Celebritarian Four (Tari)
Gender: Female
Race: Humanoid
Age: Mid 20s?
Alignment: NE
Class (or approximation): News Producer

Pale skin, maroon hair, purple eyes. Wears her Celebritarian mask a lot.
Wears a black t-shirt under a provocatively tight violet waistcoat with lots of pockets. Mauve leather pants, violet boots. Old WWI-era German overcoat.

Equipment and Abilities: Clever and devious. A smooth talker and competent user of magic at times.
Good at getting people to spill details. Fit and strong.
Her left hand is like a multitool and includes a gas weapon.
Personality: Tari is a selfish jerk who would sell her own shadow to those standing in it, then buy it back. And make a profit off it.