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    Faction Profile: Cult of Dalachrech

    Unholy Symbol: A two-tailed scorpion; worn around the cleric's necks and usually found somewhere upon the cultist's attire, even the non-clerics.

    Leader: Terrowin of Xela's Howe is the High Priest, but most Cultists would say Dalachrech was the true leader. Elezibethele and Defelent are joint seconds-in-command.

    Known Members:
    Elezibethele, an elven cleric whose favourite prayer seems to cause blindness or deafness; also speaks Infernal quite well. She is very attractive, with black hair and green eyes, and tends to wear a low-cut dress with Dalachrech's symbol on it.
    Defelent, a tiefling cleric; capable of creating magical darkness once a day. Tends to have Dalachrech's symbol upon his t-shirt.
    Dalabad, Terrowin's personal Quasit advisor; described with Terrowin in his entry.
    Harold Spritesson, a knife-fond gnome, who has Dalachrech's symbol on his cape.
    A half-elf with tattered clothes and Dalachrech's symbol tattooed to his face
    Jorje Hargonnen, a human usually wearing a tabard over chainmail.
    At least 4 other human-sized humanoid clerics; haven't been seen without their robes yet.

    Base: The Temple of Dalachrech in Inside.

    Motives: To gather more worshippers, spread their influence and each individual is after power and prestige.

    Resources: At least ten clerics, an inconspicuous Temple, an unknown amount of NPC cultists and three or four Quasits, demon-summoning equipment, plus the patronage of a Demon Lord.

    Notes: Sent leaflets to NO and GLoG; GLoG burnt most of theirs. Until recently, the clerics wore long, form-concealing red robes with the hood up; the robes bore Dalachrech's unholy symbol.
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