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AgentPaper: I think I may need a at least a few more words to work with, since currently I'm imagining it going like this:

Baron: Peon! Make me a circular room!
Paper: Um, ok. I'll see what I ca-
Baron: GUARDS! Seize him! Circular rooms are impossible by the very nature of our world!
Paper: Er...
Baron: I sentence you to exile for threatening the fabric of reality itself!
Paper: But-
Baron: EXILE!!![/i]
That's essentially what I was going for, but seeing it like that it does seem a bit silly.

Okay, change it to this: He was exiled for successfully making a circular room. Which is, of course, the only thing less dwarfy than elves. (Because if you're REEEEALY drunksober, you might mistake an elf for a human, and if you're even MORE drunksober, you might mistake a human for a tall dwarf)