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    Here's a homebrew I made shortly after Pathfinder came out for one of my player's:

    The Duelist

    Prerequisites: +6 BAB, Dodge, Weapon Finesse, Tumble 4 ranks

    {table=head]Level | Base Attack Bonus | Fort Save | Ref Save | Will Save | Special
    1st | +1 | +0| +1 | +0 | Canny Defense, Precise Strike
    2nd | +2 | +1 | +1 | +1 | Parry
    3rd | +3 | +1 | +2 | +1 | Grace
    4th | +4 | +1 | +2 | +1 | Cunning Reflexes
    5th | +5 | +2 | +3 | +2 | Acrobatic Charge
    6th | +6 | +2 | +3 | +2 | Riposte
    7th | +7 | +2 | +4 | +2 | Elaborate Defense
    8th | +8 | +3 | +4 | +3 | Evasion
    9th | +9 | +3 | +5 | +3 | Advance
    10th | +10 | +3| +5 | +3 | Crippling Strike

    Canny Defense (Ex): When wearing light or no armor and not using a shield, a duelist adds 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) per duelist class level to her Dexterity bonus to modify Armor Class while wielding a melee weapon. If a duelist is caught flat-footed or otherwise denied her Dexterity bonus, she also loses this bonus.

    Precise Strike (Ex): A duelist gains the ability to strike precisely with a light or one-handed piercing weapon, adding her duelist level to her damage roll. A duelist's precise strike only works against living creatures with discernible anatomies. Any creature that is immune to critical hits is also immune to a precise strike, and any item or ability that protects a creature from critical hits also protects a creature from a precise strike.

    In addition, when making a precise strike a duelist cannot attack using two hands or use a shield. This restriction also applies to the duelist's Parry, Riposte, Elaborate Defense, and Crippling Strike abilities.

    Parry (Ex): Whenever you or an adjacent ally is attacked by a melee or ranged weapon, you may attempt to Parry it as an Immediate Action. If you choose to use this ability, you must declare that you are using it after your enemy successfully hits but before the DM announces damage or effects of the attack. Make a melee attack roll, adding your Intelligence modifier as bonus to hit. If your modified attack roll is higher then the enemy’s modified attack roll, the attack is negated.

    Grace (Ex): Any Dodge bonus that you possess from any feat or class ability now applies to all enemies. You no longer need to "designate" one foe. This includes the AC bonus, as well as any special abilities or feats that rely on the Dodge ability, such as the Elusive Target feat. In addition, you may add any Dodge bonus to AC that you possess from any feat or class ability as an Insight bonus to your Reflex Save and Initiative checks as well.

    Cunning Reflexes (Ex): You gain Combat Reflexes as a bonus feat. If you already have Combat Reflexes, you may choose any other feat that you qualify for in it's place.

    In addition, you may add your Intelligence bonus as a bonus to hit on any attack of opportunity. You may use this ability once per round.

    Acrobatic Charge (Ex): When you Charge you may make up to two 45 degree turns at any point during your Charge. You may also Charge over difficult terrain, through occupied squares, or by swinging on a rope/chain/etc in the direction of your enemy (though you may still need to make appropriate checks to successfully move over the terrain). You also gain the Pounce ability (you may make a full attack when you Charge).

    Riposte (Ex): A duelist can make an attack of opportunity against any creature whose attack she successfully Parries, so long as the creature she is attacking is within reach.

    Elaborate Defense (Ex): You gain Improved Disarm as a bonus feat. If you already possess this feat, you may choose any other feat that you qualify for in it's place.

    In addition, when an enemy attacks you and misses (either because it failed to hit your AC or because you successfully used Parry to block the attack) you may make a Disarm attempt as an attack of opportunity. You may use this ability once per round.

    Evasion (Ex): You gain the Evasion ability. If you already have the Evasion ability, you gain Improved Evasion instead.

    Advance (Ex): Whenever an enemy within your threatened area makes a 5 ft step, you may also make a 5ft step as a Free Action. This does not prevent you from moving normally or taking another 5ft step on your turn.

    Crippling Strike (Ex): Whenever you successfully use the Precise Strike ability and threaten a critical hit, you also deal 1 point of Dexterity damage and reduce all of the target's speeds by 5 ft (minimum 5 ft). The movement penalties from multiple Crippling Strikes stack, and each penalty lasts until the target has repaired the Dexterity damage from the Crippling Strike that imposed it.