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    Default Re: (3.X) (Spell) Making Assasination at higher levels more possible. (P.E.A.C.H.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    What? Does this mean if a CL 9 wizard casts this on Black Lotus Extract and kills our rogue with it, our CL 11 cleric cannot raise him from the dead but a CL 9 cleric could? This seems contrary to how increases in power are supposed to work.
    No, it just means I got confused about my own phrasing and typoed "greater" when I should have put "less than or equal to".

    *Goes to fix.* Edit: Should be fixed now, while I was at it I added it to the druid spell-list, and tried to edit to allow it to be used for Ravages... probably have a typo or two hiding from me regarding the ravages...

    ARE there any creatures that produce ravages?
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