"all evil must be purged!"
Gender: Female
Race:Half elf
Age: 23
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class :Paladin/cleric
power level:C
blue hair
well trained
blue eyes
Inventory:A holy great sword, and a tome of Evil destruction
Background:Naryu is Dins older sister, and followed her through the depths of the mother storm to the nexus together with the youngest sister Farore , at the wish of their mother Saria. Trained in magic and combat from an early age, Nayru became the youngest Paladin to ever serve the Goddess Zelda , at the age of 10. she has little affection towards her mother and younger sisters, and was the most affected at the disappearance of their father. she sought solstice in the service of her goddess, till the request of her mother to look for Din came