Ledaal Idari, the Promise of Endless Days

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 40
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class (or approximation): Eclipse Caste Solar Exalted
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Idari has brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin, and generally wears a light blue dress that's designed so that she has the maximum agility possible, while still being acceptable for negotiations- a blend between form and function. Indeed, all her clothing fits this. She generally wears an ornate brooch made out of some golden metal, with a large, black gemstone set in the center.
Equipment and Abilities: As a Solar Exalted, Idari has a number of abilities that could be considered... superhuman. In her case, these mostly focus around social abilities, with her being a very charismatic and persuasive speaker even without her Exaltation. She is also experienced in the Mantis Style of supernatural martial arts. As an Eclipse Caste, she is also able to 'bind' promises, invoking Heaven itself as a witness to the deal, in which case anyone who breaks the terms of the agreement is under Heaven's curse. There are very few ways around this- even a god would suffer from breaking a Witnessed oath.
Backstory: To come.