Wow. Not.. not good. Though I do like the fact that Nethergate uses a Fair Folk-ish interpretation of the Sidhe. Always nice to see. On the bright side, they can disarm you all they like and you can still shoot stuff with spells.

By the way, if the spell list resembles Avernum at all, you got some of the best spells. Quicksilver Feet, a multi-target attack and Unshackle Mind, among other things. Healing/curing is great, though I'm surprised you didn't have it from the start. Oh, and you know, Beast Ceremony.

I wish they never removed Beast Ceremony from the Avernum games. Or Divine Warrior. And they had to nerf haste too. And now, A6 butchers my spell list further by switching out all the nice spells A5 added. Bah.