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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Full Name: Alpha Overseeing Intelligence of Sprite Class Light Freight Craft KAR13C-16503: The Over-Radiant Shine of the Feathers Of the Last Kestrel Bearing the Banner of the Infinite Silence of The Void, 3rd Generation.
    Age: 6 Years
    Alignment: Black and White/Lawful Evil
    Class: Surgeon
    Power Rating: B
    A metal sphere, perhaps 9 inches in diameter, with its name printed neatly on the side. It often occupies or controls another body.
    Its mobile self is a child's driveable car with a random assortment of hardware bolted on and wired together. Sensors, links, a heat ray, a tiny garden, mechanical arms. Its wheels are a bright blue.
    Abilities: Nothing special yet.
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