Donald Lamb

Age: 272 though looks to be in his 30's due to long life expectancy and medical procedures.
Power Rating:Not strong, but a damn good pilot and has access to high tech weapons.

Donald Lamb is a man of inaction. At least that is how he seems to the few who know the beach bum. He likes to spend his days in a hammock drinking something alcoholic out of a pineapple. He is a very good pilot and does his best to take care of his plane. But flying doesn't give him the joy it used to, it is just a job now, though he still has pride in his skills.

He operates a small time charter plane business that gives people air tours over both land and water. It makes just barely enough to support himself, though he had to shut down for several months after an accident damaged his plane and he needed to get it fixed.

Don, as he likes to be called, doesn't speak much of his past. Though he seems to have plenty of it and from a place that is pretty damn technologically advanced. He doesn't avoid the subject if it is brought up, he just will rarely bring it up.