well, and hold sparring matches in old 12th Division experimental grounds. (Episode 5)
    In Mortal World: Sasaki Ayase is assaulted by a Hollow and awakens her Bount powers. (Episode 4)
    In Mortal World, France (?): Someone robs a Quincy artifact from a museum, while burning all the rest. This makes the news and pisses off Museum Curator of Fushischou town, who was supposed to receive the artifact.
    In Mortal World: Someone hires a Bount Assassin called Armin to murder a Gotei Captain.

    Day 0; Gotei Joint Operations; First day of school after summer break.

    In Soul Society and Mortal World: a smattering of Gotei troops are gathered together and leave for Fushischou Town. Lead by Sato Hachirou, they meet up considerable resistance from lesser Hollows and Privaron Espada Auset. (Episode 3)
    In Mortal World: Students are enjoying their first day at school. Unfortunately, the ghost of Mori Souta has found his way there too. After being neglected by his former friends, he gets eaten by Gralster and turns to a Hollow himself. Electric break drives many students home, but few stay in for club activities; they find themselves unwittingly locked within school grounds as the malicious spirit of the former janitor begins "cleaning".
    In Mortal World: After the kids defeat the janitor, Sayaka invites them all to stay at her house, but only Ken takes her up on her offer. After excessively praising Haruaki and Sayaka and telling them a sob story about how he's constantly alone at home while his parents work, Haruaki allows Ken to live with them.
    In Hueco Mundo: The Arena tournament begins. The fighting is harsh, but eventually the alliance of Pan and Apolinar overpowers opposition, rendering Pico the technical winner… even though his potential prize goes to others! Sereg Arturo makes a fool of himself before his peers when he lets himself be provoked by two Fraccions, Vicente Ortiz and Serazel Guerrero. Cheng Mei does not attend, because she had an unfortunate encounter with the Primera. As the games start to pan out, Vicente decides to see if her wounded state can be exploited, but is stopped by Serazel - in the end, the Octava turns out to be fine after all and Vicente folds.
    In Mortal World: multiple students are antagonized by the Angry Janitor, and are eventually driven to the school gym. There, they make their stand and eventually win over the poor ghost. Souta's spirit turns into a butterfly and flies away.
    In Soul Society and Mortal World: Karite Mitsukai 13th Vice-Captain, longs for action and makes an ill-adviced trip to Mortal World to "help" the patrols fighting against Auset. 3rd Seat Yama Akio follows in his wake to salvage the situation, but gets dragged to a fight against ancient Hollow called Elder. The Shinigami prevail over the Arrancar, but several are forced to return with severe wounds and broken blades(Episode 3).
    In Mortal World: Teacher Hasunaga Heiaki fights against a Hollow called Carmelia. He spares her life in order to make her a force of good.
    In Mortal World: Briefly after emerging from the school gym, some students briefly meet with some fleeing Shinigami.
    In Soul Society: Along with her good friend Kiku, Sayuri concocts some "special sake" and takes it to Kido Corps as a "gift" for Takeshi.

    Day 1:

    In Mortal World, Day to Evening: Students involved in the Angry Janitor incident gather at Houheiden Shrine to test their newly-received powers and to learn of the spiritual. Queen of Hollows contacts Valeria Abel in shape of a small bird. Ken becomes an apprentice priest under the tutelage of Haruaki.
    In Soul Society: Life slowly returns to normal after the Joint-Ops. Yamamoto Sayuri revisits the Kido Corps. Nagamichi Soushi heeds a mysterious message forwarded to him by Zaraki Nasumi and visits the Zaraki District, where he meets a deranged Kido Corps member who tells him to let criminals into Seireitei roughly a week from their encounter. Soushi quickly disposes of the poor girl and all evidence linking him to the event.
    In Hueco Mundo: Someone (*cough*Jenny*cough*) murders and envoy of the Ghost King. Apolinar is tasked to investigate.
    In Hueco Mundo: Privaron 000, Rouga Sougami, rises from his slumber and decides to make a number of himself. This involves pissing off the Ghost King, a couple of Espada, and copious amounts of alcohol.
    In Hueco Mundo: Lalita takes Canguro, wounded from the Arena fight, to his quarters, where they talk and drink tea before Genoveva interrupts. After a brief fight which wrecks Segunda's throne room, people involved go to Primera's place to train. Lalita lingers in the palace to chat privately with Genoveva.
    In Hueco Mundo: Soon After, Lalita and Canguro leave Las Noches to train in th White Sands.
    In Hueco Mundo: a mysterious fae called Eriku Ginomamori enters the White Sands and finds his way to Las Noches with new-comer Hollows Gwen and Post-san to deliver a letter of dubious contents to Genoveva.
    In Mortal World, Evening: Valeria Abel retreats from the other students to train in solitude. She's disrupted by an odd foreigner and a violent Samsara called Cassandra, and flees.
    In Mortal World, Day: Õta Yui meets Silva Rai, Hasunaga Heiaki and Sora Namikaze in a graveyard. She goes to Venti Buon with Sora and Silva, while Hasunaga stays behind to talk with Carmelia. Yui agrees to meet Sora and Silva again the next day.
    In Mortal World, Day: Quincy and teacher Yamishiro Mayumi spies on Yui, and takes interest of her when she sprints after Soshi Koan.
    In Soul Society: Taiki Takahashi checks on Hannibal Magalhaes to put him to a stronger cell and make his life miserable.
    In Mortal World, Afternoon: Right after getting home from their respective schools Kazari and Ren go out for ice cream at Venti Buon.
    In Mortal World, Evening: A Clone of Cassandra picks a fight with Izumi and Rex Irons. Eventually, Wada Nakahiro and Hasunaga get drawn into the fray as well. They fight on the school roof before Cassandra is driven away.
    In Mortal World, Evening: Michiko receives a phone call from Soshi Koan. She departs immediatly to check on her underling.
    In Mortal World, Evening: Michiko arrives too late. Elder kills and eats Soshi Koan's soulm though his mask stays behind and turns into a Hollow on its own. Before Michiko can confront Elder, a mysterious vigilante called Hakusui and Mayumi make an appearance to drive the beast away. Michiko goes to bury Soshi; Elder catches Mayumi and flees Hakusui.
    In Mortal World, Night: After trying to comfort Michiko, Hakusui is confronted by yet another Cassandra clone. It's a tough battle, but he wins.
    In Mortal World, Night: Elder, after letting Mayumi go, confronts Carmelia and tries to eat her. She only get bad mood for her efforts. She then proceeds to the cemetery and eats the Cassandra clone harassing the hapless foreigner to get over her sorrows.
    In Mortal World, Night: A strange foreigner flees from Elder and Cassandra. He finds shelter in Venti Buon, courtesy of Eirine Klossner.

    Day 2:

    In Mortal World, morning: the foreigner who got beaten by Cassandra eats at Venti Buon, has a chat with Detective Henry, and departs to go to a job interview to be Fushischou High's new Janitor.
    In Mortal World, moning: Certain Õta Yui bumps into lingering spirit of Arakawa Shiro and lures him to follow her. They also meet with Namikaze Sora, whom Yui drags to the police so he can explain what happened to town cemetery.
    In Mortal World, morning: Yui is jogging in the morning and finds the lost soul of Arakawa Shiro, a young boy who died in a fire. She persuades him to follow her. They have ice cream over at Venti Buon.
    In Mortal World, morning to day: the strange foreigner, Mihai yashin, gets chosen as the new Janitor. Valeria Abel is creeped out when she sees him. Sora Namikaze is late. Viatrix Klossner is trying to financially exploit hapless teenagers while dressing inappropriately for her age. Mayumi is bored and wanders the corridors.
    In Mortal World, ???: SWORD Agent Nero Abel contacts the Museum Curator about the missing Quincy relic.
    In Mortal World: On her way home, Kondo Sayaka is assaulted by a Hollow called Null Mind. Null Mind is driven away by Go Ken and timely arrival of the Samsara Cassandra, but the attack leaves Sayaka rejuvenated by one year and distorts memories of the last year of her life. Kina too arrives at the scene, but Null Mind's psychic attack leaves her a sobbing wreck. With help from Hasunaga Heiaki, Go Ken and Mihail Yashin, the group leave Cassandra behind and travel to Houheiden Shrine to recover from the event. Sometime later, Detective Henry also arrives. Kondo Haruaki and Hasunaga talk about training the kids.
    In Soul Society / Mortal World, Evening: Driven by either lunacy or revelation gained from his Sword Spirit, Akio Yama embarks to Mortal World to confront Elder again. Elder, on the other hand, seems more interested on giving Arakawa Shiro a proper burial and convincing Silva Rai and Namikaze Sora that Shinigami are trustworthy people. Akio is not helping.
    In Mortal World, Evening: Nero Abel gets word from Josiah Kane, and arrives at Phoenix Town Park to combat Akio.
    In Mortal World, Evening: Yui, Silva and Sora flee from Akio, leaving him to combat Nero and Josiah's drones. Later, Yui scolds Sora about his ignorant behaviour and suggests he stay with Silva for a while. Due to her injuries, Yui asks Silva if she can stay for the night.

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    In Mortal World: Michiko Inagawa-Kai rescues Kina from a bunch of bullies and consoles her.

    Day 6

    In Soul Society: Amagatsu Kazuma makes full recovery and returns to duty. He's relegated to special training. Yukimura Seiko has a chat with his Captain, Himura Michiko, about past of their Division, and suggest a promotion for Kazuma. Michiko agrees, and also promises to give Seiko the next day off. (oh, the irony.)
    In Soul Society: Hayashi Natsuko gives birth to a healthy girl. Many Captains and Officers stop by to congratulate her, including Akio Yama who was missing.
    In Soul Society: Commander-General Tsukada Ryouichi gets word that several Captains are to be promoted to 0th Division. He's told they're already on their way.

    Day 7:

    In Soul Society: Amagatsu Kazuma goes to train with Shihan Kyasarin.
    In Soul Society: Sato Hachirou heals enough to return to his Division. He decides to help Allan Crossdale regain his zanpakuto.
    In Hueco Mundo / Soul Society: following some nefarious plan, Primera embarks to Soul Society to cause chaos in the Rukongai. Seireitei locks down and Gotei rises to arms.
    In Soul Society: Nagamichi Soushi lets Kujo and his crooks in from 8th Division. Chaos ensues. Suzume goes around bombing the Division; Naraku assaults the Hospitals; Eriku goes conspiciously missing; Kujo sets off a chain of firebombs scattered all across Soul Society; Kujo and Soushi kidnap and interrogate Officer Ren Karashi of the 10th Division to gain access to Maggot's Nest, but fail. Kujo engages Taiki Takahashi.
    In Soul Society: Genoveva and her troupe are successfully intercepted, though Himura Michiko is severely wounded and Karite, who she unwittingly dragged along, begins to Hollowfy.
    In Soul Society: Akio Yama is arrested for his offences.
    In Soul Society: Hirokatsu Goto visits Ryonoosuke Castle to send word to Seireitei.
    In Hueco Mundo: Genoveva returns and retreats to her Palacio to lick her wounds. Talon makes the mistake of rousing her and is intimidated to helping her.
    In Hueco Mundo: Lalita Tandon and Canguro return to Las Noches. Lalita proceeds to humiliate and injure Pico Kurazume.
    In Hueco Mundo: Privaron Espada Talon sends Vincente Ortiz and Espada Sereg Arturo to Genoveva. She doesn't find Pico, however, and gets taunted to a fight with Sexta Espada's Fraccion, Caiphus.
    In Hueco Mundo: Ruwa Bello, out of deep-seated jealousy towards her mistress Mei, crushes the Octava's legs and dumps her to the White Sands to die. She is, however, rebuked by the Ghost King for not bringing evidence as she tries to claim Octava's position. She leaves to fetch Mei's Zanpakuto, but is beaten to it by Mei's other Fraccion, Serazel. Serazel and Mei embark on a journey to Mortal World.
    In Hueco Mundo: After finding Sereg, Talon abducts too of his servants, twin sisters who'd been forced to fight each other, and takes them to her lair.
    In Hueco Mundo: Talon fails to bring Pico before Genoveva, and is trapped by Caja Negacion as punishment. Genoveva introduces Sereg and Vincente to the prison of the Privaron Primera. She orders them to make special drugs from her blood.
    In Hueco Mundo: Talon breaks free of Caja Negacion. Ashamed, she returns to her lair and vents it out on the trapped twin sisters.
    In Hueco Mundo: Despite unco-operative attitude of the guard Paramonos and violent protests from Amada Castro, Lalita prevails over Pico. He takes Decima's severed arm as trophy and takes it to the Ghost King, earning the rank of Decima Espada.
    In Mortal World, Day: Michiko is absent-minded in class and puts notes to lockers of other students to get them meet together at the gym. Sayaka is re-introduced to class as first year student.
    In Soul Society: Suzume is arrested by 3rd and 2nd.
    In Soul Society: As the result of the fight between Taiki and Kujo, Maggot's Nest collapses. Taiki, desperate to know if Hannibal survived, burrows underground and vanishes from sight. Ryouichi, Masaru and Kazuo arrive to survey the wreckage. Operation is begun to clean the mess and round up escaped inmates. Ryouichi receives a request from Sayuri to return to 1st.
    In Mortal World, Afternoon: Michiko gathers other students at the pool and makes an offer to them. However, emotions grow hot and agreement is lost in arguments. Distressed by the noise, Kina leaves.
    In Mortal World, Evening: Watanabes host a dinner for Reiji. A gang of thugs tries to assassinate them, but they narrowly survive due to interventiion of the Ghost Mask.
    In Soul Society: Kitano Takeshi finally snaps, and decides to use current chaos as a cover to elope from Seireitei. 50 Corps members flee with him, but 20 are rapidly captured; eight of them commit suicide rather than face consequences of their actions.
    In Hueco Mundo: The Ghost King eats former Novena and Tercera to gain enough strenght to alter landscape of Las Noches
    In Mortal World, Evening: Septima Espada Sereg Arturo decides to buy a watch. However, his thoughtless hostility attracts much of unwanted attention from the parts of Gotei, SWORD and Phoenix High teachers alike. Things escalate pretty quickly, and eventually the Ghost King himself decides to intervene, causing the Commander-General to step down as well. Their threatening presence cools down the heated tempers, and situation is eventually resolved without casualties.
    In Mortal World: Concurrently, Takeshi creates a blinding flash of light above the pacific to draw attention away from himself. He then retreats to build a hideout in Phoenix Town warehouse - however, when he senses Konpaku Aya closing, his emotions get the better of him and he makes himself known to her and Tsukikage Shishiou. Takeshi escapes, despite letting Aya wound himself grievously in a foolish gambit. Aya and Shishiou return to Soul Society.
    In Mortal World, Evening: Valeria has her hollow powers training interrupted by both Sereg's intrusion in the Mortal World, as well as the massive explosion created by Takeshi. She is nearly consumed by a Hollow, however she is rescued at the last second by her mother, whom she is still not aware is a Quincy.
    In Soul Society, Night: Yama Yuuta breaks into Sayuri's office. She takes him into custody.
    In Soul Society, Night: Himura Michiko resigns from her position as a Captain. Yukimura Seiko takes the word to 1st Division
    In Mortal World, Night: Vincent Bochinsky, Agent 09, returns to SWORD headquarters to examine severed leg of Sereg Arturo.

    Day 8

    In Hueco Mundo: Pico Kurazume wakes from coma. Rouga offers to train him out of spite towards Lalita.
    In Hueco Mundo: Genoveva vanishes, retreating to White Sands to create a kingdom of her own.
    In Soul Society: Takahashi Taiki makes it to the surface and is taken in by 4th Division. Fate of Hannibal Magalhaes remains unknown.
    In Soul Society: Himura Michiko has a cordial conversation with Kazuma and Katisugo in 11th gardens.
    In Mortal World: Cassandra speaks with Go Nagi, who tells her that she is now in charge. Cassandra leaves to consider options.
    In Mortal World: Michiko Inagawa-kai is abruptly send abroad. She leaves messages to Kina, Yuudai and Sayaka to bid farewell.

    Day 9

    In Hueco Mundo: Rouga takes Pico to a great mountain out in the White Sands. Pico's task is to climb to its top and to the other side in four days. Incensed by a letter from Lalita, Pico jumps into the challenge with gusto.
    In Mortal World: Samsara members gather to discuss their plans in an abandoned house.

    Day 10

    Day 11

    In Soul Society: Yamamoto Sayuri approaches Yuuta again about taking mutual effort to find and capture Takeshi.
    In Soul Society: Konpaku Aya recovers from her injuries and talks with her Captain, Takahashi Taiki, of the training she needs to overcome Takeshi
    In Soul Society: Yukimura Seiko wanders 11th division and decides to obtain Bankai to bid for the office of Captain of 11th.
    In Hueco Mundo: Cuerva apporaches the Ghost King and is appointed in the role of Primera.

    Day 12

    In Soul Society: Konpaku Aya starts her training full-force, first sparring with Amagatsu Kazuma. Taiki orders her to train while inebriated.

    Day 13

    Day 14

    Day 15

    Day 16

    Day 17

    Day 18

    In Soul Society: Trial for Mitsukai Karite and Akio Yama is held. Karite retains his position with some boundary conditions, while Akio is disgraced and stripped of his rank and privileges.
    In Soul Society: Kimi Suzume requests to chat with Hirako Yoshi and Nagamichi Soushi. They comply.
    In Soul Society: After recovering from her hangover, Konpaku Aya goes to movies with Shishiou
    In Mortal World: Princess Carina Von Geister-Lucaster visits the Mortal World.
    In Mortal World: Viatrix finishes making Gigais for Mei, Serazel and Roux Lobosolo
    In Motal World: SWORD leadership contacts Agent 007, Hubert Fiorentini.
    In Mortal World & Soul Society: The Concierge cuts loose, taking Armin and several SWORD members to Soul Society.
    In Mortal World & Hueco Mundo: Cuerva gets herself a Gigai and visits the Mortal World. She meets and severely injures Alexander Yori for his insolence. Alex does his best to fight but is slain... only for the Count to revivify him. Meanwhile, Cuerva casually visits Phoenix Town High School and then returns to Las Noches to tell her findings to the Ghost King.
    In Mortal World: Mihail Yashin asks Eirine Klossner out as he visits Venti Buon for breakfast. Yuudai desperately tries to leave a good impression on rosa, one of the waitresses.
    In Mortal World: School day is shot all to hell when Ki Ren, Watanabe Kaito and Hayashi Izumi hear that their family members have been kidnapped... by Hollows! Horrified, they start arranging a rescue operation.

    Day 19:

    In Soul Society: Tsukikage Shishiou and Inoue Hotaru have a heart-warming scene at the 13th lobby.
    In Soul Society: Tsukada Ryouichi send Central 46 a letter, requesting permission to use all resources to bring Kitano Takeshi to justice, as well as recommending Nagamichi Soushi for Kido Commander.
    In Mortal World: Roux Lobosolo visits a former loved one of one of his component souls to get some questions answered.

    Day 20:

    Day 21:

    Not placed yet:

    • Cuerva begins training a hapless Quincy boy from the Pits, for one nefarious purpose or another.
    • Hannibal emerges in Hueco Mundo
    • Cuerva assumes role of the Primera
    • Mikami Aura visits Viatrix's shop and gets dragged to a fight with her
    • Kina's scene with Michiko
    • Erima's and Takara's antics
    • Venti Buon staff antics
    • Akio's return to Soul Society
    • SWORD agents receiving new missions from Agent 00
    • A thousand other things I'm forgetting right now.
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