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    Faction profile:

    Hello! and Welcome to EDEN corp. We at EDEN corp believe in enhancing your life style is the most important thing for us as a company.Our several product lines are guaranteed to make your life easier.

    EDEN product lines:

    EDEN offers several product lines, all with the aim of making your life easier

    EDENware:EDEN's computing branch offers you a large variety of useful products to choose from:

    -EDENdesk: the standard EDEN computer. comes with a screen and printer
    -EDENdesk PRO: a more powerful version of the EDENdesk, the EDENpro is a powerhouse for all your graphic render, and gaming needs
    -EDENbook:the EDEN laptop. long battery life and free wifi access all over inside!
    -EDENbook light:a quater of an inch thin, the EDENbook light can be used effectivly anywhere!
    -EDENpalm: the EDEN organiser series. complete with a cellphone, and music player
    -EDENthink:A revolution in Neural science, EDEN think is the first publicly available neural interface!

    for years EDEN arcane has been working on developing Revolutionary new spells, and mass produces wands,potions and scrolls at an affordable price.
    the EDENarcane series includes:

    -EDENread: not a mage, but need a spell fast? an sofstware for all EDENware products, EDENread allows joe average to read and use scrolls!

    EDENgenesis:our core product line, EDENgenesis shows why EDEN corp is still the number one genetics company in the nexus.
    the EDENgenesis series incudes:

    -EDENtrans:Cloning technology at it's simplest! EDENtrans is the main supplier for transplant organs in the nexus , due to our new incubator technology!
    -EDENdrone:need a cheap workforce? a small army? all in a hurry? With EDENdrones, you can grow one in days!all drones are supplied with simple training in their intended position
    -EDENeternia:the next level of anti ageing, EDENeternia will basically make you live longer, while still looking young!

    EDENmilitia:our militery techonlogy department, under lock and key for the general public is of course open to any government.

    Our facility:

    the EDEN corp headquarters are located in Inside, under the EDEN park and estates. access is easy, as all apartments of the estates have an elevator leading right to the main lobby! we look forward to your investment ! of course we have several outlets all over inside!

    but this is the official version.....
    reports form several undercover agents in the company are being reviewed at this very moment. none of them returned alive...
    to follow soon: footage and a report from the EDEN RandD
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