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    Ok so here is all my stuff put together into one.

    Faction Profile:
    Operation: Winged Rebirth

    Faction Name: Operation: Winged Rebirth
    Faction Leader: Alisaire Reprase
    Faction Talents: Operation: Winged Rebirth is all about the breeding of the lost race of pegasi, the flying horses. The pegasi are also part of a large operation to bring down technology and bring magic and the like back into the world. The regular agents of the operation use modern weapons. But there is a special ops force that can use magic. Also, the leader Alisaire Reprase, can use magic and rides a specially breeded unicorn/Pegasus hybrid. The operations numbers reach 100 fully trained pegasi and their riders, 20 pegasi in training, 25 pegasus riders in training, and 125 foot soldiers.

    Operation: Winged Rebirth Beliefs and Creed:

    Technology and Magic: The technology of Winged Rebirth isn't based through technology. The footsoldiers carry common laser hand guns. Whereas all Pegasus riders possess a multitude of different magics. The breakdown of pegasus riders by type of magic is as follows:
    10 Illusionists
    5 Transporters
    10 Defenders
    25 Element Wielders (Fire, water, ice, lightning)
    5 Healers
    20 Light Wielders
    10 Time Controllers
    5 Telepaths
    10 Telekenetics

    Their leader Alisaire is skilled in all of these.

    Race and gender:
    All pegasus riders except for their leader are female.
    All foot soldiers are male.

    Religion: Open acceptance into the operation, all members are converted to worshipping Letana, Goddess of Magic creatures.

    Movement: So far, the Operation has only been doing small secretive missions. Due to the large military forces around Acro, no full out fights are planned any time soon.

    Location: A secret base hidden in a mountain range in Outside. A age distance away from any other organizations.

    Security: Only their troops. No high tech lasers or turrets or stuff.

    Due to the technological advancements of Acro, the Operation is hesitant and cautious of everyone, and avoids most other organizations.
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