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    Quote Originally Posted by Radiun View Post
    It's only to relieve a creature of suffering. There is not lasting benefit
    it offers no recovery, but may ease their passage.
    I suppose there is a case to be made that a numb creature is immune to being nauseated, but I would check with your DM.
    Ah, seems rather tame for a invocation, it doesn't really have an effect and is just fluff, I understand. I don't really see anyone using this aside from a prereq for the others... hmmm... I dunno I'd add an effect at least like delay poison, just so it has SOME use to it. But I'm not the best with balancing issues.

    I think you misunderstood, the invocation I proposed had no material component. The price was Cha damage and XP reflecting strain on your soul (cha damage) and a price paid to whatever otherworldly force controls death in your setting (xp). I apologize for not being clearer.
    Ah I see. I would keep it gp wise because it then allows other players to pay you for helping them, since they can not guarantee paying you xp. The spell itself is balanced so i don't see why this isn't balanced, and for at will, well it can't be used at will all the time because of temp con damage to yourself and for obvious reasons too much con damage and your out of the game. But I made it not permanent because that would be WAY to steep a price, you could abuse this for hellfire warlock I suppose but then it also take a material component so it's only as abusable as the cash allows.

    So all in all I thought, temp con damage as a measure of tax on your body from using all the energy as you mimic divine energy itself, arguably more devastating to loose con then cha. I don't think spells should have xp penalties unless they can duplicate such things as wish and whatnot. But as this is only a resurrection ability, and not even a true resurrection, I think the con damage would keep it under control at will and the gp cost manageable and more inline with the real spell. Make sense?

    This works too, I had no problem with your first resurrection invocation balance wise, but thought the idea of sending the warlock's soul out to buy back the soul of the fallen creature was neat enough to merit putting it out there.
    Soul projection is all well and good but then you have trouble with dealing with alignment, for example what if you try to send your chaotic soul after a lawful character and end up on a lawful plane? And what if you get Anchored to this plane? that sort of problem. It's not specified but could come up. Where as if it costs you health and money, well you can't use it numerous times all day providing an endless supply of resurrections, you'd die or run out of material components rather quickly. It wasn't meant to replace a true ressurector, just allow you to do so in a pinch. EDIT: also, how does one barter? do you need to make diplomacy, intimidate, or bluff checks? and what do you barter with xp? gp? all perhaps fluff I suppose, but it could come up. I'd rather use soul projection for things like... Dark Commune, or some such, where you can speak with deities and what not. Just seems to fit more... and the risks that go with it, make it sound more in line with that Warlock sending invocation which can damage you.

    Couldn't a high level opponent buy a 1up doll?
    If the invocation's eldritch energies are bound in a loop from the doll to warlock, then it prevents the possibility of warlocks selling these dolls like hot-cakes as they cannot create X copies, only the one.
    That being said, the material component may make this possibility null as wealth levels vary wildly from game to game.
    hmm certainly, but the material cost would make this quite expensive, 11,500gp per doll that give you one extra life, yet makes you shaken after using for one round would be neat I'd think.

    And if the material component and shaken effect aren't enough of a drawback, I suppose lowering Candle in the Void's the power and price to that of raise dead would be better? That way it doesn't restore you to full health and you can be easily re-killed afterward AND the doll can only hold one invocation at a time. This risk is lessened by the fact you have a party backing you up, and therefore would be more valuable to player characters as opposed to solo big bads. But then again the PC can always be re-killed right after as well... so... it is STILL a risk. But then again, there is always the chance you will be helped or saved by your party and therefore back in the game as opposed to just being dead. What do you think?

    If your DM is ok with that possibility, then by all means. I just tend to err on the side of caution as my DM tends to be uncomfortable with homebrew and therefore more permissive of more restrictive spells/invocations. The potential for abuse is always there in his eyes.

    Other than that, I'd only suggest shifting the shaken condition from the Doll invocation to the resurrection invocation, representing minor system shock from being pulled back from the brink.
    Channeling an invocation like Curse of Despair through the Doll and adding the shaken condition on top of that could be too powerful, butchering saves like no-body's business (-2 from shaken, -4 from Curse of Despair, your caster friends would be jumping for joy, but your DM might cry ;-) ).
    Ah sorry I meant to make it the target of the spell as in, the person who uses it. So if you used it like that the Caster would be shaken, not the target who triggered the doll.

    This represents the 'curse' of the doll, as in severing the link from the 'hair, fingernails, etc' the doll suffers in your place and you feel as if someone has walked over your grave, as in "that could have been me" etc. The shaken condition applies to the person for which the doll was made, and they are shaken regardless of what the doll affects. Hence, Curse. ...I just don't know how to clarify that in the text very well. hmmm...


    Shaded Respite
    Least; 1st
    You receive a +4 on constitution checks made to resist the effects of strenuous activity. You become immune to the effects of fatigue and exhaustion for 24 hours, even from outside sources such as spells. You still suffer the nonlethal damage of strenuous activity from a failed save and when you reach the limit of your health you immediately fall unconscious until you've had eight hours of rest.

    Candle in the Void
    Greater; 7th
    You channel raw Eldridge energy as a beacon to lost souls, enabling you to use [resurrection or raise dead] as the spell. On top of needing the required material component it also does 1d4 con damage as a result of physically channeling that much raw energy which goes away after you have rested for eight hours.

    Cursed Doll
    Dark; 9th
    You create a small, simple doll. You must place an item which harbors a direct link with the creature to be warded by the doll into the doll (hair, nail, blood, skin, etc) out fitted with gems costing at least 1,500gp. You may only have 1 doll/person, attempting to create another sets the other ablaze and negates its effects. You may tie an invocation into the doll set to target that creature upon specific conditions set upon its creation (25 words or less). You may channel beneficial or baneful invocations within the dolls. Once triggered, the material link is destroyed and allows your power to bypass the need for Spell Resistance or Saves. Invocations that would require concentration have a duration of 3 rounds. The owner of the doll becomes shaken for one round after it's use.

    how's that?
    EDIT: I don't mean either resurrection or raise dead I mean which should it use, just to clarify. Not implying you can choose between the to, or that it's one or the other just asking which should be put there, Raise dead or resurrection?
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