Hello all, you may remember me as the guy who made all them disicple classes (or not, there's alot of homebrew out there, I don't mind). I'm planning a new project to design some new prestige classes.

In DnD, there are PrCs for the servants of archdukes of hell and demon princes. There are PrCs for the servants of the archon hebdomad and the eladrin star court. But there aren't any PrCs of the leaders of the angels. For that matter, there aren't angelic leaders for the five varieties of angels (astral, monadic, movanic, planetar and solar)

So my endeavour is two fold. First the easy part, assign angelic paragons to the five varieities of angels. Then, the hard part, design classes for these paragons similar to The Lion of Talisad or the Fist of Raziel.

So, I look to you guys for suggestions for what sort of angelic paragons to give to each angel variety, and then what sort of class each PrC should be tailored toward.

Astral Deva-
Monadic Deva-
Movanic Deva-

Note: I did have an idea of using some of the archangels, but would that be appropriate?