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    Paramonos (Παραμονος). Numero #24


    Reiatsu/Speech colour: #DC143C

    Paramonos is an arrancar of above-average height and average complexion. His hair is short, spiky, and red. It is tied up with a headband made of bandages. The bottom of his feet are also scarred and calloused, probably from not wearing shoes. His wardrobe consists of a skirt that goes to his knees and a belt of similar bandages at his waist. His forearms and shins are also bandaged. He wears a white scarf and a gold pendant as well. On his chest is the tattooed image of a moon and a comet, and on his back a tattoo of the sun. Interestingly enough, the edge of these tattoos are scarred. His mask fragment is crescent-shaped, going from the back of his head and wrapping around to almost his eye. His hollow hole is through his right shoulder.


    Paramonos is honourable almost to a fault. The words of the espada are law, and he does not strike without provocation, and never against an unarmed or downed foe. In addition, he is also terrible at reading others' emotions, especially when they deal with matters outside his moral code. He has a strong sense of personal improvement and discipline.


    As a whole Paramonos is a melee combatant, his bala and cero being nearly useless to him. His sonido is average for his rank, but when traveling he for some reason prefers to walk. He says it builds character. He would pride himself on his swordsmanship, if he believed in things like pride. His Hierro is nothing to scoff at as well, being his second greatest skill after his weapon skill. He has never been seen using garganta.

    His fighting style consists of focusing on blocking his opponent's attack with his shortsword and quickly going for a counter with his halberd. His goal is to whittle down his opponent this way. If his opponent tries to attack him from a range he uses sonido to pursue, blocking or avoiding the attack and striking at them.

    Zanpaktou: Talos

    Talos takes the form of a shortsword and bill-hook halberd that Paramonos carries at all times. They are made of bronze, and relatively simple-looking.

    Ressureccion: My blood becomes lead and my skin becomes bronze, rise, Talos!

    Paramonos' weapons begin to glow, and the scar on his chest becomes white-hot. Paramonos' body becomes covered in white armour plates and he grows to a height of ten feet; his weapons grow proportionally as well, and become white. In his ressureccion he becomes incredibly tough and strong. Otherwise, there is no change.

    Aoki Yuudai (青木 雄大). Student and False Hero. Just Human?


    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 129 lb.
    Reiatsu/Spiritual Color: None exhibited so far. But would be Green.

    Appearance: Yuudai has brown windswept hair and green eyes. He is of a bit above average height for his age, and is rather thin. When not at school he keeps a ninja-to at his waist, although no one has ever seen him use it. He tells everyone that he has a badass tattoo, but refuses to say where.

    Personality: Generally considered a goof-off of the class. He never gets assignments done, preferring to sleep in class and talk to all of the female students. He always seems flirtatious, and really tries too hard. He greets new girls with uncanny politeness, but those who have gotten to know him, such as Michiko, know that this is just a facade.

    Other stuff: He is a member of the delinquents, and when not harassing girls he is harassing Michiko (no offense to Michiko is meant.) He is a member of the bird-watching club (Anything that gives him the right to be on a building with binoculars during the girl's PE class is a club he will enjoy), photography club, and baseball team (He is actually pretty good. He's the pitcher.)

    His current personal goal is to pass high-school and go on to college to meet girls. Growing a goatee wouldn't hurt either. Oh, and to own a motorcycle. Because they are what he calls "Badass" (incidentally up there with tattoos and swords.)

    Abilities:None as of this moment, although sometimes he feels like he is being watched (the signs of early spirit recognition.) He does have a sword though.

    Future Abilities
    Yuudai will eventually get the ability to see, hear, and interact with the spirits. His powers will not stop there. Yuudai will have the ability to destabilize spirit particles. At first Yuudai will be able to create explosions, the particles becoming wild and bashing into each other. He will need to have a clear view of where he is destabilizing the particles, otherwise some sort of mishap will occur. Eventually his mastery will become larger, and he will be able to use the explosions for more purposes, and he will also be able to concentrate or funnel his explosions.

    Eirene Klossner, Bount


    Reiatsu/Speech colour: Bubbly!
    Age: 130
    Race: Bount

    Eirene stands at a height of 5'4." Her black hair is slightly spiky at the back, and her bangs are held to one side with a hairclip. Her eyes appear in varying shades at time, usually some variation of dark reddish-brown. She usually wears the local high school uniform, but her sense of fashion often changes.


    Eirene is a very optimistic and high-energy person, much to the dismay of some of the fellow Bount. She has the uncanny ability to make any situation positive. In addition, she has very little shame; she does not fear anyone else's judgement.


    Eirene has very few natural combat abilities so to speak. Her combat training is pretty much nonexistent. However she is incredibly lucky, and it extends to her ability to avoid attacks. Bad things do not happen to good people.

    Doll: Schrikbewind

    Whilst sealed, Schrikbewind takes the form of a hairclip. The design of the hairclip changes almost every day. Full profile is on the wiki.
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