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Thread: The Crystallion(3.5 Race, PEACH)

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    Default The Crystallion(3.5 Race, PEACH)

    Alright, after a bit of thinking and revising, the race from which the Crystal Caster and Crystal Hunter were created/based has been changed enough that I think I'll post it.

    +2 Dex, +4 Int, +2 Wis,
    +2 Natural Armor
    Natural Spellcasting: A Crystallion casts as a level 1 Cleric or Crystal Caster, chosen at character creation. If the Crystallion takes levels in one of these classes, the spellcasting stacks. So if a Crystallion took 4 levels of Cleric, it would cast as a Cleric 5, but have the hit dice, turning bonuses and the like of a 4th level Cleric.
    Racial Hit Dice: A Crystallion starts with 3 levels of Monstrous Humanoid, giving it a BAB of +3, Fortitude and Reflex save bonuses of +3 and (2+Int mod)x6 skill points. The Crystallion's class skills are as follows: Knowledge(religion, arcana)(Int), Spot(Wis), Listen(Wis), Survival(Wis)
    Favored Class: Crystal Caster, Cleric or Crystal Hunter(chosen at character creation)

    The Crystallions are a race of extreme fanatics. Created by a little-down deity known as the Most Crystalline, or the Crystalline One, they live in small, isolated pockets and wield incredible spellcasting ability. To keep from being sucked dry from the incredible amount of divine energy flowing into its followers, the Crystalline One requires the Crystallions to worship multiple times a day-usually around five-and go on monthly raids in which they bring back powerful creatures to sacrifice to their deity.

    The Crystallions have light gray skin and small crystals embedded in their foreheads and the backs of their hands. Removing these kills the Crystallion, and is quite difficult, as the crystals grow into their bones. Also, if a Crystallion worships the Crystalline One, these crystals act as their holy symbol.

    They're basically meant to be the antitheses of the Ethergaunt with lots of crystal flavoring.
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