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    Zibarra Emet, 7th Division Captain
    Name: Zibarra Emet (Last, First)
    Gender: None, physically. Psychologically, male.
    Height: 7’1”
    Weight: 324lbs.
    Hair: None.
    Eyes: Pale.
    Actual Age/Apparent: 247/???
    Reiatsu/Speech: #222255, [FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR=#222255][B][/B][/COLOR][/FONT]
    Division: 7th
    Seat: Captain.

    Emet’s most obvious feature is that his appearance is not human. Humanoid, but not human. Quite exactly what he is isn’t easy to pin down, but it is clearly artificial. Over a mass of what seems to be organic matter roughly similar to musculature, Emet is covered in an assortment of armour plating, quite haphazard and asymmetrical. His neck is topped with a mostly featureless head, its only distinguishing marks being the two pale orbs that are his eyes and the metallic plate inscribed with the Hebrew word emet – truth.

    Whilst he technically has no need to clothing, Emet always wears at least his captain’s haori whilst on duty, and always dons the full shinigami uniform for captain’s meetings and other formal events.

    Despite over two centuries of life serving in Seireitei, emotions still do not come easily to Emet. However, he enjoys jokes, cooking and long walks. He is also thankful for the support and teaching he has be given in the past, and remains grateful both for that and the position he currently holds.

    It is unclear whether Emet’s previous life really was a life. He was certainly a ghost in the shell, but whether that makes him a soul or not is still a subject of some debate.

    The spirit that would become Emet first gained a spark of self-awareness whilst dwelling within the shell of a sword in Gaza. Ascribed great significance by the one who wielded it, who was little more than a boy, the spirit residing in the weapon slowly grew. When the boy died, the spirit jumped to another object held dear by the one who used it. And so the process continued, the spirit jumping from one object to the next, until it ended up in a soroban in Japan. Now attached to an item requiring higher thought, it was able to develop at a vastly increased rate, enough that when the soroban broke, it left a spiritual echo.

    It was strange and flitting, almost spiritual static, but eventually it was found by a confused shinigami who nevertheless performed konso on it.

    The arrival of a metal man in the Rukongai did not go unnoticed, and neither did its surprisingly high reiatsu, nor the fact that it appeared with two blades.

    After several weeks of interrogation determining that it was, in fact, a soul and not some horrendous entity bent on the destruction of Soul Society Emet, as the metal man had taken to calling itself, was given the choice to enter the Shinigami Academy. He accepted, and began training along with the other recruits as normal.

    Showing an incredible rate of assimilation with the skills being presented to him, Emet graduated from the Academy with flying colours, his Zanjutsu and Hakudo well above average, his Hoho and Bakudo very respectable, and his Hado acceptable. He entered into the 7th Division, which was short of combat specialists at the time. Due to his rapid assimilation allowing combat techniques to quickly become rote, he rapidly rose through the ranks, quickly reaching Vice Captaincy of the Division. When the current Captain passed away, Emet was promoted to the position, mainly due to a lack of other viable candidates at the time.

    Upon gaining the Captaincy, he began a reform of the Division, seeking to give it a new vision and purpose.

    Zanjutsu: Emet is highly adept at Zanjutsu, having assimilated the rudiments a wide variety of fighting styles that he continually works on improving.

    Hakudo: Emet is equally adept at Hakudo. The combination of metal fists and the ability to quickly assess an opponent’s position make him a highly competent unarmed fighter.

    Hoho: Emet is competent with shunpo for his rank, but he is not a speedster. However, his reaction times surpass his own speed, allowing him at least a chance of keeping up with a speed-focused opponent’s movements.

    Kido: Whilst able to use up to Bakudo 81 without incantation, Emet can only manage up to Hado 33 without incantation, and only up to Hado 54 even with incantation.

    Zanpakutou: Sensou no Sharin – Wheel of War

    Zanpakutou Spirit:
    A humanoid figure of silver and golden gears, sat at the hub of the largest gear in Emet’s inner world. Sensou no Sharin is quite distant and aloof, concerned almost entirely with logic and progression.

    Inner World:
    A world of eternally turning gears of iron, steel, gold and silver, all of them driving a great machine above the central hub of the largest gear that periodically releases a great jet of steam.

    Zanpakutou Unreleased Form:
    Whilst sealed, Sensou no Sharin takes the shape of a narrow longsword and a main-gauche. The hilts of both are wrapped in black leather, and each has a chain with a small cog on the end attached to the pommel.

    Shikai: Eien ni maware, Sensou no Sharin – Turn eternally, Wheel of War
    When released, Sensou no Sharin reshapes into a pair of bladed weapons halfway between a meat cleaver and a scimitar, the main-gauche remaining marginally narrower and shorter in this shape. In addition, a maze of gears and clockwork grow from the hilt of the weapons, and the hilts extend backwards at a 45 degree angle, changing into narrow spouts that slowly issue steam.

    Kensaku – Grinding: In shikai, Sensou no Sharin’s blades vibrate at high speed similar to a Seele Schneider, though not to the same extent as the Quincy weapon, and it cannot use this function at the same time as Moumou to Agaru Jouki. However, whilst functioning, it increases the cutting power of Sensou no Sharin’s blades.

    Moumou to Agaru Jouki – Cloud of Steam: When not powering Kensaku, Sensou no Sharin can instead produce great blankets of steam. As well as obscuring vision, the increased moisture in the air impedes fire-based attacks as well as improving water or ice based ones. The cloud remains for as long as Sensou no Sharin is assigned to this task and for up to a minute afterwards, depending on surrounding conditions (wind speed, temperature, etc).

    Joukidouryoku – Power of Steam: Sensou no Sharin’s final ability is to empower other spiritual beings. By placing the hilts of both weapons upon another spiritual being’s weapon or body, Emet can bestow any degree of his own reiryoku to them temporarily.

    Bankai: Shinjinbukai Sensou no Sharin – Godly Wheel of War
    In bankai, Sensou no Sharin alters into the following shape. An overlarge gear, shielded from behind by cast iron, and a pair of valves spurting steam appear on Emet’s back, interlocked with a series of other gears and supports that ultimately lead to a ramshackle box on both of his upper arms. In turn, these connect via a form of segmented piping to Emet’s weaponry, which have now changed significantly. The blades of Emet’s cleavers have expanded to roughly fight feet in length and three feet in breadth. Their cutting edges are hollowed out and filled with a series of razor-edged gears that are powered by the steam carried down the piping, spinning at high velocity as long as their power source remains. However, the blades now merely serve as bayonets. The main weaponry of Shinjinbukai Sensou no Sharin is a pair of double-barrelled cannons. Both these and the chaingear blade bayonets are heavily integrated into Emet’s forearms.

    Powers: Aside from the improved cutting power of the enhanced blades, Shinjinbukai Sensou no Sharin possesses the following abilities:

    Suijoukihou – Steam Cannons: Shinjinbukai Sensou no Sharin’s cannons fire reiryoku projectiles that pack a considerable punch at a good rate of fire.

    Kyuukyokutenrai Suijoukitaihou – Final Divine Great Steam Cannon: Placing both cannons together, they and the chaingear bayonets assimilate into a single massive ramshackle cannon. The cogs on Emet’s back go into overdrive, the valves alongside them letting out a final massive burst of steam before it all collapses and crumbles. The cannon, odd nuts, bolts and pieces flying off as the power courses down its barrel fires one last shot of massive power before falling apart. Using this technique destroys Emet’s bankai, and it requires several weeks to be rebuilt.

    7th Division
    The 7th Division

    The 7th Division contains the architectural experts of Seireitei, whether they be architects, military engineers or siege engineers. In times of war, it is they who reinforce the Seireitei, supply routes and other strategic assets the shinigami need to hold. In peacetime, they maintain the walls and gates of Seireitei, perform repair work on the structures of the city and the nearby Rukongai, the roads and perform any landscaping required for projects.

    The 7th maintains close ties with the 4th, 8th and 12th Divisions, as well as the Kido Corp. As the 4th handles logistics, it is often up to the 7th to secure and reinforce the defences of vital points on supply lines. The 4th’s janitorial duties sometime coincide with the 7th’s construction and reconstruction duties as well. The 8th’s direction and prioritisation of points of strategic value can vital for determining the effectiveness of the Division’s fortifications, and the 12th provides new technologies for the 7th to utilise in its duties. The Kido Corp’s research into kido can prove vital in both the Division’s offensive and defensive wartime duties, with new Hado allowing individuals to function as artillery and Bakudo making fortifications that much harder to bypass.

    Division Size: 600 total. Of those, only 30 are seated, including Captain Emet and the Vice-Captain. Emet maintains a strict policy of one shinigami per seat, and frequently adjusts the rankings based on power gains and losses to maintain organisational effectiveness.

    Flower: Bumblebee orchid – Industry.

    Motto: "A strong foundation, lest the tower fall."

    Architectural Planning: It is up to the 7th to plan and design any new construction or reconstruction of bureaucratic Seireitei property. Third parties seeking to construct on their own land must come to the 7th for initial planning permission.

    Construction, Reconstruction and Field Construction: In addition to planning buildings, it is up to the 7th to actually construct them, whether it be an extension to a Division’s barracks, a repair of the walls of the Seireitei, or the deployment of prefabricated structures for the front line. Any construction or demolition is handled by the 7th.

    Siege Engineers: If the strange oversized weaponry of the 12th Division or the Kido Corp ever needs to be deployed, it is the 7th who entrench them when needed and who act as battery commanders.

    Deathstone Quarrying: Given the frequency with which they may require it, it is up to the 7th to mine, quarry or otherwise obtain and cut any seki-seki they need for their work. Any other Division that requires it must go through the 7th.

    Necessary Skills
    Emet looks for candidates with an interest in architecture and construction or demolition. Skill with Hado and Bakudo is a definite plus, but a useful offensive or defensive shikai is just as valued. Emet prefers individuals with a passion for the work they must accomplish, but not those who put it before orders – those who enjoy massive property damage are not overly welcome in the Division.

    The 7th maintains two organisational structures – the seating system and separate rank system. Seats are granted purely on basis of strength, whilst the other rank system is based on organisational competence. Seating is used purely as a track of the Division’s power, whilst the second rank system functions as the organisational one. Emet and his Vice-Captain hold first and second rank, respectively, in both systems. The second ranking system uses the following ranks:

    Brigadier: The Captain.
    Lieutenant Colonel: The Vice Captain.
    First to Thirtieth Lieutenants: Commanding officers.
    Privates: The rest of the division.

    Previous Captains
    All names in first name, last name format.

    Arata Fujimoto: Emet’s immediate predecessor and the Captain whom he joined the Division under, it was Fujimoto who brought the Division into its current shape. He deemed the war with Las Noches, Cold or not, a major problem and was determined to make sure that Seireitei could withstand and recover from attacks as easily as possible, whilst making the opposite true for the Arrancar. He had been Captain for 350 years, and it had taken much of that time to reorganise the Division into its current shape. Fujimoto passed away due to natural causes just over 120 years ago, giving Emet the chance to take his mentor’s place.

    Katsuo Himura: Fujimoto’s predecessor, Katsuo only maintained the Captaincy of the Division for 98 years. A powerful individual, but ultimately incompetent in a leadership position, Katsuo had no purpose for the 7th and effectively turned it into a poor imitation of the 11th. His Captaincy ended when he was promoted to the Royal Guard.

    Nori Ito: Katuso’s predecessor, Ito managed a longer stint than his successor, but it was not much more successful. Under Ito, the 7th became the self-proclaimed morale officers of the Gotei, though in reality they were little more than hedonists looking for any excuse to throw a party. Ito managed 286 years as Captain before the Central 46 grew tired of the antic of him and his Division and had his reiryoku sealed and exiled him.

    Makoto Honda: Ito’s predecessor and the last Captain prior to Fujimoto with a real vision for the 7th, Honda formed the 7th into a Division for Honour and Justice. They became a police Division, though as time went on in Honda’s 436 years as Captain, their judgements became increasingly draconian as they came down on all forms of perceived corruption. Their harshness is alleged to be the reason for Ito’s extreme light-heartedness. Captain Honda’s ultimate fate is not recorded, but it is assumed he passed away, either in combat or naturally.


    Aléjandro Mendez, Cuarta Espada (First Name, Last Name)

    Speech, Reiatsu and Cero Colour: Indigo.
    Aspect of Death: Complacency.
    Fracción: Vincente Ortiz

    Physical Description
    Aléjandro is of relatively average build, but is leanly muscled. His most striking feature is his hollow mask, which still covers the entirety of his face. His hair shoots out back from his mask in a shock of indigo, and his reptilian eyes leer out from behind the bone of his mask. He wears his zanpakutou on his right, and keeps his clothing immaculate at all times. His Espada number (assuming we keep this) is located on his right hand, and his hollow hole is located on the left side of his chest.

    First and foremost, Aléjandro is a thinker. He spends much of his time in the library of Las Noches, reading up any subject that piques his interest, particularly philosophy, both that of living humans and that of Soul Society, and even the rare introspective Arrancar that has come before him. He is calm and contemplative for the most part, and remains so even in battle, even when faced with defeat or on the cusp of victory.


    Combat Abilities: Aléjandro's strength, speed and hierro are average for one of his rank, but his technical swordsmanship is noteworthy.

    Discouraging Draw: Aléjandro has perfected a defensive technique whereby he draws his sword by pushing it out of its scabbard with his right thumb at high speed. He then quickly grabs the hilt so that the blade actually has some force behind it. This essentially allows him to parry with his sword still sheathed.

    Face of Regret: No one knows what Aléjandro's face looks like under mask, not even he. If anyone breaks some or all of his mask off to see his visage, they see the face of their dearest departed loved one - even Aléjandro, who is plagued by a massive number of faces, all the missing loved ones of the souls that form his composite self, if he looks at his face in the mirror. The visage is accompanied by a reiryoku-empowered compulsion, and anyone seeing what lies under Aléjandro's mask will be hard put motivating themselves to harm him.

    Mahurkur (lit. "great mountain beast"). Sealed, Mahurkur takes the shape of a Western longsword

    Resurrección: Exhale, Mahurkur.
    In his release, Aléjandro appearance does not change drastically. His upper torso, stomach and upper legs are covered in the bone armour of an Adjuchas, as are his hands and forearms, forming claws that can function as perfectly serviceable weaponry, accompanied with blades along the outside edge of his forearms that taper off to a point about two inches beyond his elbow. A tail of Adjuchas bone trails extrudes from the base of his spine, and his mask ceases to be purely decorative, becoming a fully functional set of jaws. All the Adjuchas bone sported by his Resurrección is almost craggy in appearance.

    Combat Abilities: In Resurrección, Aléjandro's strength and hierro increase notably, and his speed improves to a very small degree. His tail's physical strength is roughly twice that of the rest of his released self.

    Cero Exhalado - Exhaled Cero: In Resurrección, Aléjandro gains a cero variation he can use instead of the standard. Cero Exhalado is shorter ranged attack exhaled in a cone from Aléjandro's mouth. The blast can be maintained up to five seconds, and energy is the blast clings to flammable substances it touches, burning for a few seconds before extinguishing.

    El Dragón Sé - The Dragon Knows: Upon consuming the flesh of any spiritual creature whilst in Resurrección, Aléjandro immediately knows what sort of creature they self-identify as, as well as how many releases they can currently use. Vizard masks do not count as releases for the purpose of this ability. He can also identify them perfectly solely through scent for 365 days.

    Fuerza Antigua - Ancient Force: Aléjandro's Resurrección is like a slumbering dragon - slow to wake, but powerful once it does. In a manner similar to Ikkaku's bankai, it increases in strength the longer it is active. Aléjandro's strength, speed, hierro and cero potency increases by roughly 5% of their initial Resurrección strength every in-game thirty seconds/three posts, the increase maxing out at 150% of his initial strength after 5 minutes/30 posts.

    Segunda Etapa: Nabbar Mahurkur (God-Splitting Great Mountain Beast) Not yet achieved.

    In Segunda Etapa, Aléjandro reverts to looking much like his pre-Arrancar self. He remains roughly humanoid, though he adds a couple of feet in height and a few hundred pounds in weight. Now just comfortable on four limbs as two, his Adjuchas armour spreads to cover his entire body, dulling to an earth brown and taking on the consistency of rock. His reiatsu glows from the cracks between his armour, and a pair of jagged, non-functional wings rise from his back.

    Combat Abilities: In Segunda Etapa, Aléjandro's speed improves slightly, but his strength and hierro improve greatly, and his tail retains its double standard strength.

    Aliento de la Aniquilación - Breath of Annihilation: Ostensibly still a cero, this devastating technique functions as a ranged instrument of death. Whilst charging, the reiatsu showing through the cracks in Aléjandro's armour start fading, starting at the tip of the tail and working along to the head, where it collects in the mouth and charges. The conical blast caused by the technique is roughly 250ft long and equally as wide. The energy of the blast also clings to those it strikes like that of Cero Exhalado.

    Furia de la Tierra - Rage of the Earth: Aléjandro gains the ability to create 10ft wide, 50ft long, 100ft deep fissures by touch, and then a moment later fire an equally sized cero-like blast upward from the crack.

    Aléjandro's Demesne
    A Platonic Realm
    Aléjandro's sector has been separated into four quarters: Cuprum, Argentum, Aurum and Mercurius. Any Arrancar is free to dwell in the sector, but must follow the laws outlined here:

    • Law the First: Denizens and visitors may move freely throughout the sector, but denizens may only dwell in the quarter allocated per these laws.
    • Law the Second: Those Arrancar who choose to dwell within the realm of the Cuarta whose focus is in arts and industry of great use that require skill and/or forethought, such as woodworking, smithing, weaving or warfare, are required to dwell within the Cuprum Quarter, and must acquiesce to reasonable requests given to them by denizens of the Argentum, Aurum or Mercurius Quarters.
    • Law the Third: Those Arrancar who choose to dwell within the realm of the Cuarta whose focus is in purely intellectual matters, such as law, the sciences, strategy or mathematics, are required to dwell within the Argentum Quarter, and must acquiesce to reasonable requests given to them by denizens of the Aurum or Mercurius Quarters.
    • Law the Fourth: Those Arrancar who choose to dwell within the realm of the Cuarta whose focus is in matters both intellectual and spiritual, such as philosophy, theology or the sciences and metaphysics of the afterlife, are required to dwell within the Aurum Quarter, and must acquiesce to reasonable requests given to them by denizens of the Mercurius Quarter.
    • Law the Fifth: Only the Cuarta, his Fraccion and their personal guests may dwell within the Mercurius Quarter.
    • Law he Sixth: A 'reasonable request' is determined as a request that does not threaten the well being of the one so requested, with some form of recompense provided for performing the request.
    • Law the Seventh: The edicts of the Cuarta's Fraccion as pertaining to the sector are overruled only by the Cuarta himself and the Ghost King and his Queen. The edicts of the Cuarta as pertaining to the sector are overruled only by the edicts of the Ghost King and his Queen.
    • Law the Eighth: All edicts and laws of the Ghost King and his Queen are in effect in the Cuarta's Sector. If any edict by the Cuarta or his Fraccion unknowingly clashes with an edict or law of the Ghost King or his Queen, then the word of the Ghost King and his Queen takes prevalence.
    • Law the Ninth: Duels may only be conducted within the sector in the Cuprum Quarter's arena. The nature and terms of the duel must be agreed upon by both participants beforehand, and the duel must be observed by a neutral third party. Failure to adhere to the established rules of the duel is punishable by imprisonment, within the Primera's sector if currently feasible. Killing an opponent in a pre-agreed duel to the death without a neutral observer is treated as murder of a fellow Arrancar and punished as such.
    • Law the Tenth: A denizen of the Cuarta's sector must always be working on a project of some description, with a week's leniency given upon the completion of a project. Denizens must be able to supply evidence of their progress to the Cuarta and/or his Fraccion on a bi-monthly basis.

    Geography of the Cuarta's Sector

    The Cuprum Quarter
    The Cuprum Quarter is situated around the entrance to the sector, and is the largest of the four quarters. The quarter is filled with large numbers of one and two storey buildings, mostly housing, but also contains forges, workshops, loom mills and other industrial buildings, as well as a large varieties of restaurants, bars and public houses. At the centre of the quarter lies the arena, which is more often utilised as an amphitheatre than it is as a battleground. The arena is the only building the quarter than breaks three storeys.

    The Argentum Quarter
    With a considerably small area than the Cuprum Quarter, the architecture in the Argentum Quarter is more vertical. Buildings are usually at least three or four storeys, and can often reach six or seven storeys. Again, most buildings are devoted to housing, but the quarter also contains a large number of fora, labs, lecture halls and workshops.

    The Aurum Quarter
    Smaller again than the preceding quarter, the Aurum Quarter takes verticality as a standard of its architecture and runs with it. Buildings in the Aurum Quarter are typically ten storeys at minimum. With a considerably smaller population than the Cuprum or Argentum Quarters, a far less extreme percentage of building space is given to housing in the Aurum Quarter. There are many fora, lecture halls within in the Aurum Quarter, but most of the building space other than the housing is in fact currently undeveloped.

    The Mercurius Quarter - the Palacio Cuarta
    With a vastly smaller plot of land to work with than any of the preceding Quarters, the Mercurius Quarter consists solely of the Palacio Cuarta. An elegant building with little in the way of ostentatious external decoration, the Palacio Cuarta uses mainly shape, verticality and contrast to make its impression. The interiors are tastefully decorated, with ostentation kept to a minimum. The higher levels of the towers of the Palacio are given over to living quarters for the Cuarta, his Fraccion, and guests, including personalised kitchens, each with their own head chef and team of cooks. Lower levels of the towers and the main body of the Palacio are given over to other things: the great hall functions as amphitheatre, lecture hall, debating room and mental workplace. Most of the Palacio, however, is given over to the Grand Library of Las Noches. Taking up an exactly calculated 89.45% of the Palacio's space, the library consists of hundreds of floors, each with a dedicated subject, check-out desks (both manned and automated), a unique computerised catalogue (including a floor-by-floor map of the library with the dedicated subjects thereof listed) and, of course, millions, if not billions of books. Some seem to be impossible acquisitions (papyri and others documents whose catalogue files claim to originate or be copies of documents from the Great Library of Alexandria and similarly ancient centres of knowledge), but they seem to be authentic enough - most of these not having been translated.

    The library staff are all technically Aléjandro's Fraccion within the grand scheme of Las Noches, but they are not granted the benefits of that status within the sector, other than being allowed to dwell within the Mercurius Quarter, and all lack the strength one would expect of a true Fraccion.


    Erik/Riku/Eriku Ginomamori (First Name, Last Name)
    Age: 127
    Reiatsu/Speech Colour: #330000. Feels like lying in a warm bath… drowning.
    Affiliation/Rank: First Apostle of Chaos Made Flesh (self-bestowed); former Ail of the House of Glyndwr

    Physical Appearance: Eriku is of mixed White British and British Japanese heritage, the tone of his skin residing halfway between those of his two parents. His hair is short, spiky and black, and the irises of his eyes are a dullish red. He is tall, and built with densely packed muscle that leaves him looking athletically slender. The features of his parents blend into an attractive face, which combined with elegance, poise and almost tangible charisma, make him stunningly handsome.

    Almost as stunning is his voice. Almost always tinted with an edge of seduction, Eriku’s words are like silk over pearl, always spoken softly, but rarely inaudible.

    Eriku’s typical outfit consists of a black suit with a deep maroon shirt, the top button left undone but nevertheless accompanied with a navy blue tie. He typically wears his zanpakutou at his right hip.

    Personality: Eriku bores easily, and loves to be different. It’s why he joined Kujo in the first place. Over time, he came to love the man rather than difference and freedom he provided, idolise him even. Quite when Eriku took the step that made Kujo into his personal deity is up for debate, but the rogue shinigami will now and forever have Eriku’s devotion and service.

    Eriku is not reserved about his faith, either. He is more than happy to proselytize to all in his cool, charming manner, even in the midst of combat. However, he has no patience for infidels and heretics (as he sees them) – those who not only refuse Kujo’s perceived divinity, but also actively act against his lord’s wishes.

    History: Born and raised in Britain by a White British father and British Japanese mother, Eriku’s mortal life was uneventful up until his death in traffic collision. Brought over to Annwn, Eriku showed promised, and remarkably quickly worked his way to the position of Ail of his House with remarkable speed, mostly due to the time he spent on combat training out of boredom. But he was still bored.

    One year, whilst serving as a Fianna, he deserted, leaving Britain behind in search of excitement elsewhere. It was on his travels that he encountered Kujo, and Eriku quickly became one of his most devoted followers and servants.

    Combat: Eriku is specialised in Zanjutsu and Hoho, and barely competent with Hakudo.

    Ealaín/Kido: Eriku is proficient with Silakus 73 and Girserusu 77, and can use up to Silakus 54 and Girserusu 58 without incantation.

    Treoir Anam/Zanpakutou: Kuroyousei (Black Claim)

    Sealed Form: Kuroyousei take the shape of a katana whilst sealed, with a deep, dark maroon binding on the grip.

    Spirit: The spirit of Kuroyousei takes the shape of a middle-aged man with shoulder-length dark hair, his face obscured with a straw hat. He is clothed in an altered version of shinigami shihakusho, white replaced with blue-black, and black with a deep, dark maroon.

    Mindscape: An endless green field around a small hillock with a cherry tree atop it, its flowers in full bloom.

    Shikai: Tsukurigoto, Kuroyousei – Lie, Black Claim

    Shikai Appearance: In shikai, Kuroyousei shifts into a kaiken with a guard that curls back towards the hilt to form a ring. The hilt retains its dark maroon bindings.

    Shikai Abilities:
    Zanitsuwari – Cutting Lies: Whenever anyone lies, whether to someone else or to themselves whilst within earshot of Kuroyousei, they are wounded on a random part of their body as though they had been cut by Kuroyousei’s shikai form. The wound is deeper the more serious the lie is.

    Kyouko no Moushiyou – Strength of Words: The severity of the wounds caused by Kuroyousei in shikai increase slightly every time a word is spoken within earshot of it during shikai. The effect fades upon reseal, and it can never more than triple the effectiveness of Kuroyousei.

    Eriku is held by the following geis:
    • Is physically incapable of harming anyone in love with him.


    Caerwyn ap Gruffydd, Earl of Powys, British Ambassador to the Court of Pure Souls (First Name, Patronym)

    Age: 987
    Reiatsu/Speech Colour: Dark Grey. Feels like rubbing against granite.
    Rank: Ambassador to Seireitei and Earl of Powys; former Ail of the House of Arawn.

    Physical Appearance: Caerwyn appears as an old man, tall and unbent by age. His white hair is worn long and loose, and is accompanied with a matching full beard. His eyes are a steely grey, and as yet undimmed by his advancing years, and his left bears an old scar underneath it that stands out against his oddly pallid skin. He prefers to dress in understated but detailed clothing in muted colours, favouring sable, leather and home-spun wool.

    Personality: Caerwyn is gruff, but tactful. A dedicated and focused man all his life, he has gladly dedicated himself to the position his monarch provided him with after his forfeit of the rank of Ail. He does not take frivolity well in serious situations, but does not mind it in small doses outside of such moments.

    History: Caerwyn long served as the Ail of House Arawn, remaining faithful and serving competently to both the Pennaeth he served under during his time in service. He was selected to be Fianna a number of times, taking the opportunity to learn as much Ealaín from wandering Aois-dàna as he could during his years away from the House of Arawn.

    He married midway into his military career and had three children, all of whom have gone on to make their parents proud. As age caught up with him, he forfeited his rank and handed the reigns over to the next generation. His monarch offered him the position of ambassador to the Japanese afterlife, and he accepted.

    Caerwyn and his wife, Alis verch Cefn, moved to the Seireitei roughly ten years ago for his new position. So far, diplomacy between Annwn and Seireitei a major issue, but he has been glad to offer advice when it has been called for.

    Combat: Caerwyn’s once Vice-Captain level skills have diminished with age, his speed and reaction times in particular suffering. He currently stands at around a 5th Seat in combat effectiveness.

    Ealaín: Caerwyn is proficient with up to Silakus 73 and Girserusu 73, and can use up to Silakus 54 and Girserusu 58 without incantation.

    Treoir Anam/Zanpakutou: Trahaearn – “Very much like Iron.”

    Sealed Form: Trahaearn’s sealed form takes the shape of a bastard sword, the grip bound tightly in red leather, and the hilt and pommel done in a gold/silver alloy.

    Spirit and Mindscape: The spirit of Trahaearn takes the shape of a rough humanoid made of iron. His mindscape is a reflection of his family’s estate back in Powys, only starker and more harsh in its lighting.

    Rhyddhau/Shikai: Stand firm against all onslaught, Trahaearn.

    Caerwyn is held by the following geasa:
    • Must not yield in combat until on death’s door (bestowed by Trahaearn, sanction: loss of Rhyddhau).
    • May not refuse any food offered by a woman (bestowed by Ealaín tutor, sanction: loss of all Ealaín for one month).
    • May not harm another on 22nd May, 1st April, 30th June or 23rd November (bestowed by Alis, sanction: loss of wits, Alis may divorce and receive all joint property).
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