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    Emi, Spiritually Empowered Human
    Name: Emily Martin ('Emi')
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: Trim (asking exact weight would be impolite! )
    Affiliation/Type: None / Spiritual Empowered Human
    Speech Color: #DD0088

    Appearance: Emi's appearance is an odd contrast between her personality and her natural aesthetics. On one hand, she generally stands out among her peers. She's tall and slender, standing a significant height above most of those around her, though her overall frame lends itself well to such a height. What is more, her long, loosely gathered auburn hair and doll-like face make clear that her ancestry is quite certainly not all Japanese.

    However, Emi is certainly not the type of person to try and stand out. She typically wears standard and unassuming clothing, and has a rather meek and unobtrusive presence that makes her somewhat more forgettable. It is typically on initial meetings that she most makes an impression; after that initial meeting, she tends to drop out of people's minds.

    Personality: While not painfully shy, Emi is certainly less outgoing than most. She tends not to take initiative, but rather builds towards things slowly and with careful planning. Also, she pays heavy attention to her misgivings and might come across as overly worrisome at points.

    However, those that do get talking to Emi will find that she's really quite a kind and intelligent girl, though unfortunately her school performance is affected by her more ponderous methods (and thus she only earns average grades where she could theoretically do quite well). While not especially humorous herself, she loves to laugh and very much appreciates the company of others, even if she doesn't always seek it out.

    Sometimes, Emi expresses frustration with her tediously careful nature, all too aware how it holds her back. She's not entirely comfortable with how she expresses herself and acts in every day life.

    History: For the most part, Emi's life has been fairly normal. She's never had encounters with the supernatural, and she's had an average school experience and a decent family life. Her mother and father are divorced, but the two don't have any hard feelings between them, and the smooth separation allowed Emi to deal with it much less painfully than it might have been otherwise.

    The only large event in Emi's life was moving to Japan, which occurred relatively recently. For most of her life, she lived in America. However, she moved with her father to Japan, and has since felt a little more out of touch and uncertain about things, which contributes to her frustration with her personality. Ostensibly, her father moved to Japan to take a very lucrative job offer and be with his family, and Emi came with him for a change of pace and to also get in touch with her father's side of the family. Her mother still lives in America, and keeps in touch with Emi despite the distance between them. So far she hasn't come to visit, but Emi hasn't been in Japan all that long.

    Emi is still starting into school, having only been able to attend a few weeks at the end of the last school year, and is a bit nervous about it all.

    It is important to note that Emi has had no contact with anything remotely supernatural in her entire life- at least, nothing that she did not quickly dismiss as nonsense.


    Non-Spiritual Abilities:
    Beyond her normal knowledge and skills as a student, Emi is a fair musician, skilled primarily in the French Horn (which she stubbornly, and correctly, refers to as the Horn in F), though she is also capable of playing piano. Other than that, Emi is a fairly normal person, with no remarkable skills.

    Spiritual Awareness:
    Currently, Emi only possesses a limited form of spiritual awareness. While she can only barely perceive the presence (not even general whereabouts) of most spiritual entities, Emi's senses are unusually adept at noticing Hollows, though even those are some what indistinct.

    Releasing Fury
    Though currently incapable of this, Emi's main power is symbolically casting aside her uncertainty and acting far more brashly and boldly. When using this ability, a writhing, winged and clawed ghostly presence emerges from Emi, half mirroring her movements and half taking its own actions. It takes a bit of desperation or real need for Emi to tap into this ability, at least initially, but when she does, she changes quite significantly. Those familiar with hollows, or Vizards, might mistake her for something similar, though in truth she only has many parallels to them, not true connections.

    The three capabilities she gains from Releasing Fury are as follows:

    -Unceasing Wings
    While using her Releasing Fury power, Emi is capable of using the wings of her ghostly presence to fly. She is fairly graceful, but not especially fast (though certainly not slow). Further, she can also use her wings to shield herself from harm. They are not all encompassing, and it takes decent reflexes to pull them in the way in time, but they can sustain (or even outright ignore) a fair amount of damage, and even if a powerful attack destroys a wing, she can regrow it almost instantly, though this will tire her and eventually drain her completely if forced to do it repeatedly. She can't fly and use her wings as shields at the same time.

    -Zealous Rapidity
    The weakest of her three powers, Zealous Rapidity increases Emi's speed far beyond the levels she should normally have... but as she's an untrained young girl, this says very little. In short, she's fairly fast, but not remarkably so.

    -Tisiphone's Vengeance
    Emi's claws in her Releasing Fury form are relatively hard hitting, and though there may be those who hit harder or faster, Emi's adeptness at both still allow her to be a threatening force, hitting a middle line where some specialize in one or another. The true power of her claws is more subtle and horrifying though- any wound she causes is stubborn, taking twice as long to naturally heal, and doubling the effort it would take to heal it with other methods.

    While for the most part Releasing Fury does not cause a significant strain on her, especially long fights may wear Emi out and prevent her from using it further until she rests.

    Arcelia Cruz, Tercera Candidate
    Name: Arcelia Cruz
    Age: [Insert Large Number Here]
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'8"
    Affiliation/Type: Las Noches, Espada
    Aspect of Death: Betrayal
    Speech Color: #EE8800

    Appearance: Arcelia is slender and supple, her precisely curving body augmented by the flow of her golden hair and effortless grace. The curving bone of her fragmented mask sweeps through her hair and over her brow in a silver circlet, each end stopping above on of her dark blue eyes. Arcelia takes great pains to keep herself pristine and immaculate, and her alabaster skin and perpetually white clothing are a testament to her constant success. Her clothing is tailored to avoid covering her back and arms, to allow her release to be performed without harming her clothing.

    Notably, Arcelia also wears long white gloves, which cover the sign of her nature- the hollow hole, which manifests on her left hand. Even underneath her gloves, she has the hole (and her other hand, for symmetry and misdirection) covered in thin, tightly wound bandages.

    Personality: As befits her unusual appearance for an Arrancar, Arcelia also has an unusual personality. Though marked as one of the strongest Arrancar, Arcelia's initial impulse is never to fight, and she takes great interest in the world of others. Those who meet her may swiftly get the impression of someone more fun loving, cheerful, and friendly.

    The other Arrancar, of course, know this is an absolute lie. Arcelia is just as egotistical and ruthless as the rest of them, and she can be exceedingly cruel. The difference is that Arcelia pretends to play nice, twisting words and manipulating subtly rather than crushing her foes openly. To some extent, she drops this habit among her fellows- though she is still more likely to use biting and spiteful words to strike at them rather than her powers.

    Arcelia finds her greatest joy in tempting and corrupting others, either by twisting a Plus into a Hollow, or convincing a wayward Shinigami that he has been betrayed... but she can help him. She makes promises and collects those whose minds and thoughts she manipulates, gathering an array of lesser servants for her own selfish whims. Because of this, Arcelia spends a great deal of time in the mortal world.

    Backstory: Arcelia was always a bit of an oddity. It was not primarily through great strength that she got to her position, but her unceasing power of manipulation. From the beginning, she twisted others to do her bidding, simultaneously using and feasting on her underlings until she finally reached the station where she could advance to her current status. She always would make things seem so inevitable and reasonable, getting her way every time.

    She does not prefer to remember her days of cannibalism and savagery however, focusing instead on her acceptance into the Espada, whereupon she took the title of Herald and Steward to their King. She acts as his messenger, proclaiming his edicts and carrying them out so that he can keep a kingly distance, yet still have his orders executed by a powerful presence.


    Standard Arrancar Powers:
    -Bala: Unusually, while Arcelia utilizes Bala, she chiefly uses it in conjunction with slashes from her Zanpakutō rather than condensing her power around her fist.
    -Cero: Arcelia's Cero is white, and she launches it from her left hand only. Her Cero is otherwise unremarkable.
    -Hierro: Arcelia's hierro leaves much to be desired. She is not even necessarily capable of blocking an average strength Zanpakutō strike.
    -Sonido: As to be expected of a messenger, Arcelia's speed is very notable, and as such, she is certainly of Master level.
    -Garganta: Using her swift speed and practiced mastery of Garganta, Arcelia is capable of opening, entering, and closing a Garganta almost instantly, denying all but the most perceptive the opportunity to even see what she has done. The only sign of her departure is a soft crackling sound- that and her disappearance.
    -Pesquisa: In the short range, Arcelia's Pesquisa is fairly detailed, allowing her to detect the nature and power level of close to her quite accurately (the range is comfortable speaking distance). This takes a little time for her, however, so she primarily uses it outside of combat.

    Zanpakutō: Mensajera
    While her Zanpakutō is a sword, as is standard, it takes the form of European longsword. The sword follows Arcelia's color scheme, crafting with glistening golden in its guard and blade, while the pommel is wrapped in white. Arcelia's swordsmanship is average, and though her strength is sub-par, her speed and ability to combine attacks with Bala make up for it.

    Most notable, however, is that Arcelia has two levels of release:

    Resurrección: Ascenda
    The first level of release is Arcelia's Ascensión, which bathes her in silver light, shifts her mask fragments to form a halo behind her head rather than a circlet, and most notably, grants her beautiful white wings. In addition, her spiritual energy becomes awe inspiring. Not necessarily due to its power, however, but simply due to its nature.

    Arcelia also still possesses her sword, though it is made out of brilliant light and spiritual power.

    While in this form, Arcelia gains the following abilities:

    Holy Aura: Arcelia's spiritual energy gains a quality that moves those who feel it, inspiring awe and making them question any ill intentions they may have towards Arcelia. Those who are more amoral or who don't care about the consequences of their actions are less likely to be affected by this.

    Enhanced Speed: Arcelia moves noticably quicker while in this first level of release.

    Resurrección: Condene
    While this level of release is known to her fellow Espada, Arcelia uses it only when she is desperate and intends to actually kill an enemy. Condenar is Arcelia's true Resurrección- it is not that she has two releases, so much as Ascensión is a false release, a mask suiting her nature and abilities (which is why it does not increase her power much).

    When using her true form, Arcelia appears as a terrible demon- humanoid, but massive in size (over ten feet), and no longer appearing beautiful or human. Her mask remnants form pointed horns that sweep backwards from her brow, and her blue eyes turn red, her golden hair blackening and turning wild. Her hollow hole and tattoo also become visible, with the latter settling between her horns, and the former taking its place at her sternum. Further, she sprouts wings of flame and shadow, which allow her to soar through the sky with ease.

    Her sword also undergoes a drastic change, becoming engulfed in fire. Its crossguard is burnt away, and it is now large enough for Arcelia to use two-handed, even as her size has increased.

    Arcelia gains the following abilities in this form:

    Enhanced Hierro: Arcelia's Hierro strengthens dramatically, allowing her to turn away lesser strikes without effort, and disallow a Zanpakutō to harm her without supreme effort.

    Enhanced Speed: Arcelia remains as fast as she is in Ascensión.

    Enhanced Strength: Arcelia's strength increases in her Condenar form, allowing her to deal much more devastating blows, comparable to other more potent Espada.

    Searing Bala: As normal, Arcelia can channel her Bala through her sword. However, her Bala are now charged with fiery power, scorching anyone they touch. She can use this to set fire to landscape or incinerate flammable objects.

    Demonic Hate: While this form increases Arcelia's power in many ways, it has its drawbacks. In Condenar, she may not use Garganta, Pesquisa, or any of her unique abilities, as she has revealed the monster of her true form, and dedicated herself to the destruction of her enemy.

    Unique Abilities:
    Spiritual Disguise: Arcelia is very adept at manipulating her spiritual presence, and uses this to either decrease it to quite hidden state, or shift it to seem more natural, nearly undetectable as what it really is (that of an Arrancar). She cannot impersonate any particular type of spiritual energy, however.

    Sense Weakness: With practice, comes ability. Arcelia has tirelessly practiced the art of twisting and manipulating others, and she finds that true power comes through understanding precisely what weak points her opponents have and exploiting them. When sensing others with her Pesquisa, Arcelia can also try to learn of one of their weaknesses- whether this be a flaw in their character, a particular emotion or emotional attachment that can be exploited, or a vice. She cannot choose what she learns, nor can she manipulate these weaknesses with her power. With more time, she can learn more weaknesses, but every weakness after the first requires substantially more time than the first.

    Lia, Fraccion to Arcelia
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Affiliation/Type: Fraccion to Arcelia
    Speech Color: Royal Blue

    Appearance: Lia looks quite similar to Arcelia, with the exception that she is a little shorter, has black hair, and dresses in light grey instead of white. Further, she has soft blue highlights along her clothing that match the strange blue stone of Arcelia's palace, and also wears a small choker of the same color. Otherwise, she is the same- slender and curved, matching the appearance of Arcelia close enough to where they might be sisters.

    Personality: Soft spoken and quietly polite, while also being quite intelligent and capable, Lia is the perfect servant. She tends to more of an extrovert than one would think from her rather passive and quiet demeanor.

    History: Unknown. If her history is anything worth noting, the only one who knows it is Arcelia. Maybe.


    General Capabilities:
    -Physical Strength: Lia is not particular strong at all, generally not accomplishing more with her strength than the lowest of the Numeros.

    -Offense: It seems that Lia isn't very capable at most combat skills, and thus is never seen with any weaponry at all.

    -Defense: For someone as indisposed to combat as she appears to be, Lia is startlingly good at defending herself. She has remarkable skills at blocking and dodging attacks.

    -Mobility: Decently mobile, though no more so than any unseated Shinigami.

    Standard Arrancar Powers:
    -Bala and Cero: Lia never uses Bala, but she is quite proficient with Cero, and uses it as her primary attack. She can manipulate its area of effect, and use it repeatedly. However, it is fairly weak in power. She tends to focus it into a thin beam to make the most of its strength, rather than spreading it out in a wide blast.

    -Hierro: Strong. While focusing on this ability alone, Lia can turn aside heavy blows and remain unharmed, usually by combining it and her prowess at blocking attacks. However, should she attack in return, it drops much closer to average strength.

    -Sonido: Lia is slightly below average at Sonido.

    -Garganta: Lia cannot use Garganta.

    -Pesquisa: Lia is only average at Pesquisa, though she uses it regularly to check up on guests in Arcelia's home.

    Currently, Lia does not appear to possess a Zanpakutō, and thus cannot use Resurrección.

    Akemi Aoki, Exiled Shinigami
    Name: Akemi Aoki
    Age: ???
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4"
    Affiliation/Type: Exiled Shinigami
    Speech Color: #882288

    Appearance: No longer part of Soul Society, Akemi is devoid of all the typical trappings of a Shinigami, even down to her Zanpakutō. Instead, Akemi appears as a young woman- definitely old enough to be out of school, but youthful. In terms of clothing, she favors black and purple, with a rather goth or punkish theme. She doesn't wear the style heavily, however, and manages to pull it off with a flair that makes her seem more zany than anything else. Typically, she wears t-shirts, and favors bracelets, arm bands, and arm warmers. She might have on one or more belts, and black pants. Due to her love of spontaneous activities and parkour, Akemi tends not to wear dresses or skirts, as they tend to get in the way and hamper her movement.

    If it weren't for her clothing choice and style, Akemi would be distinctly average. Her plain, straight black hair has a vivid dyed purple streak through it to add interest, while she keeps a variety of sunglasses to hide her eyes. To deal with her lack of curves, Akemi relies on tighter fitting clothing, or just style and color to draw attention away from it.

    Personality: Akemi deeply appreciates life and what it has to offer her, enjoying every chance she gets to live just a little more. She cares less about societal expectations and more about what she- and others- desire. Akemi is also very kind and caring, though at first glance, she might seem like a roguish mischief maker, which can earn her the ire of authority figures... but it isn't so much that she disrespects rules as it is that she cares about other things- people, that is- far more. If she really causes harm by her disrespect somehow, she will be sure to try and make amends for it.

    While she often goes out to enjoy herself, she can be introspective and philosophical as well, spending time to fully understand new ideas and different view points. It may not be outwardly obvious though, as she often thinks at the same time as she performs other activities (such as parkour or exercise).

    One of Akemi's most pervasive beliefs and ideas is her faith in the goodness of others. This is not to say she is wholly naive and innocent- she is well aware of all the terrible things that people can do. However, she is certain that it is possible for even the most hardened hearts to find remorse and repentance, even if her powers cannot help them accomplish it. She is willing to risk herself to help others atone, though she will not be foolhardy or careless with others to try and accomplish such, as she puts the well being of others first. Usually, when her cleansing powers fail, she will accept that sending a Hollow on to Hell is the best option available to her, but that doesn't mean she likes the conclusion, no matter the truth of it.

    All in all, Akemi is a fairly complex and experienced person. Each time someone thinks they know her, she unfolds a little further.

    History: Akemi was once one of the most skilled Shinigami in Soul Society. Though her spiritual energy was not the most potent, Akemi's focus and training allowed her to compete where all sense said she should fail. Her precision and long practice allowed her to act as if her power were far greater than it was, and eventually she even achieved the position of Vice Commander in the Kidō Corps.

    Yet, Akemi was not loved among the Shinigami, or even in the mortal world. Her philosophies and abilities earned her many enemies. With the power of her Shikai, she purified even the Hollows who would be condemned to Hell, and she openly criticized many aspects of Soul Society law and government.

    Eventually, this led to her downfall. A number of her foes joined forces against her, notably among them a Quincy, who used his techniques in an attempt to seal her spiritual energy away. As Akemi relied more on skill than anything else, such an assault hampered her less than expected, and she managed to escape before her energy was fully sealed, and before she was killed.

    Knowing she could not go back to Soul Society, Akemi hid herself in the mortal world, concealing her history and what powers she had left. There, she seeks to live as best as she can in her current state.


    Non-Spiritual Abilities:
    Akemi is superbly skilled at melee combat, both with and without use of a sword. Further, she is an accomplished traceuse and free runner.
    Lastly, she has a great love of board games, though she has not dedicated quite the same time to them as she has other, more vital skills.

    Sealed Spiritual Power:
    While Akemi's spiritual power would normally be at average level, the sealing technique used against her cuts this down to at least 20% of what it once was.
    Though Akemi has developed a technique where she can break the seal and achieve higher power, but the seal is her own body. The implications of this is that even breaking the seal partially gives her terrible wounds (at minimum)- and if she were ever to try a powerful technique (such as Bankai or advanced Kidō), she would certainly die shortly after its completion.
    Due to the danger, even looming defeat will not necessarily be enough to inspire Akemi to unleash her former power.

    Former Vice Commander, Akemi's Kidō technique is her only skill that surpasses her ability at swordplay. However, due to her loss of spiritual energy, using Kido has become frustratingly difficult for her ever since her self imposed exile.
    While she knows all the precision required to pull off Kidō without chants and in double incantation, her low spiritual power means that if she utilizes them, she can only get the most basic and lowest power of effects (and they are certainly not effective in a direct, combative effort).
    Most of Akemi's remaining power rests in her use of Bakudō, which she always most skilled at. When using the incantations, she can manage them at a slightly below average level. Particularly, she utilizes Kyokko to hide her Zanpakutō so she can carry it around on a day to day basis without it being spotted.

    Akemi was never particularly skilled at Hohō, and with her spiritual power sealed, she relies on her natural skill and speed almost exclusively, using Hohō only when she has no other resort. Due to low spiritual power, using it for too long can exhaust her, and she cannot maintain any other powers while using it.

    Zanpakutō: Sin Eater
    Sin Eater is a slender kodachi, unremarkable until it is released.
    Shikai: Catharsis
    When released, Sin Eater becomes jet black, giving off a terrible Reiatsu that feels like a hundred claws scraping at one's very soul and haunting voices whispering in their ears.

    Special Ability: Weight of Sin
    When Sin Eater is released, the Reiatsu and aura of it surrounds Akemi and her opponents. Vague phantoms, materialize from within the tainted area, hounding Akemi's enemies, striking at them, hindering their movements, or attempting to distract or scare them.
    Attacking the phantoms accomplishes nothing, as they are mostly insubstantial.
    These phantoms typically are not powerful enough to leave more than moderate blows, or hold down an opponent for significant periods of time.

    Special Ability: Cleanse
    The second ability of Sin Eater's Shikai is Cleansing. When utilizing this ability, Akemi has the power to cause subconscious conflict within a Hollow or Plus that would otherwise be bound to Hell when she strikes it with her Zanpakutō. This conflict does not affect their outward power or strength of will as it relates to combat, but it is the catalyst for them to begin questioning the crimes and sins they have committed (even though they may not realize it). This ability can awaken the conscience of even the most insane and evil beings, but it cannot create remorse and repentance from nothing: it only grants a fair chance for the target to understand and desire to atone for their crimes. The nature of this internal conflict differs from entity to entity.

    Once the conflict is resolved, Sin Eater can absorb their sins, allowing the target to go to Soul Society instead of Heaven. However, to absorb their sins, Sin Eater must contact the target with its edge, usually for an extended period. If a subject recognizes their sin, repents, and accepts the cleansing of Sin Eater, they may have their sins completely absorbed in a method that looks like (and probably hurts as much as) ritual execution.

    In many entities, particularly with Hollows, even the successful use of this ability does not instantly manifest itself in their behavior. Hollows and like entities, due to their nature, will likely not even recognize the repentance and nature within them, continuing to act on their maddened urges. When the internal conflict is resolved, Akemi senses it through either a resonance (if it was successful) or dissonance (if it was unsuccessful) in their Reiatsu with her Sin Eater. If the conflict was resolved successfully, she may absorb their sins by striking them with Sin Eater in combat. Once she has scored enough hits (the amount of which is dependent on the level of evil of the being), she may send them to Soul Society with her Zanpakutō (either Konso, if they stop fighting for some reason, or by executing them with her Zanpakutō, as is done with most Hollows).

    Absorbing the sin of other entities is an intense and draining experience, both mentally and physically. Not only will it likely prove necessary for Akemi to partially break her seal to accomplish Cleansing, but even if she were to restore her power, it would still prove tiring and traumatic to use.

    Bankai: Absolution
    With her power sealed, Akemi is incapable of using Bankai, even if she partially breaks the seal. If she fully breaks her seal (which will incur the consequences noted in the Sealed Spiritual Power section), she will be able to use Bankai again.

    When she uses her Bankai, the black taint along Sin Eater sloughs away, leaving behind a brilliant white blade.

    Special Ability: Storm of Sin
    The Reiatsu and aura of Weight of Sin are increased dramatically as the taint of her sword dissolves into them. Opponents near her will have to struggle against countless grasping hands and slashing claws or weapons from the phantoms.
    Each phantom also becomes much more distinct, showing the features of one of those successfully affected by either Cleanse or Mercy. They may even retain the smallest fragment of their power and personality, though the former is rare.

    Special Ability: Mercy
    Any struck by Akemi's sword while she is using Bankai instantly experiences an increased form of Cleanse, which absolves the sins of all but the most corrupted and unrepentant in a single blow.
    Further, each strike will cause the subject to recall one or more memories of significance related to any sins they may have committed (whether Mercy absolves them of sins or not). This may disorient the target for a very short duration (long enough for Akemi to set up, but not complete, a second attack), though after experiencing the sensation one or more times, they may derive a way to ignore or lessen the effect.

    On each strike that absolves sins, Akemi experiences the same disorientation as her enemy. However, once their sins have been absorbed, she no longer feels this disorientation. This replaces the negative effects of Cleansing.

    Akena, Arrancar
    Name: Akena
    Age: Old, very
    Gender: Female?
    Size: Big (26ft long, 8ft tall, 1.75 tons)
    Affiliation/Type: Tentatively Loyal Arrancar
    Aspect of Death: Savagery
    Speech Color: #445599

    While most arrancar take on human form, or at least have some vague semblance of humanity to them, Akena is persistently monstrous. If Akena even has a human form, none remember it, or have lived past seeing it.

    Describing Akena's form is difficult, however, as it is remarkably protean and bizarre, adding new limbs and subtracting old ones, shifting length and height and coloration. However, Akena generally has to keep the same size, and usually is quadrupedal (or more), and has a long and slender body rather like an over-sized salamander. Quite often, exposed bones weave in and out of Akena's skin and flesh at random places, sometimes in sharp barbs, or in curved, protective plates or rings.

    One constant, however, are Akena's eyes; She possesses eight, each one a rounded triangle. Each eye is a dull, steely blue, and tends to be placed with one other eye so they form a strange diamond shape.
    The other constant is Akena's breath, which bears the same coloration as her eyes. Involuntarily, Akena releases a strange smoke or fog from her mouth and other places across her body, which tends to clump and gather, or spread out subtly so that it is difficult to notice. Where it is dense, shapes can be seen in the fog- phantom limbs and faces that mimic the forms Akena has taken.

    Generally, also Akena has razor sharp teeth and claws of a dull gray material that acts like metal- however, she sometimes substitutes it with bone, and uses the "metal' more protectively in patches across her body.

    Monstrous is the best word to describe Akena. Following after that is bestial, savage, and inhuman. She does not care for society or social norms, but instead acts like the terrible creature she appears to be. As often as she would speak, she would eat or maul, or simply ignore. The idea of civilization is simply bizarre to her.

    This is not to say she lacks intelligence or the capability to speak or socialize, however. Akena is quite canny and cunning, and has been known to talk to people she isn't interested in devouring, and those that catch her attention. People who manage to do this will often note that Akena's personality seems... disjointed. She will say things that are contradictory one after another, or shift emotions and goals rapidly. Even if she isn't coherent or consistent, however, she remains purposeful, and rarely ever does something that isn't self-serving (whether for entertainment or out of greed or need).

    When she does speak for longer periods of time, it becomes apparent that she enjoys trying to rile people- to make them angry or hateful, and it doesn't matter what their anger is at (though most often it is directed at her). If she's pursuing a specific goal, she tends to try and get her way through intimidation, brutality and forcefulness, which serve her quite well.

    However, there are a few who manage to get the better of Akena, and around them, she manages a resentful servility. She often tests these people, either with direct confrontation or through contrived challenges, always watching and waiting for weakness, biding her time until she can strike them down. Until that time, however, she can be considered loyal... though not reliable. Currently, the Ghost King exerts this form of loyalty over her to ensure her obedience, and she may defer to Espada if pressed (though they will likely have to demonstrate their superiority).


    The history of Akena is incredibly long, extending back over two thousand years. It is difficult to piece together everything she has done, but the best way to track her activity is through plagues. The Antonine Plague, or the Plague of Galen, is one of the first known plagues attributed to her, and later the Black Death and Third Pandemic. While it's clear she could in no way cause all of the deaths in these plagues, it is known that she delighted in them, and quite possibly did engage in her own rampages as they took place. Whether she actually caused, started, or actually aided the progression of the actual disease is unknown.

    The Antonine Plague is of particular note, however, for it was in this time period that Elder and Akena encountered one another. Having moved west from her usual locations, Akena drove into the Roman Empire, laying havoc on the people within as the plague spread... and inadvertently interfering with Elder's current territory. Since then, the two have remained fierce enemies and rivals, clashing violently.

    Though she is considered a useful weapon against Elder, Von Geister has taken steps to curb and remove some of Akena's tendencies and abilities, to ensure that she is not overly detrimental to his cause. As such, Akena is somewhat weaker currently than she was in the past, a fact which she deeply resents... not that it changes her situation.


    General Capabilities:
    -Physical Strength: Akena is immensely strong, as is befitting a creature as large as she is.

    -Offense: Akena is only of average combat skill, as she relies more on her strength.

    -Defense: Her skin is quite tough, and especially due to the bone and metal that shifts across her body.

    -Mobility: Akena is not especially mobile due to her size, though attempting to flank her is much more difficult than it seems. She is quick at running, though her attacks don't benefit the same way.

    Standard Arrancar Powers:
    -Bala and Cero: Akena is not capable of using Bala or Cero.

    -Hierro: Incredibly potent. Attacking her may result in damage to the offending object.

    -Sonido: While she can use Sonido with slight below average ability, generally she has to use it in short dashes as she has difficulty turning while using it.

    -Garganta: Akena can use Garganta, but it is limited to herself, and it can only take her to one place (her lair) in Hueco Mundo (though she is not limited to where she can arrive in the mortal world)

    -Pesquisa: Akena's Pesquisa has a good range, but is incredibly dull- she cannot distinguish between auras in any manner other than very general size, and particularly weak auras may escape her entirely.

    Unique Abilities:
    -Breath of Decay: Akena constantly releases a steely blue breath that spreads out around her like rolling fog. When angered or riled, this smoke becomes more dense around her, forming shapes that mimic her or her limbs (or sometimes just eyes). Any caught within this aura will subtly began to decay or dissolve, skin and fingernails peeling away the first sign of its effects, with flesh being next. It takes time to work, but it tends to cling even after moving away from Akena, though it fades fairly quickly when removed from the source. Protective abilities (such as hierro) and strong auras can diminish her breath's effects.
    If she wills it, Akena can release as little of her breath as possible, but she cannot do so over extended periods of time, and cannot fully negate it.

    -Chimeric Body: Akena's body is highly mutable, and can be reshaped in a variety of ways. However, she cannot add or subtract anything from her body- thus, she always has the same mass, and same materials with which to construct it. Some things seem to be a necessity to her body (such as the form of her eyes, openings from which to release her breath, and outer patches of bone and metal), so Akena is hard pressed to use this as a disguise or drastically reform herself- however, she can use it to protect certain parts of her body over others, move wounds, grow and retract limbs, and more.

    -Plague Bearer: Unusually, Akena is capable of catching and purposefully retaining diseases, though she does not suffer from their effects. It is tiring for her to sustain them for too long, however, so generally she does not carry diseases for long periods of time. She can purposefully release these diseases in manners that allow others to catch them (though this doesn't allow her to infect those who would normally be immune to it, such as other spiritual creatures).

    Akita Akiko, Living Arrancar
    Name: Akita Akiko
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Affiliation/Type: None
    Speech Color: Olive

    Though in some ways Akiko's appearance is typical, it proves that one does not need to be exotic to look good. Her features streamline the average into an simple set of features that need no augmentation. She is not unusually slender or long limbed, but has a natural curve and and sleekness to her that makes anything more or less look like it is trying too hard. Neither tall or especially short, she is defined instead by a relaxed but vivacious poise and posture.

    Her hair is black, straight, and of moderate length, but neatly kept and brushed, and her eyes a simple dark brown that go well with it. She tends to wear casual clothing of a lighter coloration, and avoids more formal attire unless it is unavoidably the most appropriate for the situation.

    Akiko is somewhat of an idealist and dreamer, always thinking and reaching towards the best and the fantastic, even if she can't reach them. She tends to be kind, almost to a fault, and rather impatient, always ready for what is next rather than what is now.
    As well, Akiko is a fairly serious person. While she can enjoy humor, she tends to be quite particular about the when and where of it, and can sometimes discard fun as frivolous (though it isn't too hard to bring her back down to earth). Occasionally this will manifest as bouts of solemn and subdued nature on her part, but those moments are rather rare.

    Currently unknown (to be revealed in gameplay)


    General Capabilities:
    Physical Strength: Above human capabilities while in her release, but not particularly high by the spirit world average.

    Offense: Akiko is unskilled in combat, and only has few methods of attack anyway.

    Defense: While in release, her armor is fairly hefty, and the abilities it grants give her some versatility and bonuses that would go unexpected by attackers. Akiko is capable of putting up good resistance against even strong enemies.

    Mobility: Eventually, Akiko may be capable of Sonido, but currently is fairly slow in her movements, only managing to move as quickly as an athletic human (since that's all she really is).

    Reiatsu: For someone who demonstrates few spiritual powers, Akiko has a surprisingly coherent and dense Reiatsu. Offensively, it seems to be released only in her Eyes of Menace ability, as it does not really extend far from herself under normal conditions- but defensively, it manages to protect her from most ill effects of the Reiatsu of others.

    Zanpakutō: White Hound
    Akiko's sealed power takes the form of a single white gauntlet meant to be worn on left hand, formed of numerous overlocking plates. Small protrusions dot its surface, designed to catch blades and push them aside.

    When released, Akiko is covered in white armor of the same style as her gauntlet, which takes the form of a bipedal, anthropomorphic hound. Just after releasing it, one might easily draw similarities between this form and Akiko- its posture and body shape are the same. However, with a few more seconds, one might also notice some strange disparities. Her eye color has shifted to a much lighter blue shade, her height has increased by a number of inches, her shoulders are somewhat broader and overall she seems a little more muscular. None of these actually seem to relate to the powers of her release, which make the changes rather inexplicable.

    The armor, at first, seems like a tool rather than a form she has taken on, but it is impossible to remove this armor from her, as it has integrated with her very body. Closer examination will reveal that it is made not of metal, but a material closer to composition of nail or bone. Her hands and the gauntlets of the armor now possess hard, cruel claws, and the helm- or head- has strong, moving jaws and teeth which can easily pierce flesh and armor.

    In this form, she gains the following abilities:

    -Loyal Shield
    More than just mundane protection, Akiko's armor enhances her defenses supernaturally. Her reflexes improve in an uncanny manner, causing her to block or avoid even attacks that she is unaware of. Further, the armor generates a small field around itself that extends the range of its protection, preventing attacks from targeting joints as easily, and allowing her to use limbs to guard larger areas than they would cover, as if they were covered by invisible shields.
    Very strong, quick, or precise attacks can still pierce this protection, but it ensures that an enemy has to put much more effort into harming her than they otherwise would.

    -Eyes of Menace
    Akiko's blue eyes in this form are particularly unnerving, though why is hard to explain. Something about them is focused, intense, and distinctly more inhuman than she ever seems to be.
    Those familiar with Hollows may identify this feeling as a sort of terror and monstrous influence that flows from that nature. However, Hollows and Arrancar themselves will see a certain level of humanity in those eyes, unmasked and piercing.
    Either way, if she stares at an enemy, their power will be diminished. It is as if something binds them from reaching their full potential- they are not incapable, but simply faltering. However, this generally will not deny them any of their normal capabilities, unless they could just barely perform it before.
    This effect fades as one avoids Akiko's focused stare, which can be done by remaining hidden, or moving swiftly enough to where it is difficult enough to follow. Those with Reiatsu stronger than Akiko's (or who are capable of adjusting in some way) may also diminish or even completely ignore its effects.

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