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    FACTION PROFILE: The New Yiridian Army {formerly Hain's merc company}

    The NYA was formed three years ago by a radical Commissar Hain of Yiridia, the fleet's home world. Enraged by the capture of Yiridia's Grand Commissar by mutinous factions within the military, Hain raised his own Group of soldiers of whom he declared himself Grand Martial. He lead an incredibly bloody massacre of the desentors, and restored the Grand Commissar to office. He then began to track down and kill those who had escaped the slaughter. Unknown to him, his fleet tracked the remaining hostile forces to the Nexus. After a second bloody victory in which the rebel leader, Hain's Daughter and Hair himself were killed, Aphemas Kerard, the second in command took charge is intent on steering the NYA ,as he now calls it, onto a peaceful course.

    The Yiridians: This odd race are not, as you may not guess from looking at them, human. The Major differences are that a Yiridian stands head and shoulders over a human, [average is 7 foot 3], and that Yiridains are able to see into the IR spectrum, making them interesting foes.

    The soldiers: Yiridian tecnology is an odd blend of science and sorcery using more conventional means to power magical Kinetic generators, which is used to full effect by the military.Esch soldier carries a Kinetic pulse carbine, an anti-perssonel device that uses pulses of Kinetic energy to deliver blows a charging rhino would be proud of. The soldiers are also protected by the same energy, their kinetic shielded armor is able to deflect most projectile assaults, as well as many energy and magical attacks.

    The specialists: Heavy troopers carry Kinetic Wave Launchers capable of demolishing most small buildings, and guardians carry reflector shields and modified armor that reflect attacks back at the assailent.

    The fleet:The flagship, the ki'iuk is part aircraft carrier, part airbourne gun battery. She is able to carry 12 fighters, 4 bombers and 2 AAPCs, as well as a crew compliment of 1040. She is armed with 8 KWC, similer to the heavy trooper arm but on a larger scale, as well as shredder Kinetic flak and auto tracking nano-rocket clusters. The other ships are smaller and have a specific role, 5 cruisers armed with the same guns as the Ki'iuk but with no transport capacity, and 4 carriers, armed only with flak, but able to transport the same as the flagship.

    The fighter: Armed with twin KPCs and rapid launch nano-rockets, the fighters are piloted by the best of the best. They are agile in a dog fight, and can hit speeds of Mach 5 in good conditions.

    The bomber: Larger and more sluggish, the bombers have a few crew manned turrets, but tend to rely on a fighter escort. Their true power lies in the payloads of seismic charges they carry, which can reduce buildings to rubble in the blink of an eye.

    AAPC: Basically a box on Kinetic repulsors, the AAPC's shielding is based on the Guardian armor, able to reflect, rather than deflect attacks. It can carry 1 full platoon plus equipment quite comfortably.

    Rank orders
    Grand Martial
    4 Martials
    160 NCOs[Brigade leader down to Platoon leader]
    21000 soldiers[Specialist down to recruit]

    Leas'ulth {live long, die well in Yiridian}
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