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    Default Re: (3.X) (Spell) Making Assasination at higher levels more possible. (P.E.A.C.H.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lateral Master View Post

    Yeah, but assassins are the guys who really use poisons. It doesn't seem fair to make a poison spell that to use, they now have to get a high-level evil sorcerer/wizard/CoD to empower their poison.
    Basically, either when I cast neutralize, it fails, and I know exactly what's up, I'm going to drop a stat-buff then simply wait for the ability damage to wear off, or neutralize fails silently, and I am very confused and angry when Jen The Rogue dies. Or it's just functionally impossible to cure the poison, because I'm up against SR 40+.

    Never mind that the rules for detecting poison are terrible, that administering it is trivially easy, and that most of it is useless except the stuff that's basically for killing certain kinds of PCs, and even then a +3 on the DC is meaningless. Worse, black lotus can do anywhere from 6 to 36 con damage, so it might do anything from nothing to brutally annihilate almost anyone on the receiving end. Except the part where it'll top out at DC 23, which is pretty trivial.

    Finally, how does this interact with healing the ability damage caused by the poison? Does it make that permanent too? It is unclear.
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