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    Cerise of the Rose's Thorn

    Gender: Female
    Race: No Moon Caste Lunar (Human)
    Age: Unknown (appears to be in her mid-20s)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class: Sorceress and Necromancer
    Power Rating: 8 (Essence 6)
    Backstory: Cerise is Anshu's bondmate and wife. She is the more caring of the two, and shows her gentle side more easily than her husband. She acts as his deputy and proxy in the Celestial Deliberative and its ministries when matters take him away, and she is deeply involved in magical research. Though she remembers much of her shard's previous incarnations, she has no memory of her life as a mortal.

    She has also been a Lunar much longer than many would suspect, given the time of Salamander's death, and she has no memories of Salamander's life. Nonetheless, the bond between her and Anshu is genuine, and Heaven's records maintain that she is his bondmate. The confusion is believed by the few who know of it to be the result of the chaos wreaked on the Loom of Fate during the period of crisis a decade ago.
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