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    As always, thanks to Kasanip for just about all the translations.

    Takahashi Taiki, Captain of 10th Division
    Name (Family Given): 高橋大輝 Takahashi Taiki

    Position/Allegiance: High-Level Member, Gotei 13

    Vital Stats:
    Age: At least 500
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 148 lb.
    Reiatsu/Spiritual Color: Purple
    Health: Healthy

    Taiki appears to be somewhere in his 20's. His brown hair falls to about his neck, though he generally wears it tied behind his head. For some reason, his eyes seem to be different colors most of the time, the range being between blue and green. On his right arm is a tattoo of his division's symbol.

    He generally wears a traditional Shinigami shihakusho, except that his kosode is sleeve-less. Underneath it he wears wrappings around his chest.

    Taiki is rather lively and open, preferring to spend his time talking rather than observing. He is generally vocal about his opinion and will actively oppose even his elders or betters. Sometimes, he will speak without thinking, causing him to say stupid or insensitive things, but most of the time he is good at censoring himself. When he is angry, Taiki can be very venomous with his speech. Taiki is also an incredible eavesdropper, generally knowledgeable about things he has no right knowing. This knowledge generally comes out in random passing, rather than Taiki gossiping.

    Taiki loves word games and acting, and in fact teaches a course on it at the Academy. He is incredibly good at impressions and improvisation. This skill translates into a skill with lying and deception, as well as a skill in noticing subtle body language changes in others. Although he loves acting, Taiki hates being in the spotlight, and therefore does not flaunt any of his natural abilities. He generally prefers smaller, less recognized roles.

    Despite all of this, Taiki mainly focuses on necessary things and dislikes slackers or frivolous people. Though he does have some fun sometimes and generally acts in a cheery manner, he cannot stand pure worthless frivolity. However, he is a good enough actor to hide his displeasure most of the time, and he is willing to attend such events for close friends and colleagues.

    Taiki Takahashi was born to an unremarkable family in the closer districts of the Rukon. He grew up in the shadow of the great walls of Sereitei, and every day he went out to play with his friends, one of the Gatekeepers looked over him. Even as a young boy, Taiki knew what he wanted to do. The Gatekeeper was so large and so powerful that Taiki could not help but admire him. Every day, the Gatekeeper helped the town, using his great strength to help construct homes, perform rescues, even watch the children. Taiki knew that if he was to be anything, he wanted to be like the Gatekeeper. So, as soon as he was old enough, Taiki joined the Shinigami Academy.

    At first, Taiki was a failure. He had trouble performing Kido and his sense of reiatsu was off which screwed with his shunpo. And, as he had no previous skill fighting, he was a very weak swordsman and physical combatant. However, Taiki worked hard. He worked hard, and long, and dedicated himself to his goal. Despite this, he still struggled. Eventually, he began to grow disheartened. He doubted himself. Was it worth the effort? Could he really become a Shinigami? And one day, he succeeded. Though he was never a remarkable student, never skilled in any of the 4 schools of Shinigami, he did something very few students could manage.

    Taiki spoke with Benei.

    Or rather, Benei spoke with him. His internal spirit recognized his dedication and she spoke to him. His own inner power recognized his determination, and it showed him what he had inside him. It showed him that he had the strength and determination to succeed, and that with that alone he could accomplish what he desired. It showed him not to be afraid. It showed him confidence. The only thing it could not show him was itself.

    At the end of his years of schooling, Taiki graduated in the top 10 of his class. Because his skills in both hakuda and zanjutsu were his greatest, Taiki was offered a position in 11th. However, Taiki instead applied for 3rd Division, hoping to diversify his skills rather than focus them. While learning in the 3rd Division, Taiki gained more and more understanding of his abilities. Benei revealed her name to Taiki, and he quickly learned that his Shikai was a permanent release-type, due to Benei's elusive nature. Although he continued to struggle with Kido, his shunpo quickly developed. He soon mastered that skill to the level that he could apply for a position in 2nd Division.

    While his application was going through, however, he met the person that would change his life: Ai Masachika (First name Ai, Family Name Masachika). At first, they were mere acquaintances. But after Taiki's initial rejection from 2nd, the two grew incredibly close. Eventually, the two fell in love. The two were meant for each other, or so it seemed. Ai Masachika was a noble, and while Taiki had a favorable track record, he was not a nobleman, and Ai's family rejected their relationship. That did not stop them from spending 5 years together. It should have been longer.

    On a patrol, the two and the remainder of their troop encountered a strange anomaly. The reiatsu was strange, unlike any that Sereitei had ever detected. As far as their information was aware, the target was a known criminal and, as such, the 3rd Division was tasked with executing the offender. The patrol succeeded in tracking their foe down, but when they arrived, they could not trace him. Soon, he had taken down several of their members, separating them in the woods and eliminating them one-by-one through confusion and incredible speed. Taiki and Ai remained together and therefore remained alive. For the time being, at least. The creature leaped from the woods and struck Ai down in a single blow. It was not shinigami, nor was it hollow. It appeared to be a normal human, but it bore the mark of the hollow, the mask. Taiki would later discover what the true term for it was; a Vizard. Taiki fought valiantly. With the creature's advantage of surprise lost, Taiki managed to battle it long enough for reinforcements to arrive and permanently subdue the creature. However, they were too late to save any of the remaining patrol. Taiki submitted his report. When he found out that the Vizard was in fact a previous friend and well-wisher of both his and Ai's, his resignation from 3rd Division appeared shortly thereafter. He would never forget what a Vizard could do.

    Taiki moved on to a new division, the 2nd, where he hoped to learn reliance on himself and further advance what skills he could, namely his hakuda and shunpo. Over his time, Taiki rose quickly in rank. The 2nd Division truly earned Taiki the name of "broken blade." Benei's invisibility was incredibly helpful for a member of the Stealth Force. He also eventually mastered his Bankai during this time, learning even more from his zanpakuto. After many hard years of dedicated work, Taiki advanced to the rank of 3th Seat. It was at this moment that Taiki began to attract attention. As head of the Assassination Force of the Onmitsukido and a prominent member of Gotei 13 with high strength, ability, and leadership, Taiki applied for Captaincy. His first attempts at becoming a Captain failed due to lack of experience, lack of strength of character, and lack of a division he could actually lead. After the death of Captain Mio Osagawa, Captain Naomi Maruyama suggested promoting Taiki to the rank of Captain. After demonstrating his skills in front of a panel of captains, including the current Commander-General, Taiki received the necessary recommendation and became the Captain of 10th Division.

    Under Taiki's leadership, 10th Division changed. Maggot's Nest regulations grew more strict, resulting in many members of the Maggot's Nest being moved around until several were set free. It was all to make space for one special prisoner, one whom Taiki considered a huge threat and, now that he was a captain, for whom he could properly appeal to the Central 46 for holding rights. That man's name was Hannibal Magalhães. Taiki was the reason he was held as long as he was, where he was, and in the condition he was. Considering Taiki's otherwise completely successful management of 10th, Central 46 failed to find good reason to deny Taiki's requests, on the grounds that he was held for 12th Division research.

    Roughly 80 years after becoming Captain, Taiki learned of a new Captain recruit for the 13th Division. Her name was Natsuko Hayashi. As always, Taiki remained his cordial self towards her, but as they grew to know each other, Taiki soon found himself in love again. A bit wary, he eventually found out of her own emotions when she admitted them to him herself. Since that moment, the two have been incredibly close, eventually getting married 10 years later. They have been happily married for 10 years, and have since had their first child, Hikari Hayashi.

    10th Division:
    The 10th Division

    Moreso than any other division, 10th Division treats Soul Society as its home. When something happens, it is the 10th that responds. Nowhere in Soul Society is unsafe when the 10th are on duty. The 10th makes it their personal responsibility to ensure that the inhabitants of Soul Society can go about their duties without having to worry about dangerous activities in the streets.

    The 10th Division is the police of Soul Society. Members make it their job to enforce the laws of the Central 46. While anyone can arrest, the 10th Division is trained in disabling criminals and ensuring that the Central 46 (or, in the case of some Shinigami, their Captain) can administer judgment. Their intensive training in nonlethal combat techniques (as well as the current Captain's preference for such combat) has led many to become proficient in hakudo. Additionally, most members of 10th are trained extensively in the bakudo form of Kido, as well as effective methods to disable a foe without killing them. While the 2nd Division generally deals with assassinations, it is the 10th that brings most criminals to justice.

    Taiki became Captain through hard work and great effort. As a member of 2nd Division, Taiki learned the importance of his duties and the importance of Soul Society, and became quickly enamored with the idea of leading a squad of his own. Upon informing his Captain of this, Taiki was drilled into the ground, forced to gain strength until he was eligible for a Captain's seat. Though he was unable to gain the requisite number of recommendations in his first attempt at a seat, his second proved more successful. Almost 100 years ago, Taiki was granted the Captaincy of 10th Division, replacing the famed Captain Osagawa Mio. Taiki's efforts over the years have continued the respected tradition of the 10th.

    Numbers: 1618.

    Flower: The flower for the 10th Division is the Daffodil, a symbol of unrequited love and chivalry. Of the Divisions, the 10th's members consider themselves the most chivalrous and honorable, and they believe in the heart of the chivalric code. They act out of their devotion to Soul Society and the maintaining of the peace that exists there, whether the people see them in this light or not.

    Motto: “Those who expect nothing in return receive the greatest reward.”


    Investigation: 10th Division looks into all suspicious activities occurring in Soul Society and, when called upon, in the Mortal World. While they are not the primary information-gathering division, they are one of the divisions most suited to analyzing acquired data to form conclusions about suspicious activity. They work closely with divisions such as the 13th (Recon) and the 5th (Communications) to ensure that the right information is available.

    Police: When a criminal is located, it is the 10th that brings said criminal to justice. They are the arm of the law that keeps the lawbreakers in line and the common folk safe. All members of the 10th are required to take a patrol in Soul Society once per month in order to enforce this message.

    Interrogation: It is generally the 10th that deals with information gathering when it comes to people, rather than observational data. Many members of 10th consider this their most difficult job, but nonetheless they are quite effective in retrieving the necessary information.

    Prison Wardens: 10th Division is in charge of managing general prisoners in Soul Society. They maintain the status of the Maggot's Nest and similar detention facilities, and it is they who ensure that the exiled remain just that. This responsibility stems from the 10th's close association with the criminals of Soul Society.

    Skills required

    For members of 10th, analytical abilities are just as important as physical capabilities. Prospective members must be capable not only of quick thinking and response, but also physical stamina for when criminals flee and strength control to prevent lethal strikes. In addition, true love of Soul Society and loyalty to it and the Gotei 13 is considered primary above all else. Taiki considers this so important that he designs an infamous loyalty test for each prospective Seated Officer to ensure that they are joining this Division to support its ideals.

    Captaincy and Promotion

    10th Division operates under a merit-based promotion system, like most. Those who prove themselves time and time again will be promoted to higher-ranking positions, and those who fail to perform their duties will likely be demoted, or at the very least heavily reprimanded. Additionally, Taiki makes it his business to know how well his officers are doing in all regards, and if he feels any of his officers are not performing due to a "mental health issue" he will set up an appointment with 4th Division for you and expect you to attend it or be relieved of duty. Generally, Taiki chooses Shinigami he has a sense of respect for to take high-level positions.

    Captains of 10th Division have acquired their seat through proving their abilities in traditional manners. Most in history have been required to take the Captain's Exam rather than simply being recommended, and none have attained the position by killing the previous holder.

    Previous Captains

    Osagawa Mio: Captain Osagawa was and remains the most effective Captain of 10th in history. It is Mio that enacted much of the change in 10th's duties, focusing on developing the role they have today. She held a strong relationship with her subordinates, and was loved by all. When she was first accepted into Division 0, she chose to reject in order to remain Captain of 10th long enough to ensure that her successor would continue the legacy she had created. Her tragic death at the hands of Hannibal Magalhães soon after her rejection caused great grief in Soul Society. She was the last Captain chronologically before Takahashi Taiki.

    Murata Shiro: Captain Murata, while not a failure, could not compare to Captain Osagawa when placed together in history. His significance exists in that he was the longest standing Captain of the 10th, and one of the longest standing Captains in history, leading for over 500 years before he retired from service and died an old but happy man. Some of his words of wisdom are still kept in the Sereitei archives, including the motto of this very division.

    Special Organizations

    Execution Force: Taiki himself leads this elite squad within the 10th. Its name is a misnomer, as this group is not in charge of committing executions. Rather, the Execution Force is the SWAT team of Soul Society. When doors need to be taken down or walls broken, this group is the ones Gotei 13 calls upon. Becoming a member of this team is considered an incredible honor by members of the 10th, and it is the ultimate in membership. When the Execution Force is in action, they outrank even higher seated members of 10th.

    Warden Corp: This group is in charge of managing the prisons in Soul Society. They perform general duties including providing food and maintaining conditions. While not always, the Warden Corp is generally led by an officer between 2nd and 5th Seat.

    Undercover Operations: While the 2nd Division is in charge of stealth, this is not the only requirement for a true undercover agent. These 10th Division members are trained in the art of assuming an identity and going deep within an organization, providing the means with which to destroy it from the inside. Taiki leads this group as well, though he generally dictates management to other seated officers.

    Style/Abilities: Due to the nature of his Zanpakuto and the popular knowledge surrounding him, Taiki generally fights with a combination of hand-to-hand combat, shunpo, and some minor kido. While as a Captain he can use a variety of Kido, he can only use the first five levels of both Hado and Bakudo without the chant, making Kido a weak combat area for him. While Taiki is capable of using an incomplete version of Shunko, it only increases his strength and defense and does not allow him to perform any special techniques. His shunpo is incredible, allowing him to move both fast and far with incredible proficiency. He is also capable of performing several shunpo techniques.

    When using his Zanpaktuo, Taiki generally uses a combination of speed and deception to score his hits. He is incredibly skilled with his zanpakuto despite its lack of use in common combat, enough to rival many 11th Division members for some time.

    Ability Chart:

    Zanpakuto: 幻影 Genei (Shadow Spirit). Genei is a constant-release type zanpakuto, and therefore has no sealed form or Shikai command.

    Shikai: Genei takes the form of an invisible katana. The entire weapon, including the hilt and the blade, cannot be seen by any form of vision and cannot be detected by reiatsu detection. Thus, Taiki has gained the nickname "Broken Blade" (残剣 zanken) due to his apparent lack of zanpakuto. In fact, he is rumored to be the only Shinigami to simply not have a zanpakuto. Besides its invisibility, Genei is simply a normal katana with no tsuba.

    Shikai Special Ability Genei's main special ability is its ghostly abilities. Genei is completely undetectable by anyone except Taiki. In addition, it can phase through most solid materials, including flesh. (Basically, it can't phase through seki-seki rock or zanpakuto. Everything else will be tackled on a case-by-case basis.) However, Genei cannot phase through a material and inflict damage at the same time. For example, if someone is standing with their back against the wall, Taiki cannot stab them by phasing Genei through the wall but allowing the blade to be solid once it reaches the other side.

    In addition, Genei's entire form can be made immaterial. This means it is unaffected by any other physical object or gravity. When it is in this form, it can be moved mentally by Taiki. While it can be made material at will, it cannot become material while inside other objects. If it is made material while in motion, it will continue to move with the same speed. While Genei is in this immaterial form, it gives off a detectable reiatsu within a sphere of radius 7'.

    Bankai (Depending on what happens, may be attained later)

    Bankai 無声鬼幻影 Museiki Genei (Silent Demon Shadow Spirit): Museiki Genei remains completely invisible and undetectable. When it is first activated, this Bankai emits a huge amount of smoke and darkness, basically negating any sight of Taiki in a wide radius.

    If it could be seen, this Bankai would consist of two wings of blades on Taiki's back and a giant scythe-like weapon in his hands.

    Bankai Special Abilities: Museiki Genei creates a zone of shadow in which the general sight radius of anyone within it except Taiki is incredibly reduced. Any other senses are not affected, though the reiatsu of the smoke itself causes reiatsu detection to be rather difficult.

    In addition, Museiki Genei can create "smoke clones" of Taiki. These clones can only perform basic combat, basically only capable of running and attacking with invisible blades, but they are still useful combatants. Museiki Genei can also create invisible swords from the wings it grants Taiki. These blades can be fired at high speed from the wings or used to supply more ghost clones, or even as weapons if Taiki somehow loses his scythe. Additionally, anything created by Taiki's Bankai, as well as Taiki himself, can achieve an immaterial form, allowing them to phase through most physical objects. Taiki can control these objects mentally while they are immaterial, though he can only control a maximum of 10 objects. (I.E., 5 total clones with swords.)

    Though technically there is no limit to the number of blades or clones that can be created in this way, creating each requires Taiki to imbue it with some of his own reiatsu. His limit on that basis is around 200 total blades and clones during any one activation of Bankai, assuming he is at full power when he releases.

    The wings can act as a shield, similar to Toshiro's Bankai, generally blocking any attack that a Zanpakuto could survive against. If the wings are destroyed, Taiki's Bankai reseals, so he generally does not use the wings to defend against any incredibly powerful attacks.

    Ren Karashi, 17th Seat of 10th Division
    Name (Family Name, Given Name): Karashi, Ren

    Position/Allegiance: 17th Seated member of 10th Division, head of Execution Squad 7

    Vital Stats:
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: Slightly heavy but for the most part normal for height
    Reiatsu/Spiritual Color: Olive
    Health: Healthy

    Karashi has an extremely short fuse. It is not hard to piss Karashi off, and when he gets angry he does not calm down easily. However, he prefers to be more passively aggressive than physically aggressive or directly aggressive, though in general when angry he is just darn aggressive. He also tends to swear a lot, and often. Karashi is quite pessimistic and relatively hateful of others, but he approaches it in a more nonchalant, thrill-seeker manner, choosing to enjoy as much of life as possible.

    Karashi is loyal to those who respect him, and incredibly aware of the chain of command. He does not talk back to his superiors, ever. He is absolutely oblivious to other’s low opinions of him. While he has an inquisitive mind, he generally does not delve unless he has good reason.

    Karashi is fairly Caucasian in coloration, with brown hair and green eyes. He walks slightly slouched and rolls his shoulders constantly. He also blinks or winks fairly often, usually as force of habit. His unshaven appearance and dull eyes mark the trials he has experienced.

    Ren Karashi sat alone in the interrogation room.

    It was an incredibly unfortunate day for him. They had run out of space elsewhere for the annual psychological review. Apparently every other member of 10th had decided today would be a good day to get their minds reaffirmed. Karashi wasn't afraid, but he was peeved. As a seated officer he had at least expected to be shown to a room. Unfortunately, a few minutes spent prepping the uniform cost him a slot in one of the nice, comfy offices with his review officer.

    It was almost 10 minutes before the door opened to a young officer entered. She carried way too many papers in her hands, and when she went to close the door the sound of the slam almost made her drop everything. An intern? Karashi thought. Nervously, she looked at Ren. Something about his face must have been off, because she had barely a glance before she had instinctually backed up against the wall. Probably the smell.

    What Karashi suspected was an intern sat across the table from him. Her nose crinkled absentmindedly. "So. Ren Karashi, 17th seat of the 10th Division." Her voice would have sounded authoritative had she not dropped her pen shortly after saying it. She slowly picked it up, blushing as she rose from behind the table. Karashi nodded in response.

    "May I ask, Miss…" "Amagi." "Amagi. You are new to this division, yes?" "Yes, I joined 10th only a short while ago." Karashi laughed. "You have nothing to worry about. Just stay calm, follow the procedures you were taught. That's generally how he likes things to be." She nodded and continued. "Um, right, so. 17th Seat Karashi. I suppose we could cover your past first, if that would be alright…" Ren nods.

    "Miss Amagi. Do you remember where you were when you were born? No? Didn't think so. Most people don't. It's not important, really. I remember where I grew up. I grew up in the lower districts. Not as far as Zaraki, mind you, but pretty damn far. I mean, you would not have wanted to grow up there. I sure didn't. I got out of that hole as fast as I…"

    "Um, 17th Seat Karashi. If you could…"

    "Yes, yes. Of course. Sorry, Miss Amagi. I joined Sereitei first through the Kido Corp. I had expressed early on skill in using and manipulating my reiatsu, so I was tapped by Chen - Sorry, Ex-Commander Shengdi. Some member of the Corp. found me after I tried to steal some of his money. Almost got the bast - guy's sword, too, but he got the jump on me. Anyways, I was brought into the Corp. initially as a bookkeeper and scribe. Had to repay my "debts to society" or something. Turns out when I figured out how to actually cast the spell the Corp. started actually paying attention. They also had to find the damn book and make sure they never let an intern see it again, but hey, at least I got formally inducted into the Corp.

    "Turns out I was a pretty good researcher. I got good. Very good. I wasn't casting high-level spells, but I was combining spells at a level that many couldn't manage. There was one spell that I got particularly good at…Here, may I have that pen?"

    Miss Amagi looked up from her clipboard. "I'm sorry?" "The pen. May I?" Ren held out his hand. The girl looked down for a moment, then tentatively put it in his hand. It disappeared for a minute, then reappeared. "Not perfect on other solid objects. Still working on that one. But I'm sure you recognized Kyokko. It is one of the most utilitarian Kido, after all. No? Not at all? Geez, you look at me like it's a fu-er, darn magic trick. What do they teach at that academy, anyways?" Miss Amagi opened her mouth to speak, but Karashi cut her off. "I'm sorry. You must think I'm a vulgar - pardon my language - asscrap. Well, I'm not nearly as bad as…well, I'll get to that. Anyways, here's your pen, back to taking notes.

    "So, anyways. I got good at Kido. I rose up in the ranks of Kido Corp. from a scribe to a researcher officially, and I quickly put in a lot of time to combining and modifying kido. While many of my plans weren't successful, as you can see I did succeed significantly in one way. In the lab, I unfortunately…caused an incident. I'm sure you know about it in your damn files. I did not fu- sorry - damn cause that accident. I was not responsible! But unfortunately, colleagues died. Friends of mine. Friends. And I was blamed. They blamed ME! You've got to be kidding. You've got to be ****ing kidding me. Sorry. Didn't mean to. Lost myself a bit there. Where was I? Ah yes. That thing I didn't do.

    "Some idiots thought it would be a good idea to mix a high level Hado spell with a high-level Bakudo without a Seated supervisor. Dumbasses. They could barely even cast the damn spells they were combining themselves, what made them think it was a good idea? One of them ended up incinerating his entire left side, and the other one…well, we don't talk about what happened to him. He'd probably kill me or something. Just because they had asked me to supervise I was responsible, even though I had never actually agreed to do so. Guess that's what it means when they tell you to read the fine print. Apparently I had signed some form or something that held me responsible. Damn ridiculous if you ask me.

    [color=Olive]"I was blamed for the death. It was considered not only a breach of Kido Corp. regs, but a public relations failure. The guy who died, he had family in high places. Those nobles made sure I got punished. Hard. I was sentenced to an indefinite prison term in the 10th division prisons. One of their friends was the current Captain of the division.

    "Osagawa Mio. I met her. She was pretty nice to me. The two of us, we understood something about the world, I think. She tried to fight against my transfer, but it was not to be. Despite her status in 10th and in Sereitei, she still was just a commoner. The nobles really ran the show on my sentence. So I made it to the Nest. Then I got let out, got into 10th, and now we're sitting here."

    Miss Amagi stared at Karashi. He stared back. "What? Something on my face?" They sat looking at each other for a bit longer. Karashi won. Miss Amagi turned back to her papers eventually, scanning a bit. "Please. Tell me about your time in the Nest." "No." "I'm sorry?" "No." "It's part of the evaluation." "It's not and you know it isn't." "Then please. Won't you?" She put her hand on his. Karashi looked down, then back up. "Are you right in the f-damn head? I'm a looney! A crazy! You're sitting in the same room with a NESTER and you think you can just touch my ****ing hand like that? You don't even know what you're getting into, do you?! Fine. I'll tell you. I'll tell you what the **** when down in that stupid ****ing hole they call the Maggot's Nest." Karashi sat back down. He hadn't realized just how much his rage could make him rise. It stunk.

    "After my transfer to the Nest, I began to understand what it meant to really be evil. I saw these people every day. I lived with them. It changes a person, you know? It changes them. Completely. You don't go to the Nest on a picnic, you go there because you've ****ed up your life and now you have nothing remaining. And the people in the Nest, they live forever. The people sentenced to the Nest are the souls that someone thinks are too dangerous to be allowed to die and go back to the Mortal World. They are the ****ing scum of the ****ing cosmos. And I was among them. You clearly don't think I'm one of them, do you?" Miss Amagi nodded. "Well, I am. I am now. 50 years after I got out, and I am still a part of that place. And it's always at the edge of my mind.

    Taiki Takahashi got me out. After he became Captain, he fought hard for me to be taken from that place. He recognized my talents. Eventually, he found a loophole. If he hired me to work for him, brought me into 10th Division, he could get me on a trial-run probation of sorts. If, after a decade of good service, I had done good work or some **** like that, I could be released. But I later found out that Taiki didn't want me to be nice. He wanted my knowledge. So out of one prison, into another one. Welcome to 10th. Here is your ****ing shackle." He tugged at his division insignia. "But that didn't stop me. I worked my way up the ladder. Now I'm a Seated officer, and I'm damn good at my job. Even got myself an Execution Squad. So you better let me go back to work, Miss Amagi."

    She nodded, jotted a few last notes. At the end, she handed him a piece of paper. "Open that outside. You're free to go. I'll let you know my final report in about a week's time." Karashi got up and was out of the room in a flash. He barely acknowledged her as he went.

    At the exit he opened her note. A butterfly flew from it. The note had one word on it. "LUNCH?" Karashi tossed it in the courtyard.


    As an Ex-member of Kido Corp., much of Karashi's skill set relates to his abilities in the Kido field. He was once a Kido researcher, specifically in the field of combinations of Kido. As such, he tends to combine a lot of kido, while not being particularly skilled in casting incredibly high levels. Because of his 10th Division training, Karashi is adept at Bakudo, capable of casting any Bakudo up to level 40 without the chant, and any Bakudo up to level 20 without the chant at near maximum strength. Rather than general skill, Karashi's Hado skill is much more specific. He can cast the following Hado without the chant at close to their normal strength:
    Hado 1: Sho
    Hado 4: Byakurai
    Hado 8: Tetsuiba
    Hado 12: Soren Byakurai
    Hado 19: Dantoudai
    Hado 31: Shakkaho
    Hado 54: Haien

    …and besides the above list, can barely cast any Hado at all. He can, however, combine the above Hado in various ways and to various effects, generally more effective the lower total level of the Hado combined. He is also especially skilled in Kyokko, and besides being especially skilled in casting it without the chant, he can also combine it with several other Bakudo spells (combining Hado and Bakudo is rare and difficult) and he can also counter it on others, negating it as if by Hanki. His own unique abilities assist him in this.

    Karashi has the ability to "sniff out" a reiatsu signature, essentially functioning as a scent-tracker would. He can learn the scent of a reiatsu and memorize it, then recognize a person's recent whereabouts by the smell of their unique spiritual signature. He can also "learn" scents through detecting remnants left by the person in question, for example a Bakudo left by a Shinigami would allow Karashi to learn the caster's "scent." Besides detecting location and identity, this ability serves no other function.

    Zanpakuto: ブラッドハウンドBuraddohaundo (Bloodhound)
    Karashi's Zanpakuto appears as a normal wakizashi for his stature, with a tsuba shaped almost like a Bloodhound's nose. Like Ikkaku's Zanpakuto, there is a compartment in the hilt of Buraddohaundo that contained a small bit of powder. This powder has a unique but faint reiatsu smell, so that Karashi can leave a trail for himself to find at a later date.

    Shikai: Buraddohaundo, when released, takes the form of a magnifying lens with a short blade (about 15cm) at the bottom. It functions as a magnifying lens normally would, increasing the apparent size of object seen through it. The blade, however, has a small gauge on it that increases or decreases throughout battle (see below).

    Shikai Special Ability Buraddohaundo’s increases the strength of Kido fired through it. When a Kido is fired through Buraddohaundo in this position, its power becomes amplified. While it technically affects all Kido used through its lens, due to the small size only Hado spells are particularly effective through it. Additionally, the gauge on Buraddohaundo increases each time a Kido's power is increased in this way. The gauge reaches the maximum after about 3 Kido are fired through it.

    Currently, the purpose of the gauge is unknown, as Karashi has far from mastered Buraddohaundo.
    The purpose of the gauge is actually another part of Buraddohaundo’s abilities. When it reaches the maximum, Karashi can allow Buraddohaundo’s blade to extend, causing the gauge to completely empty. Each time it fills, the blade can extend a full 5 cm. The blade requires 1 Kido fired per 5 cm to charge up fully to extend its length. The blade stops growing at around 60cm, at which point it glows.

    The longer the blade of Buraddohaundo, the greater the increase in power any Kido fired through the lens.

    Reikiku Nakamura, Seventh Lieutenant, 5th Seat of 7th Division
    Name: (Surname, Given Name) 中村麗菊 Nakamura Reikiku

    Position/Allegiance:7th Division 5th Seat, 7th Lieutenant and Liaison between 8th and 7th Divisions

    Vital Stats:
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5' 5"
    Weight: 134 lb.
    Reiatsu/Spiritual Color: Dark Goldenrod
    Health: Depressed, otherwise Healthy

    Reikiku is a generally fun-loving, thoughtful individual. She enjoys being in the company of others and she is always willing to speak up and have a good time. Her humor and wit in combination can make her an interesting friend to have. When not having fun, she tends to be very thoughtful and meticulous, incredibly detailed, and overly thorough. She takes safety very seriously, though she knows when to back off and let herself take risks.

    Sometimes, Reikiku falls into episodes of incredible depression, during which she becomes very distant and unsociable, usually taking to herself and spending most of her time on her work. She almost never cries or has fits of sadness, though a few people have noticed cuts on her arms before. She does not talk about her condition often and when she does, she only does so with those she trusts.

    Reikiku is a kid at heart, and loves children’s toys, board games, and many very basic items. She has been caught with a ball and cup several times, and she actually owns a collection of yo-yos that she keeps in her quarters. When she has time, Reikiku visits Captain Nakamura and gets schooled in the art of Chess.

    Reikiku’s brown hair falls to about her elbow when she stands straight up, though she usually wears it in a ponytail or pig tails, though she has been known to wear it down or in a bun for special occasions. It frames her oval face and smile quite well when let down. She wears a pair of black-framed glasses generally, though she has demonstrated in the past that she doesn’t need them and mostly wears them for the appearance. Her blue eyes always have a glint of brilliance in them, though one could only notice it up very close. Her cheeks have a tendency to puff out a bit when she’s upset or in deep thought.

    Her body type makes her generally a bit heavier set, but it does not bother her in the slightest and she seems totally at home with herself. She knows how to show it off as well, though overall she tends to prefer to take a meeker approach. Her shihakusho follows the standard, though she wears a badge indicating her status as 7th Lieutenant. She tends to wear a necklace with the symbol of the Nakamura family as a pendant, though she has hidden it from view before.

    Seizan Megumi was born 4 years after her brother, Seizan Kouichi. The two of them had been as close as siblings could be, and no one was prouder than Megumi when Kouichi began to succeed as a surgeon. Unfortunately, throughout her life, Megumi from depression, trapped in a world of constant stress, self-esteem issues, and inability to see out of the deep, dark hole that she thought was her life. Her family tried to support her and help her with whatever treatment they could, but the combination of her own inferiority complex and the disappearance of her brother eventually put her too far over the edge. Sometime before her brother’s death, Seizan Megumi committed suicide, leaving a note for her family explaining what had happened.

    Reborn as a young child, she gave herself the name Reikiku, combining words she had been fond of as a youth. She remembered little of her previous life, like most brought into the Soul Society. For a while, she survived by grouping with other children in the Rukongai. Reikiku learned to steal and survive on little, finding friendship in a Amagatsu Kazuma. The two of them connected and, in part because of a deep spiritual connection, the two treated each other as family for as long as they were together.

    On one particular thieving expedition, however, Reikiku was caught. She had gone out alone and gotten lost, and in an effort to survive, she attempted to steal some money from a couple nearby. When the man grabbed her, Reikiku panicked. Her fear of punishment overcame her and she sobbed and begged for help from her captors. Their hearts led them to pity her, and they adopted her as their own child, passing on the Nakamura name to her just as it had been granted to them for service to the family.

    For the first time in her memory, Reikiku had people caring for her and providing an environment for her to grow. She was the happiest she could remember being, despite missing her family in the Rukongai. However, her past began to caught up with her, and Reikiku began to feel the pressure of her depression once again. This time, however, her parents became quite aware of the change in her, and tried to help her through it constantly. One day, Reikiku’s father brought home a set of building blocks he had been working on to pass on to some children in the Rukon, and Reikiku became fascinated by them. She began to build things of her own, learning from her father’s skill in toy-making. Soon she found that she felt better about herself. Being able to make something, to really construct something, made her feel amazing. Reikiku was saved.

    Reikiku’s talent was noticed by a member of Gotei 13, who was somewhat familiar with Captain Nakamura himself, and on her parent’s blessing and suggestion, Reikiku enrolled in the Shinigami academy. In a strange turn of luck, Reikiku found herself in the same year as her old brother Kazuma. However, they wound up in different classes and barely had the chance to see each other at all. Reikiku worked hard and tried to get better, but she struggled overall. However, when her teacher found her notebook filled with schematics and designs for various toys, models, and even structures and furniture, he asked her to apply for an internship with the 7th Division. Naturally, Reikiku filled out an application immediately.

    As luck would have it, Reikiku was accepted and spent a year learning from 7th Division officers. She felt at home, learning better building plans and the importance of proper structural design. Her stress and struggles were gone. It was a paradise for her. At the end of her internship’s term, her mentor asked her to join 7th Division officially as a Private. He never needed to ask her more than twice.

    When she returned home shortly after her acceptance, her parents had prepared a celebration in her honor. Reikiku was thrilled. It so happened that Captain Masaru Nakamura of 8th Division had taken the time to visit after hearing of another Nakamura Shinigami’s success, and the two of them formed a close family relationship after a rough match of chess (for Reikiku, anyways). Eventually, Masaru helped Reikiku become more confident in her abilities as a Shinigami. That, combined with practice and an incredibly fostering environment helped Reikiku become a strong member of Gotei 13.

    Style/Abilities: Reikiku generally avoids combat when she can. However, she is a skilled fighter and when necessary, she is more than capable of defending herself. She tends to prefer to draw out a fight when possible, examining and analyzing her opponents in order to gain advantage through preparation rather than surpassing their overall skill. Her focus on this strategy lends Reikiku to a defensive fighting style.

    Expert in Zanjutsu: Her swordsmanship is strong in the fundamentals, though she rarely demonstrates skill to match masters of the sword. When battling with her Zanpakuto, Reikiku tends to prefer a defensive stance, waiting for her opponent to reveal weak points for her to strike. Most 3rd-seated members would surpass her skill in pure Zanjutsu, and most 4th-seated members would likely be able to defeat her, though she could pose a challenge to them.

    Skilled Pracitioner in Kido: Reikiku is a capable Kido user, though it is not her preferred method of combat. Usually, she focuses mostly on Bakudo, stalling her foes to regain a defensive advantage. She can cast any Bakudo up to level 70 pretty effectively, even without chant, though her spells above level 40 are not as strong as they should be. Her skill with Hado is much more inferior, and she has only ever cast spells up to level 40, with or without chant. She generally performs them with the chant when she uses them, even basic spells like Hado 31: Shakkaho, because her non-chanted spells of any kind are actually quite weak.

    Low Expert in Hoho: Reikiku’s shunpo allows her to move very quickly, which fits her reactive style. While she has a short flash step, she has great stamina, and can use her shunpo many times before she becomes tired. She is not capable of using any special techniques.

    Zanpakuto: うさぎもどりUsagimodori (Rabbit Return) is a katana with a curved diamond-shaped tsuba with rabbits etched into it. It has orange wrappings and a short green tassel at the end.

    Shikai: Usagimodoru’s release command is ”come back”. In its Shikai state, Usagimodoru takes the form of a yo-yo, a circular metal wheel about twice the size of her fist held by a string wrapped around Reikiku’s finger. Reikiku can throw the yo-yo an incredibly far distance from her and pull it back with the string. Additionally, long blades can slide out of the metal sphere seemingly from nowhere, allowing it to function as a viable defense against sword-wielding opponents. The string itself can wrap around other objects, and for the most part acts basically as a much tougher string. It can, however, be cut or broken through brute force.

    Shikai Special Ability The yo-yo is actually not connected to Reikiku by the string, but by a spiritual energy tether. While the string can be cut, this invisible, intangible tether cannot be. As such, the yo-yo, after being thrown, can at any time be returned to Reikiku so long as she pulls it back to her. She can also cause the yo-yo to swing mid-flight, basically allowing her to use it as a flail in some cases. It will ignore changes in momentum caused by blocking or striking against it, and will always continue spinning until Reikiku pulls it back to her hand.

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