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Invocation Paths must be followed from start to finish. Simply taking Grand Celerity, for example, is prohibited. Unless specified, range is 30ft. Most of these are inspired in one way or another by the WoD wiki

Minor Remedy
Least 1rst
With a touch, you may diagnose the cause of a creatures malaise and anesthetize the creature(Fort save negates, duration 10 minutes).

Lesser Remedy
Lesser 3rd
You may use Remove Disease as a spell-like ability twice per day.

Greater 3rd
You may use Remove Curse as a spell-like ability twice per day.

Grand Remedy
Dark 7th
You may use Regeneration as a spell-like ability twice per day

What exactly does 'anesthetize the creature' mean?

Also, this makes me want to create a whole line of Invocations for healing. And if you don't mind, can I share some Invocation ideas with you, since you seem far more capable then myself? If not, let me know and i'll clean up this post.


Shaded Respite: Works as endurance feat except it suppresses fatigue effects for failed checks for 24 hours. You take non lethal damage from failed checks normally you simply don't feel their effects, once you reach KO you immediacy fall unconscious.

Dark Resurrection: Allows you to use Resurrection as the spell. Must have the same material components.

Me and My Shadow: An invocation which works as Contingency but only for other invocations. Must have the same material component focus only in this case it is a voodoo doll made of cloth, sewn gems, and stuffed with saw dust your own hair, nail clippings, etc. AKA "Die for me". Can be used to hold the material component for Dark Resurrection, thus meaning if you die it will resurrect you, or rather, die for you. Others can be made for specific people, like, your entire party. But only one at a time per person.