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    The Man with the Burlap Sack

    (He goes by Heis Tracks when a name is asked for)

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (appearance)
    Age: 42 (appearance)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class: Merger (A sort of Summoner that temporarily merges with the thing he summons)
    Power Rating: B

    Appearance: His appearance seems to perpetually remain the same. Heis looks to be a man in his late thirties or early forties, a pale creature with several distinguishing features. His hair is a short, greasy, stringy mop of crow-black. His clothes consist of a short, dark duster, a grey long-sleeve shirt, and a pair of torn grey sweat pants. His clothes are no cleaner than his face, seemingly encrusted with some indescribable goo and torn in several places. Heis's clothing and hair is eternally disheveled, crooked and wrinkled. His face and features are sharp and pointed in several places, his nose and chin in particular.

    There is a constant shake to Heis's movements, a violent trembling that he can't seem to control on his own. His eyes are bloodshot, slimy things of a sickening green. These eyes are at a constant shift, scanning his surroundings in a paranoid manner. From time to time, the greasy man may appear to whisper to himself in a fast, twitchy manner.

    Equipment and Abilities: Heis carries little more than the clothes described above. No provisions, no weapons. A few personal affects, for the most part.

    And then there's the sack. The large, black, burlap sack that Heis carries protectively over his shoulder. There appears to be something... alive inside it. A large, writhing mass that pokes out into the fabric from time to time.

    Those few who have seen the thing in the bag and remained sane have called it 'horrifying' at best. Simply looking upon it for extended periods of time has been rumoured to drive a person mad. The shape of the thing, and the way it moves, are said to sicken and disturb. For those unlucky folk who have fought it, few have called it anything more than 'very strong and very fast'. It's other abilities, if any, are unrecorded. Why Heis hangs around with it is anyone's guess.

    Backstory: Heis's origins are known to but a rare few.

    Personality: Heis is best described as a chronically paranoid individual. He is abhorrent to reveal anything about himself or his origins, and will even get violently defensive if pestered about his burlap sack. He is very protective of this object, so much so that he would give his life to protect it. If you were really try and understand him (no small feat) you would find little more than a scared, lost child who both loves and hates that which has always been with him: the burlap sack. Of course, this frightened extraneous personality may be nothing more than a ruse to hide the terrifying, irrational madness beneath the surface. But do not judge his intelligence by his apparent insanity: he is no fool.
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