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    These are MOST of my avatars that are still unclaimed. Decided it was about time to post them up. If you would like one, PM me. If you can, please repost the image on your own hosting site and tell me that you've done so. (This is incase I need to delete some old ones to make room for new ones and I don't want to make a new acount.) The ones with names are my created characters, except those in the last row. And image sizes you find when you right-click, View Image (on Firefox anyway).

    Ghaliad Kelsea Ashan Tharivol Perigo Bellamin Nadoyn
    Taken by Falgorn Taken by Batpope Scott Open Taken by nhbdy Open Open Open
    Kensai Ronin Valeo Lancer Forge
    Taken by mo123813 Taken by Engine Taken by Bad Situation Taken by Kuma Kode
    The Guardian Dark Wizard Fighter Elf Fighter Halfling Rogue Bard Pikeman
    Taken by Crimmy Taken by Southern Cross Open Taken by redzimmer Open Taken by A'den Taken by Afool
    Wu Jen
    Open Taken by Ceric
    Male Ninja Female Ninja
    Drow Assassin
    Drow Fighter Drow Fighter 2
    Taken by LeoMidori Taken by Amiel Open Open Taken by bloodlover Open Taken by Soris Atham
    Drow Priestess Drow Wizard
    Taken by icastflare! Taken by Hailphage
    Dr. Strange
    Jade Curtiss Absol
    Unwanted Demonia Avatar
    Taken by WowWeird Taken by Mirrinus Taken by absolmorph Taken by ChiefLeaf
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