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Thread: Epic Corpsecrafter Feats [3.5]

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    Default Epic Corpsecrafter Feats [3.5]

    Blackened Rage [Epic]
    The necromancy you have mastered is a balanced, cold nothingness now balanced with white hot fury.
    Prerequisites: Corpsecrafter, Knowledge (relgion) 24 ranks, Spellcraft 24 ranks
    Benefits: Any mindless undead you control have certain limitations removed from them, as well as a furious deathly anger. Those limited to single actions may now make as many actions in a round as a normal creature, and they are capable of taking actions to run.
    They are also in a constant state of unnatural rage, just as the barbarian class feature with an effective barbarian level equal to their own HD(max 20th). They also gain an additional number of max hp equal to your Cha score.

    Death's Eternal Embrace
    Killing death is not possible, it is like trying to destroy space. Death is eternal, and you are more than simply reanimation of flesh... you are death's new eternal form.
    Prerequisites: Cha 25, Corpsecrafter, Necromantic Presence, Knowledge (religion) 27 ranks, undead type
    Benefits: Whenever you die, you are capable of retaking your form through one of your undead minions. The closest mindless undead under your control at the moment of your death to you with the most HD is considered to be destroyed, but you instead take it's place. It takes one full round to regenerate in this manner, as the undead host takes on your own undead form. You are wearing what the host was wearing, as your former body still holds all of your equipment, and you have as many hp as the undead host had before you usurped it's flesh. If you have a max total less than the hp of the host, you gain the remainder as temporary hp that degerates at a rate of 1hp per round.
    If you have no mindless undead under your control and you are killed, you remain dead.
    Special: Liches and vampires may regain their forms in a way that is potentially much safer. Any undead creature that might happen to touch a lich's phylactery during it's death regenerates into the form of the lich immediately. If a mindless undead creature under a vampire's control is within it's coffin upon the moment of it's death, the vampire regenerates it's form immediately within the coffin. Both cases occur regardless of distance in comparison to other mindless undead under the necromancer's control.

    Death's Immortal Army [Epic]
    Your unholy armies are an immortal force of death, limbs and tissues reinforced with black essence to deny destruction for as long as possible.
    Prerequisites: Bolster Resistance, Corpsecrafter, Hardened Flesh, Knowledge (religion) 24 ranks, Spellcraft 24 ranks
    Benefits: Any mindless undead you control with as many HD as your level or lower takes only half damage from any source. This damage is reduced before damage reduction, so any damage reduction the undead has is not also doubled. Damage from good-aligned weapons and spells, epic weapons and epic spells is not reduced.
    The natural armor bonus and the turn resistance granted to undead you create with the aid of the Hardened Flesh and Bolster Resistance feats respectively both increase to +8.
    Special: A character who takes this feat may also gain the benefits of this feat for the Undead Leadership feat. If so, the benefits of the feat do not apply to the necromancer's cohort, only the mindless troops that come with it.
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