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    Nickolai Bolas

    Age: 16
    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 224 lbs.

    Reiatsu/Speaking Color: Red

    Nick is a tall, decently muscled, and pale. He has flat, longish black hair, green eyes. He wears baggy pants and a black Dire En Grey tee shirt. His style of dress can be described as some what Gothic/JPunk.

    When his Hollow mask is on he has a Hallow hole right below his sternum that is 2 inches in diameter. Also if his soul is pulled out of his body it does not have arms. It does have Hollow arms when he uses them however. When he has his Hollow arms they look like a more organic version of black full plate armor. They are more curved and rounded, but they definitely seem to be Armor. His Hollow mask attaches to his arms by two thick-ish pieces of Armor.

    Nick is a decently friendly guy. But he has something of a temper. And a bit of a mean streak when it comes to people who pick on those weaker then themselves. He is also a avid boxer. He also has a great deal of respect for women, he always is courteous and polite to them and acts in a chivalrous manner. He is very easily angered by anyone threatening a woman, or actually being violent towards one.

    Nick's father is a Geman naval officer, who was stationed at a near by UN naval base. Nick's mother was a cafe waitress. Nick has never met his father, who probably doesn't know he exists. Nick's grandfather was a wealthy business man who owned a Japanese version of Barns and Nobel. His grandfather died when Nick was 4 years old and his Grandmother was very instrumental in his upbringing.

    Nick is half Hollow. This happened when he was partially eaten by a Hallow while still alive, but before he could be completely devoured the Hollow was destroyed by a Quincy, or a Soul Reaper. (This will happen IC so whichever)


    Lassen Sie die Schwarzen Arme Todes los
    (Let go the black arms of death)
    Nick's Hollow arms look like a more organic version of black full plate armor. They are more curved and rounded, but they definitely seem to be armor. His arms are just as hard to damage as a zampakto of a shinigami of equal power to Nick, and he can regenerate his arms, and only his arms by speaking the incantation again. When they first appear they seem to burst out from his shoulders. Later on Nick will learn to extend blades and spikes from anywhere on his arms and fists. These Spiky bits can extend up to 100 feet. But extending them more than 12 inches uses up a lot of energy.

    Offenbaren Sie das Maskierte Gesicht Todes
    (Reveal the disguised face of death)
    Nick puts on his mask by speaking an incantation and then, unlike most Vizards, bringing both his hands up in front of his face and drawing them apart in opposite directions. Revealing his mask from the middle out. His mask is like a Greek Comedy Tragedy mask, but with one very noticeable difference. instead of one happy one sad, both sides of the moth, and the outsides of the eyes X. The mouth has dozens of tiny sharp triangle shaped teeth. It looks pretty creepy. Nick's mask increases his power by a factor of three and makes him much faster.

    Bala: Nick’s bala (once he learns to do it) is average.

    Cero: Nick's Cero is pretty powerful once he learns it. He will learn a few forms of it.

    Hierro: Nick does not have Hierro.

    Garganta: Garganta is a technique owned by all hollows, used for dimensional transportation. Nick also gains this power as soon as he gains his Hollowed arms.

    Sonido: Nick learns Sonido soon after gaining his powers. Unlike most Arrancars and Hollows however, Nick must run on all fours to use Sonido. This is due to the fact that his powers are mainly concentrated in his arms.


    Nick also has the ability to eat spiritual beings like a Hollow. He also has the hunger of a Hollow. When he eats either a human soul, or a Hollow he gains there Reiatsu. However his hunger is proportional to how much of his Hollow powers he has gained. When he first gains his powers he simply starts eating more food. But he starts to feel more and more hunger the stronger he gets and the more powers he gains. He can deny his hunger and grow in strength through training instead but it is slower. However, since Shinigami will probably kill him instantly if they find out that he eats Hollows and souls, it's safer...and less ethically unstable...
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