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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach J. View Post
    Well I've already okayed the drow paladin. I'm already being pretty restrictive in limiting the players to the core rulebooks so I'm going to be a bit more lenient with the characters themselves. She's just going to need an awfully good Diplomacy check to make sure she and the party actually get some quests.
    There's nothing wrong with that. However, how such a character is going to be played will depend a huge amount on the setting you use. For example, in our campaign, next to no one has even heard of the drow, and so playing one, and justifying one as a character is relatively easy. If you use a more traditional FResque setting where every single dirt farmer knows exactly how to spot one, writing a backstory explaining how one survives on the surface will be more difficult. Little things like that are important and if they aren't decided beforehand, inconsistencies can appear.
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