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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Race: Catfolk
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic GOOD
    Class: Mad Scientist
    orange fur, green eyes, carries an adamantium war hammer on his back, a black sleeveless jack, blue shirt. metal gauntlets, metal plated boots and gray pants.
    Anti-Gravity Boots: allows him to move faster and jump higher as well as run on walls and ceilings.
    Super Gauntlets: gives him super-strength and the ability to blast Icefire (it both freezes and burns, don't ask how)
    KrezHammer: an adamantium two-handed war hammer, Krezantio can use it to fire large blasts of plasma at his enemies, as well as just plain smashing faces.

    Backstory: Krezantio is an independent mad scientist who lives on the edge, using his technology to steal what he he can invent more he can steal more stuff...its not clear which causes which, but he neither uses it to gain more power or help people, mostly just using selling it to whoever is willing to buy it so he can make a living.

    Race: Catfolk
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    class: Supersoldier
    orange fur, blue eyes, black humanlike hair. She wears two one-edged swords at her belt. She wears a red shirt and gray pants.
    Steel Swords
    Vasina's Armor: Krez designed this armor personally. Its bulletproof and laserproof plus provides general good protection against melee weapons, while still retaining flexibility and light-weight for maximum speed and agility.
    Super Leaping
    Super Agility
    Mild Regeneration
    Super Senses
    Backstory: Krezantio, being a mad scientist, made an opposite gender clone of himself to be his primary bodyguard, thus was Vasina created. She is able to fight far better than her creator, being created to be a warrior. She also serves as both Krezantio's voice of morality and reason.

    Krezantios Lab:
    Purpose:Its where Krezantio makes his inventions and conducts his experiments.
    Description: a flying conglomeration of various spheres and towers
    propulsion systems
    generic force field

    Krezantio's small army of karate-bots. They are made of steel and know martial arts. They guard his lab but if Krez commands it they will attack outside it.
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