Dr. Tzymine Xanthin
Gender: Female
Race: Arisnic
Age: Late 20s.
Alignment: LN
Class (or approximation): Scientist
Work outfit: Not Work outfit:
Tzymine is about 6'1" tall. She has smooth, grey skin; dull-silver-white hair; small ears and two nasal slits rather than a nose; six-fingered, dexterous hands; and eyes that change colors to display emotions. She is attractive, but in no way is she a bombshell.
Her work outfit is a protective labcoat, gloves, boots, and goggles.
Her nonwork outfit is a tank-top and black pants.

Equipment and Abilities: Tzymine is very intelligent. Her hexadactylic (six-fingered) hands are very dexterous. In terms of physical strength, she is at a reasonable level; she exercises fairly regularly and is of good endurance.
She has many tools and such sciency things with which to do her sciency work.

Personality: Tzymine is not an incredibly friendly or outgoing person. She's not a total recluse... she just prefers her work over people. People can get so absurd over trivial matters.
She works diligently.