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    Kato Ai
    Name: Kato Ai (last, first)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: Very thin
    Affiliation: Shinigami

    Appearance: Very thin with youngish features. Her hair is a mousy brown and short cut. She has soft brown eyes and an almost permanent wistful look on her face. She wears sailor fuku style school uniform (in a rather modest way, you pervs ). Most notable about her is a pair of small wings growing from her back. The wings are white and between two and three feet long. She also has a faintly glowing halo floating above her head. The halo is a physical ring that hovers over her head and can be grabbed and pulled. Though it seems to be "rooted" in place, meaning that if the halo is pulled, it would result in her head being yanked along as well. But it is able to be moved around though, that is, she can pull it off to the side or pull it down onto her head. It just snaps back into place afterward.

    Personality: Somewhat shy and reserved, she tends to weigh on the serious side. Pensive, but she can be sweet and friendly too.

    Background: Still coming up with this. I figured she comes from outside the Seireitei, though not from the hollow or bounts.

    Zanpaktou: She doesn't actually have a zanpaktou, but instead uses a combination of unarmed attack styles and her halo (covered below).

    Shikai: Though she doesn't have a zanpaktou per se, she does have a form of release when she fights. Specifically, it results in her wings growing very large, allowing her to use them to fly very swiftly. When released, her physical attack power increases significantly, as well as her speed and agility. In addition, her halo gains the ability to fire off a beam of golden energy, similar to a Cero, which she does by grabbing the halo and pulling it down in front of her face, aiming at her target. She can only fire a limited amount during her release though and has to recharge after she reaches the limit.

    Bankai: Again, it isn't a bankai exactly, just an attack on that level. Her halo rises into the air, growing wider rapidly, turning into a vast circle over the battle area with her at the center. After a moment of charging, the halo fires a column of devastating golden energy that blasts everything within its area, including its user, resulting, in most cases, with her release ending and her being left incapacitated afterward, making it an all or nothing attack. Either it defeats her enemy, or she leaves herself entirely vulnerable to attack after its use.

    Name: Takara
    Age: 16
    Type: Spiritually Empowered Human


    Picture by Kasanip

    Takara is a typical highschool student. She is the same height as Eri and has black hair cut just above shoulder length.

    Takara is quite nearly the polar opposite of Eri. She is excitable and energetic. Outgoing and somewhat compulsive in everything she does. She is the kind of person who gets a random idea in her head and doggedly follows through with it until its done. She tends to drag Eri along with her on these sudden expeditions, regardless of whether the girl wants to go or not.

    Background: Takara is an only child and has been able to see ghost and other spiritual beings since she was very young. She would often spend more time playing with ghost than with the other children, though it was always assumed she was playing make-believe. Because of this she became a bit of an outcast at school, seen as the weird girl who talks to herself.

    As she grew older, Takara spent most of her time playing alone at home or exploring the neighborhood. She especially enjoyed playing in her family's attic. One day she dug out an old box and found a collection of her great-grandmother's old clothing, including an old scarf. Takara fell in love with the old piece of cloth and wore it everywhere, playing with it and taking it with her even during the weather was warm.

    Of course, much to her joy, the scarf transformed into a girl her own age one day while she was playing. Being used to ghost and other strange spiritual creatures, Takara immediately befriended Eri and the rest is history.

    Abilities: Takara is very spiritually aware, able to see all sorts of spiritual beings aside from ghosts and hollows and shinigami. Though she is physically powerful, she is well trained in martial arts. In addition, she has developed a super human level of speed and agility. She also has the ability to transform and "wield" Eri, wearing her around her neck in combat and using her as a pair of clawed, fluid limbs to strike with. Her relationship with Eri is such that in combat they flow seamlessly between her influencing Eri's motions and Eri being in control of her own attacks, the two working in a sublime unity.

    In combat, Takara tends to rely on her speed to leap in and out of her target's range, dodging attacks and allowing Eri to strike when the opportunity presents itself.

    Of course, Takara's ability to change and wear Eri tends to translate far more often into her using the girl as a warm accessory, whether or not Eri felt like being worn at the moment.

    Name: Wasureru
    Reiatsu: weak gray
    Height: 7’
    Weight: 90 lb
    Affiliation: -

    Appearance: Wasureru is very tall and slender(emaciatedly so) with long, gangly limbs. His hands are thin and elongated, almost skeletal in appearance. His face is drawn and gaunt with deep-set, hollow eyes that show almost not spark of life. His skin is pale and sickly, nearly corpse-like in color and his hair is thin and scraggly at best. The remnants of his mask are scattered fragments across his face, the largest of which being a pair of half crescents below his eyes, adding to the inset look. He wears a single piece jumpsuit-like outfit comprised of white cloth stretched across his awkward form, flaring wider at the wrists, ankles, and neck. He stands in a perpetually slumped position, nearly letting his ungainly arms drag on the ground when he walks.

    Backstory/Personality: Wasureru is an arrancar that became obsessed with the memories of life contained within the countless hollow's that comprised his being. As the souls merged and blended those glimpses of the living world became distorted and blurred, loosing their coherence. With an unhealthy (particularly for those he ran into) obsession, Wasureru began seeking out other hollows, menos, and arrancar, devouring them and adding their muddled recollections to his own, trying to make sense of everything he absorbed so as to give himself an understanding of what he had lost. But the more he added to his being, the more convoluted and contradictory the fragments he could sift out became. And so his obsession grew and worsened, all the while he continued devouring and assimilating other hollows until eventually he tipped beyond the separation dividing powerful hollows and arrancar. In a blinding moment all the fractured memories within him coalesced and became a new, amalgamated soul. Wasureru was born. But in the process all his memories from before his creation were lost. He retained his obsession, however. His desire to build for himself a past had only gotten stronger and more impulsive. It consumed his being, forging his abilities along this single minded goal.

    Wasureru's personality is ever fluctuating between quiet reserved and manic and outgoing and every emotional state in between. His memories are in a constant state of flux, with some floating on the surface of his mind for long periods while other sink almost immediately into the black gulfs of oblivion, lost forever. The only static features of his personality are the way he huffs at the end of ever sentence, his habit of staring unblinking at whoever he is talking to with a bewildered expression that has elicited the heebie jeebies in even the most fearsome arrancar, and the fact that he refers to everyone he speaks to as "My Dearest Blossom."

    Zanpaktuo: Olvidado: In its sealed form, Olvidado is a set of ten fingerclaws. Though they are not very sharp, and even when wielded by Wasureru expertly are not designed to maim or kill, it is a truly horrifying weapon.

    *Memory Pilfer: Olvidado's true strength lies in its ability to pluck from its victims shreds of their very being. When cut by Wasuremono, a being's memories are snatched from them and added to Wasureru's hodgepodge of recollections.

    When struck, a victim finds themselves reliving some moment in their life. Which moment and how important it is is entirely random, as Olvidado is a capricious thief. It could be as banal as a memory of brushing their teeth that morning, or as valuable as the first time they kissed the love of their life. For a moment so fast on the outside that it is impossible to see it happen aside from their reactions after, the person relives the memory in perfect detail. Both physically and emotionally. And just as fast the remembrance is taken from them and added to Wasureru. They can remember remembering something, but have a complete knowledge that, whatever it was, they are no longer able to remember it. Whatever is stolen is gone forever, never to be recalled. This does not represent a transfer of power to Wasureru. He does not gain strength from the memories stolen, nor does he gain valuable knowledge, as whatever he takes is more than likely to be so completely meshed with every other memory he has as to become indecipherable. it is quite simply a loss of memory for the victim of his ability.

    Olvidado is unbiased and indiscreet. It does not target specific memories, important ones, or even whatever the target might be thinking of at the moment of contact. It simply snatches away some part of its target.

    Wasureru has fought many beings, both shinigami and hollow, since his awakening as an arrancar, but he has never been defeated in battle. But nor has he ever killed or even wounded beyond superficial cuts. What he lacks entirely in strength he makes up for in an unmatchable speed. The simple fact of the matter is, every enemy that has ever done battle with him has given up or fled once they truly grasped the depths of his horrific ability. None felt the gains of the battle worth the risk of loosing a memory integral to their being. While remembering that they had ramen for lunch is not a great loss, remembering the day their best friend was killed by hollows, the single event that has defined their purpose, goals, and motivation their entire life, is by far too high a price to pay. Defeat to Wasureru represents a fate perhaps worse than death. Death of the Self. The irreversible loss of that which defines a person as a unique being. Considering Wasureru posses so little a threat outside of that one ability, it is simply not worth it. He does not feed on the living or pluses, nor does he grow in power or cause untold destruction. He simply wanders about, snatching recollections from those he encounters, striving endlessly for the impossible task of assembling from the pilfered scraps a true memory of his past which does not exist.

    **Ressurecion: "Take from their being, Olvidado!" In his ressurecion form, Wasureru is drastically changed. His limbs split and multiply, stretching to form a wide cage around his foe. His torso and head separate from the limbs, drifting into the cage with his trapped prey. His mouth opens wide into a yawning void of swirling black, from which flows phantasmal specters made from the fractured splinters of every being he has sampled memories of. Beneath the cage appears a vast book, spread open. On its pages is written in perfect detail three complete memories of significant events in that person's life. Unlike its normal form, which snatches at random, this attack targets those memories which mean the most to the person trapped. They are then told to choose of the three, one memory to give up to gain freedom. Upon selecting the memory to sacrifice, the person is forced to relive the memory in perfect detail one last time before it is stolen completely from them. If the person chooses to try to escape by attacking or forcing their way out, the ressurection collapses violently, resulting in a high probability of a large handful of random memories being torn from them painfully with a very high risk of causing severe psychological damage, a fact that they are informed of upon being trapped. Though some would find this a risk worth taking, given the alternative.

    Upon the completion of the ressurecion's effect, Wasureru reverts immediately to his normal form. He is then no longer able to steal memories from the target of his ressurection, either by use of his ressurecion or normal attacking. For this reason, Wasureru generally will pour all of his strength into fleeing the area at mind boggling speed, as the person is no longer of interest to him and the risk of retaliation.

    Other abilities:

    Wasureru lacks the ability to use cero, bala, or any other ability normally known by arrancar, excluding sonido.

    * The memory that is stolen is determined by the player controlling the character affected. How important (if at all) is entirely up to the victim's player.

    ** As above, the memories are determined by the player of the targeted character. Whether the resurrection will even hit will have to be decided in advance of any possible fight and should the character choose to fight his or her way loose, whether there is any backlash for doing so is entirely at the discretion of their player.


    Name: Sakura (probably taken, but more of a placeholder for now)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: -
    Affiliation: Shinigami
    Rank: Candidate for Third Squad Captain

    Appearance: Sakura is a woman who appears to be in her mid thirties. She is mature and dignified with whitish yellow hair in a tall bun and a pair of thin framed glasses. She has deep brown eyes and her thin face is almost always in a look of calm reserve.

    She wears a white priestess' uniform, though it doesn't restrict her movement when she needs to be agile and fast.
    Personality: Quiet and very mellow in her actions and emotions, she is almost always contemplative and thoughtful. She never speaks without weighing her words carefully and is very slow to extreme emotions such as anger or passion. She moves with a fluid and measured grace, never making a move that does not seem 100% certain in its intent. She is known for her wisdom and spiritual nature.

    As a Captain she is known for her strict adherence to the rules and traditions of the Gotei 13. She is not a lenient Captain and holds her subordinates to a very high standard, both in ability and behavior. She has been known to demote seated officers on the spot for even somewhat inconsequential breaches in conduct. However, those in her squad hold her in very high respects, finder her manner not cold but affectionate and caring in its own way. Despite her strict treatment of her squad, it is not doubted that she would give her life to save any one of them if it came down to it.

    Background: Sakura's history with the Seireitei is a long one, dating back nearly 500 years with her appointment to Captaincy following the death of her predecessor. She has served admirably since her taking over the role and was key in the restoration of the execution grounds. Before being a Captain she was a skilled Vice Captain and before that a notable officer in the 13th squad.

    Execution grounds: Under Sakura's instructions a temple was build on the large hill at the center of the Seireitei. The grounds, which are several hundred feet long and half as wide, are situated at the highest point on the hill, on a wide, level area.

    At one end is a stunningly ornate pagoda with seven tiers. It rises high above the hill and is visible from almost anywhere in the Seireitei. Its peak is crowned in gold and catches the light like a beacon during the day.

    At the far end, opposite the pagoda, is a large, raised circular platform carved from marble and engraved with intricate carvings that form a complex web of symbols and patterns throughout. At the center of the platform is another raised circle cut from the stone, on which rests a small shrine. Within the shrine is a plain looking ceremonial sword, resting on a raised dais and shielded by thin veils on all sides.

    Running the length of the grounds between the pagoda and the shrine is a path of cut marble and granite. The workmanship of the pathway is exquisite and unmatched. Lining the path on both sides are twelve cherry trees that are in blossom year round.

    Standing on the outer side of the raised platform is a towering oak tree which nearly dwarfs the Pagoda on the far end of the grounds. The tree, like the others, is covered with leafs all year round. It's trunk it thick and ancient and it exudes its own spiritual presence.

    Stationed around the grounds are 13 guards, 4 guard the pagoda, 4 the pathway, 4 the circumference of the platform, and 1 the shrine itself. They all wear elegant ceremonial uniforms and their faces are masked behind thickly veiled headgear and remain perfectly motionless throughout their shifts. Each wields a decorative, but also practical, lance and are trained to fight anyone who endangers the sanctity of the grounds. Though visitation is allowed, absolute silence is enforced on the grounds with violators being forcefully removed by the guards.

    During actual executions only the soon to be executed and Sakura are permitted to speak. The blade, though simple and modest in appearance, serves the role of sending criminals off to the mortal world to be reborn. The ceremony is somewhat complex and a rather solemn event.

    The entire area has been underlain with sekiseki, allowing even powerful criminals to be brought and punished there without exceptional risk.

    Inner world: Sakura's inner world is a vast featureless wasteland filled with an almost continuous wailing in the distance.

    Zanpaktou Spirit: Sakura's Zanpaktou spirit appears in the form of a pale woman in priestess robes with six arms, each holding a mote of fire. Her eyes are sewn shut and a band of alive branches rests on her head. Tightly coiled around her arms and legs are thirteen snakes of varying colors.

    Zanpaktou: Name: Diamond Star (translation would be very muchly appreciated )

    When sealed her blade appears as a normal zanpaktou but with a red tassel attached to the hilt.

    Shikai: "Shine your divine light, Diamond Star!"

    Upon release, Diamond Star retains the shape of a normal zanpaktou but its blade is transformed into pure diamond, stunningly beautiful and nearly unbreakable. In addition, the blade is able to cut through all but the most resilient materials. Despite it's ability to cut almost anything cleanly, none of its shikai abilities deal physical damage.

    Three Strikes: Sakura attempts deals three consecutive blows to her opponent. If she manages to land all three then her opponent looses one sense for the duration of Diamond Star being released. For each subsequent use of the attack she seals another of their senses (providing she successfully lands all three attacks again). If she she fails to accomplish it, however, the sealed senses are restored. The order that the senses are sealed goes in order:

    1. Taste
    2. Smell
    3. Hearing
    4. Feeling
    5. Sight
    6. Reaistu detection

    Seven Strikes: Diamond Star's Seven Strikes allows Sakura to hit her opponent with seven simultaneous hits, striking and sealing seven specific spiritual pressure points, sealing their spiritual power as well as her own for as long as her weapon is released, forcing the two of them to fight with only their physical abilities.

    Forty-Three Strikes: Sakura's reaistu flares and she launches a volley of 43 nearly instantaneous blows against her target. A hollow hit with this attack has its ability to devour souls completely sealed, along with the mouth on its mask.

    Bankai: Diamond Star vanishes in a cloud of fine diamond powder that fills the air and refracts rainbows throughout the battle area in a stunningly beautiful effect. Starting at the moment of the release, Sakura must remain withing three hundred feet of her opponent, unarmed, for a set amount of time. As she stays within proximity of her foe the diamond dust starts to collect on their body, coating them in ever thicker crystal platelets until, at the end of the time limit, they become encased in diamond permanently, sealed within an unbreakable prison. After this happens Sakura must wait months for her zanpaktou to regenerate, piece by piece. Should her opponent manage to get far enough away, the diamond dust falls off at a rate slightly faster than at which is collected.

    The Third Squad
    The 3rd Division

    The 3rd division has long been seen as the darker side of the Soul Society. The squads very existence and duties is a constant reminder that even shinigami are capable of horrendous deeds. Though the squad has always served the same purpose within the seireitei, it's implementation of them has always been in a state of flux based on the style and beliefs of the captain at the time. Throughout its various incarnations, the 3rd squad and its members have always been viewed by the other squads with a level of mixed respect and distaste and its members have always been treated with a distance by the other shinigami they serve with.

    Sakura's promotion to captaincy marked the latest shift in practices, away from a more brutal method held by her predecessor and towards a heavy focus on the spirituality of their duties. The new practices she instituted has left the squad much smaller than it previously was and unfortunately further distanced itself from the rest of the seireitei.

    Number: 100

    The flower for the 3rd Division is the Lotus bloom. It is a symbol of birth and rebirth, the endless cycle which powers the Soul Society as well as the primary purpose of the 3rd squad: to usher those who have sinned in this life across the barrier into rebirth, cleansing them and giving them a new life and redemption through it.

    Motto: “Life, Death, and Rebirth.”


    Execution: The primary duty of the 3rd squad has been, and remains, the carrying out of executions of those deemed worthy of such a punishment by the Soul Society. In the past, executions were often a bloody affair, at times seen as a spectacle, with executions being public events in which the condemned were paraded through the streets, their crimes read out loud to all present before their end was met.

    Over the years the squad has drifted from these practices, treating the executions with more respect and dignity and solemness. From public executions the act was moved to private affairs, with only captains present to oversee it. Eventually executions were made entirely private, with only the accused and the 3rd squad being allowed. Under Sakura's captaincy, however, they have been made semi-public once again, with captains and vice captains permitted, and encouraged, to attend.

    The act itself has been changed from a simply killing to a very ceremonial event. Sakura herself performs each execution herself, leading the prayers and being the one to wield the blade that sends them off into to cycle of rebirth in the mortal world.

    Skills required:

    All members of the squad must be dedicated and have strong conviction for what they do. They must be strong and fast, as with all shinigami, but a high level of mental and spiritual fortitude is also required. Any squad member that is unable to maintain their respect for their positions and conduct themselves with the utmost dignity is immediately dismissed from duty. The rowdiness and competition seen amongst other squads is notably absent within the ranks of the 3rd squad. To this end, the organization of the squad is somewhat different from the others within the Seieitei.

    While combat ability is certainly required in the squad, it is far from the most important factor in its members. All members are encouraged to achieve shikai and eventually Ban Kai, as it is seen as an important part of mastering one's own spirituality, but it is an unwritten rule that should a member desire a more combat heavy role in the Seireitei they are permitted to transfer to another squad with Sakura's recommendation. Even still, there are many within the squad of exceptional combat prowess, which comes in handy with the guard duties as well as handling dangerous criminals leading up to executions.

    Captaincy, Promotion, and Ranking:

    The third squad consists of a captain, vice captain, 10 seated officers, and 88 unseated members. Each seated officer is viewed within the squad as being equal in rank, each commanding a squad of unseated. Seated members are chosen, often at random, by the vice captain and captain when needed and generally only exist to make delegation of duties easier for the leadership of the squad.

    Vice Captain are traditionally selected by the Captain. In the past, the Captain of the 3rd squad has almost always been the Vice Captain under the previous Captain and are promoted into the position when the Captain either dies or otherwise is removed from the positions. Sakura was promoted to Captain in this way, following the death of her predecessor at the hands of an escaped criminal.

    Previous Captains

    Though there have been many captains to hold the position of running the 3rd squad, the most notable was the last one: Grindilaw Narro.

    Narro was a force of nature in and of himself, leading the squad with a brutal efficiency that gained it the nickname "The Black Wave." Narro would often execute prisoners within their cells with no ceremony beyond reading them the charges they had been convicted of and informing them of their sentence moments before carrying it out. A small number of squad members belonged to a Shadow Squad, which served as interrogators and assassins, taking out targets who had been deemed guilty of horrendous crimes but could not be captured. For centuries the 3rd squad was held with a mixture of respect and contempt, seen as both cleaning up the most heinous criminals and being uncontrolled attack dogs.

    Narro met his end during the execution of a dangerous criminal who broke free and killed many of the squad members present before Narro restrained him. The criminal struck out, dealing a killing blow against Narro, and was killed himself by Sakura, who was promoted immediately to Captain.

    Following Narro's death, Sakura began what she saw as a crucial restructuring of the squad in an attempt to redeem them and restore the squad to its original role. The Shadow Squad was disbanded and many of the members quit the 3rd to join other squads.



    Name: Tai
    Gender: female
    Affiliation: Shinigami

    Appearance: Tai is, by all appearances, a six or seven year old girl with curly candy-floss coloured hair and large violet eyes. She wears an indigo kimono with a festive floral print and has a water lily in her hair at almost all times. She wears a dainty pair of wooden sandals. The little girl also wears her Zanpaktou on her back at all times, it being too big to wear on her waist and almost drags on the ground behind her as it is.

    Personality: Tai, for the most part, acts the role of an excitable and innocent little girl. Her mannerism and attitude are those of a sweet little girl who has no knowledge of the things a shinigami of her standing should have. However, it is well known that she can, at the drop of a hat, switch off the childish persona and become intensely mature and serious. It isn't so much a throwing off of a false pretense, an act of childish naivete, so much as a shift between two equally genuine expressions of her personality.

    Background: Tai, despite her very young appearance, is well over 600 years old. She has a long history within the seireitei as a superb fighter and a cheerful soul. It is not entirely clear why Tai has remained so young physically but it is common knowledge that she is not to be underestimated or treated like the child she so often acts like.


    Name: (translation would be much appreciated) Sweet Ether

    Sealed Form: When sealed, Sweet Ether is a normal zanpaktou.

    Shikai: "Unspindle, Sweet Ether."

    Sweet Ether dissolves entirely, reforming above Tai in the form of a large, brown square of some unknown material. The square, roughly 6 feet to each edge, hovers and rotates slowly above her of its own power. It is incredibly durable, able to block most attacks while taking only superficial damage. Tai is able to control the movements of the block, using it as both a shield, a platform for transportation, and a heavy bludgeon to fight with.

    Skikai abilities:

    Size Manipulation: Tai is able to alter the size of her block to a great degree, inflating or shrinking it rapidly. However, the block appears to hold to standard laws of mass conservation. That is, when she expands the block, it becomes less and less dense, and thus exponentially weaker.

    So while she can increase its size vastly, it becomes less effective at blocking attacks and more susceptible to being broken through of held off when used to attack. There is also an upper size limit, around twenty-five feet per edge, at which the block begins to become less substantial, turning transparent and permeable. At this point it looses all its potential as a weapon, as it is too soft to deal any more damage than a pillow. In addition, the speed at which it moves decreases with increased size, though she is able to guide its movements very precisely.

    When shrinking the block, the opposite occurs. It becomes denser and denser, gaining durability to the point of near unbreakability. At the same time, her ability to accelerate it increases drastically while her fine control over its movements becomes much less accurate. She has been able to shrink it to a size just under five inches per edge, though it caused her considerable strain to maintain it at that size for long.

    Number manipulation: Tai is able to, through much concentration, divide the block into separate peices, though she must always do so to produce all squares, eight being the smallest number of divisions. Not all the blocks have to be split, though, allowing her to create many blocks of varying size. However, she is only able to split the main block from it's default size and cannot manipulate the size of any subsequent divisions from then on. In addition, with each parsing she looses more and more control over the behavior of the blocks, being unable to impart more than a general instruction after the first two splits, and having no control at all after five.

    Bankai: None yet
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