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    Sereg Arturo, Espada Septima

    Tears in the Rain <- theme song?


    Gender: Male
    Age: 297 (looks 19)
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 117 lbs
    Reiatsu: Black, looks permeable but makes him harder to see clearly. Feels like droplets of water
    Speech: Black Bold
    Aspect of Death: The Unknown
    Appearance: Sereg is a short and thin arrancar draped in a white hooded jacket that goes down to his knees. In an outside pocket at his waist dangles the bright silver chain of a pocket watch stolen from the mortal world. Under the open jacket is a form fitting white tunic with black trim. On his legs are baggy pants that are tightly held to his waist by a small black belt, which also has his zanpakuto run through, though not attached. Around his face he wears a black scarf, covering his mouth and nose with the ends hanging down his back under the jacket. Under the scarf is his hollow mask fragment, covering much the same area with a fanged mouth that is always closed, even when talking. His short black hair is messy and sticks up all over, and under are cold grey eyes with smaller than normal pupils. His hollow hole is located on his left palm, and is slightly larger than a quarter.

    Personality: Sereg is an enigma, on one hand he seems to be cold and undesiring of company, but on the other he would give his life for a select few, mostly he avoids that side of himself. He enjoys showing his superiority over those weaker than himself, and will rarely ever give up an opportunity to oppress them if he can get away with it. Towards his "superiors" he is rebellious at best and down right heretic at worst. His views on the society of Las Noches are that the city is slowly falling to its' own rulers. He dislikes many of the lower numbered Espada, and enjoys the company of the higher numbers, at times. He In battle he focuses on close range high speed attacks and confusing his enemy. His hierro is also lacking, making him focus on his own defense rather than relying on that. He made the choice to keep his rejuvenation, despite many others deciding to be rid of it. He has the odd habit of staring at his pocket watch for hours on end, when not otherwise occupied.

    Zanpakuto: Niebla de la Oscuridad <Mist of Despair>
    Sereg's weapon is a longer than average katana with a unique style, as in it has no curve. It looks much like a rapier though with japanese influence. The guard is a rectangle with the symbol for light on the top and the symbol for darkness on the bottom side, towards the hilt. The hilt itself is straight as well, and just large enough to be held with both hands. The tip curves in an abnormal way, curving inward from the blade to make a very sharp tip, instead of outward from the blade like a normal katana.

    Resurrecion: Drown them, Niebla de la Oscuridad <Mist of Darkness>

    Sereg's hollow mouth opens, emitting a black mist much like his reiatsu though this is an actual effect. This mist is hard to see through, allowing those inside to see only a few feet in any direction. The mist covers an area with a 30' radius from Sereg and stays in the area until he seals his state. Sereg also changes form, the mouth staying open and a pair of yellow eyes looking out, while his normal eyes are closed. The eyes in his mouth have the ability to see through the mist and darkness. Sereg also gains four limbs coming from his back, much like spider legs. These limbs allow him extra movement and are sharp on the tips, allowing him to attack with all four. Sereg has the ability to 'form' into this mist, which hides his reiatsu slightly, making him harder to detect. It takes him barely two seconds to change forms, and as the mist he can appear anywhere within the area at will, though this also takes two seconds to complete. While he is changing forms he becomes incorpreal, unable to be hurt by any physical means, though abilities such as kido may still effect him. The mist is spread enough that ice attacks will not create a solid block of ice, instead turning the large droplets into hail. The mist is also only semi-conductive. Sereg has the ability to leave this mist even while he is in that form, allowing him to escape attacks relatively easily.

    Sonido:Sereg's use of sonido varies. Most often it is used to disorient or gain an edge over an opponent, though he will sometimes use it for general movement throughout Las Noches. His sonido is a fair bit louder than others, and takes slightly less energy to use.

    Hierro: Slightly above average While concentrated, but weak when not concentrated. Sereg has the unique passive ability that his hierro concentrates itself, blocking incoming attacks that he is aware of and are not too fast or powerful.

    Cero/Bala: Sereg often uses cero, though rarely uses bala unless there is an opening. Sereg's cero is a deep red color, akin to coagulating blood. His cero is most often fired from two fingertips in the shape of a fake gun, though he can fire it from anywhere on his body.

    Cero Latigo: Sereg has the unique ability to form his cero into a whip of raw power. This technique is completely solid, and acts much like a zanpakuto. The whip can be formed to many different lengths on the fly, but is most often around 15 feet long.

    Regeneration: Sereg ultimately chose to keep his regeneration for his own defense. It is slightly below average, though nothing special.

    Garganta: Sereg cannot use garganta more than once a day, and then only for himself. He usually makes his fraccion take him.

    Swordsmanship: Sereg is only slightly above average with sword fighting, isntead opting to use his hands or cero whip most of the time. He uses tactics to keep his opponent close at all times

    Unarmed Fighting: Sereg is quite proficient at unarmed fighting, choosing to use it more than his sword. He uses a mix of fast kicks and punches along with powerful two handed strikes when an opponent is open.

    Physical Strength: Sereg is stronger than average, though his fighting style usually relies of fast and brutal techniques, never letting the enemy react.

    SÚptimo de dominio


    Sereg's domain is one of the least populated, though is a widely popular 'hang-out' spot due to the prime entertainment available. This entertainment is rivaled by none, as it is brutal and bloody. Within the domain of the septima few reside, as the only building other than the palacio inside the area is a massive gothic style cathedral. What housing there is is either within the palacio itself, or under the 'chapel' area.

    Inside the massive chapel is an arena, hundreds of seats line the walls above a pit area, where hollows who cant sit in the stands are allowed to stand. Below the pits is where the show is held, hollows that meet with Sereg's personal displeasure are forced into a deathmatch, sometimes with multiple fighters. A rare occurence is a Shinigami deathmatch, with either two shinigami fighting eachother or one fighting multiple hollows. These fights are held only once a decade, generating more revenue than the other nine years worth of fights in a single match. The shinigami are personally collected by Sereg, allowing him to pick the strongest that are in the mortal world at any time.

    The laws of this area are nearly nonexistant, with only one exception. Sereg demands that no one ever draw their blades or use any special abilities. Fighting is allowed however, with unarmed slaughters a regular occurance. Anyone caught using a hollow ability to attack another will be personally dealt with by the Septima.

    Sereg's palacio is widely regarded as a very odd design. Instead of the usual spire held by the others, Sereg has a sixty foot square tower with ten floors, ten feet high each. Inside the outer square the middle is cut out, revealing a lush garden that is meticulously cared for by hollow slaves. In abundance are creeping vines, reachin the top of the tower in places.

    Aell Rennoc, Samsara


    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 289
    Hair: Shockingly white with small streaks of gray
    Eyes: Deep brown with an inner circle of dark green
    Age: 93
    Reiatsu/speech:Dim Gray


    Aell sports an ankle length gray cloak that he usually wears tightly around his body, with the hood up. Without the cloak, he is clad in shining silver lorica segmenta, with the leather ties dyed a deep black. A long scar, barely visible, runs across his forehead, with more prominent scars along his forearms. On his back he has a massive two handed sword, the hilt standing well above his shoulder. He wears a kilt of leather with silver plates riveted in, and black Roman sandals that lace partway up his calf. He wears stylized black bracers on his arms, they seem to absorb light around them.


    Aell is an extremely serious individual, "His" memories start when he was born in the times of ancient rome he died in battle, Seeming to be reincarnated multiple times until the modern age, though these were just his string of chopped together memories, where he was a young historian specializing in ancient rome. No one knows why all of his memories tie together, not even The Boss. Now he commands Blanks in battle, no more are the days of his past where he fought valiantly alongside his brethren. He dresses as he does to relive his "glory days" and awaits a chance to fight a skilled swordsman. Aell is absolutely loyal to his leader, and will do anything to appease him, even take his own life. This stems from his perceived time in the Roman military. He is not one to judge the machinations of his superiors, though he has untold doubts of the plan to destroy the valley.


    Aell is primarily a swordsman, though he often uses blanks to create other Roman era weapons, fond of gladius and a large shield. He also can use blanks to create siege weapons of the roman empire, though rarely does so. He also uses the power of the blanks in order to move rapidly across the field of battle, and even fly above his unsuspecting enemies. His physical strength is well above what it would be for a mortal, almost nearing that of a shinigami. He also has the ability to create faceless soldiers from the blanks, and has full control of up to eleven of them. He often uses these to hassle an enemy before attacking. Aell's sword of choice has three distinct abilities as well, first it is able to fire black energy much like a cero. Second and least used, he is able to let go of the sword, which then fights of it's own volition. Third and most used, the sword has the ability to change its' weight during a swing, allowing very powerful attacks to be used.

    Yoko Rose, Bount

    Age: 79 (Looks 16)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 107
    Hair: Black pigtails, with the tips dyed orange
    Eyes: Electric blue with an inner ring of dull yellow
    Speech Color: Sandy Brown

    Yoko Wears a short orange dress, barely covering half of her thigh. Her eyes dart constantly, seemingly watching everything and nothing at the same time. During school hours she wears the average uniform. On her wrists are silver vine-like bracelets, with a matching pair on her ankles. She wears short socks under a pair of white tennis shoes during school, but outside of school she is nearly always barefoot. She often carries a violin with her, even in school.

    Yoko is energetic and yet introverted. Everywhere she goes she seems extremely happy, though rarely speaks to anyone who is not in touch with the spiritual world. She is fond of playing her violin at any point in time she deems needing music, and will often play "theme songs" when spiritually aware beings pass. She is fond of feeding on the living as well, but rarely does so because of the danger.

    Yoko's sealed doll takes the form of her violin case, which is why she often carries it.

    Release Command: Destroy, gro▀e Eidechse

    Released, it looks as a massive wyvern of red and black, the tail ending in a scorpion stinger. From snout to tail it is fifteen feet in length, half of it being tail. The wingspan is twenty four feet from wingtip to wingtip. Her doll does absolutely all of the fighting while released, as Yoko is extremely incapable of fighting compared to other spiritually inclined beings. She often uses her wyvern to transport her, and appears alone when fighting and has it dramatically enter through a building or other object. The dragon has the ability to breathe a line of heated ash from its mouth, burning anything it touches. This line reaches everything within 30'.

    Suzume "Ama" Kimi, Follower of Kujo

    Suzume Kimi, Follower of Kujo
    Rank: Former 4th seat of 2nd division.
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 102 lbs
    Reitsu: Sickeningly moist and blood red, leaves a copper tinge in your mouth
    Speech color: Purple
    Age: 309(looks 17)
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Ama is a short girl with a very sculpted body. Her form is feminine and yet not as curvaceous as some. Her left arm is missing at the shoulder and she has a large red scar spanning her outer right thigh. Suzume's hair is short and a solid blonde. She usually wears a short top that bares her midriff and has a slight v-neck.(Pics to follow) The top is sleeveless and she wraps her right arm in blood red cloth strips. She wears the traditional shinigami pants in the same red as her other pieces. Over this all she wears a sleeveless Haori pierced through the chest over her heart by her own sword, the Haori of the former captain of second.

    Personality: Ama is absolutely devoted to "her" Kujo, doing anything he says without hesitation or doubt. After she murdered the former 2nd division captain shortly after his retirement she took his haori as a symbol of her conquer. The only reason she was able to kill him was because she snuck up on him, a skill she perfected in the Omnitsukido. She brags of this to whomever will listen, and awaits her chance at the new captain.

    Zanpakuto: <Immortal Ribbon> 不滅のリボン (Need help with this)
    Her unsealed zanpakuto is one of the few that truly look unique. Her blade is actually two edges set parallel to each other on the same hilt. This adds no power to her strikes and may very well make it harder to fight with, but she has learned to cope. The pommel has a long red ribbon attached to it. (Kadaj's sword from FF7: AV)

    Release command: Slide through the sky, surround thy enemy, Immortal Ribbon!

    Shikai: The ribbon attached to the sword elongates, hiding the entire blade from view momentarily before Ama pulls the end sharply, revealing a much smaller blade attached to the other end of the ribbon. The end she holds wraps around her arm and part of her new weapon. Ama has the ability to control the movement of her blade after throwing it, and the ribbon stays in space until it is pulled back. If the ribbon surrounds something or someone the blade can fuse with the ribbon, allowing Ama to pull the cord, ripping anything caught inside into pieces.

    Bankai: Not yet Achieved. Ama is however very close to learning her bankai.

    Inner world: Ama's inner world is a vast plane atop of solidified clouds. She does not know if there is an end to the "ground" and she is wary of finding it, for she believes falling from her mind's realm will push her into pure insanity.

    Zanpakuto spirit: Ama's spirit is a massive flock of sparrows that fly together, forming into a single massive bird. It speaks in multitudes, seeming to echo slightly at all times.

    Hakuda master: As a member of the Omnitsukido, Ama often had to resort to unarmed tactics, thus leading her to learn them quickly. She is still quite capable with only one arm.

    Zanjutsu adept: Ama is skilled with zanjutsu, though fights in a rather sporadic and untrained way, striking quickly and powerfully. She has never formally learned zanjutsu.

    Kido adept: Ama is capable of using up to 50th level kido spells with the chants, but rarely chooses to. She can only use hado 4 without incantation, as she uses this extensively. She uses it at full power without incantation and at double power with.

    Shunpo expert: Ama focused more on the stamina side of shunpo than speed. While she is not as fast as many, she can use her shunpo many times rapidly. She has been known to use it for menial distances of only a few dozen yards, even shen she is in no rush.

    Suzume started her shinigami training when she was only 10 years of age, quickly finishing her time at the academy she started as an unseated in second division, joining the fourth unit of the omnitsukido. She rose through the ranks of the omnitsukido and second division within the next eighty four years to the fourth seat of the second division, and the commander of unit four. The next twelve years were largely uneventful, though when Hannibal fell prey to hollowfication, Suzume was one of the many who fought him. During the fray she overextended herself, allowing Hannibal to cleave through her left arm. She later left the Seretei, hoping to find the power that Captain Hannibal had attained, unknowing that it would be impossible. She found Kujo one day and deciding he could bring her to more power, she became one of his followers.

    Nao, Unit four commander of the Omnitsukido.


    Rank: Unit four commander of the Omnitsukido, 2nd division fourth seat.
    Age: Unknown to all but the commander general himself (406)
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 175
    Reiatsu: Slightly dark green, smells of moss
    Speech: Green
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Nao wears the standard uniform with one difference, a hood is constantly kept covering his face and his sleeves come below his hands.

    Personality: Nao very seldom talks about himself, instead diverting the conversation to things he may have noticed. he is extremely formal in his speech, calling every superior by their rank and family name. Nao has no family name, as he wishes to stay nearly anonymous, and Nao is not even truly his name. He himself has forgotten his former name.

    Zanpakuto: Silent Forest "Seishuku Shinrin" (Thank you Hadrian!)
    Nao's unreleased Zanpakuto looks much like a standard weapon, though with a straight edge. In truth he wields a ninjato, having a standard sized sheathe in order to have a location to hide various objects. The weapon is very ordinary.

    Shikai Release: Surround and destroy, Seishuku Shinrin.

    When his Zanpakuto is released, Nao throws his sword in the air, which then transforms into a dozen of leaf shaped blades. Nao can control these blades with his hands or eyes, though he must have his face unhidden to do so with his vision. These blades are quite sturdy, able to block as a normal sword would, though they must all be used to do so.

    Bankai: Not yet achieved.

    Inner world: Nao's inner world is a lush rain forest, a gray fog covering all but within a few feet of himself.

    Zanpakuto spirit: Silent Forest takes the shape of an innocuous sloth. His spirit is very calm and collected.

    Reiatsu manipulation: Nao is very much a master of hiding his spiritual pressure, becoming nearly untraceable. It is this skill that ultimately allowed him to become the Unit Commander of the assassination squad.

    Hakudo: Nao rarely if ever uses Hakudo, instead allowing subordinates to perform non lethal take downs.

    Zanjutsu: Also rarely used, when Nao does fight however he uses a quick style, trying to end a fight quickly.

    Kido: As a specialist in his own type of kido attacks, Nao is very knowledgeable. Nao has developed a unique process in which he infuses kido into thrown weapons, allowing them to move very rapidly, to the speed of a mid level captain shunpo. These blades fly straight through the air. Nao is a bakudo specialist, able to use up to level 73 with incantation and 41 without. Hado is his weak point, only able to use level 37, though all without incantation.

    Shunpo: Mid-level. Nao only uses hoho if he is in a hurry, though he is fond of the air stepping technique.

    Alexander Yori, Quincy


    Age: 23
    Rietsu/speech: Navy blue
    Eyes: Light blue, nearly grey
    Hair: Short and brown, sticks up slightly

    Appearance: A rather thin build for an archer belies powerful arms and a willingness to do anything to win. Alexander changes his clothing and style regularly but always wears a pair of converse high tops which compliment his outfit. His quincy cross is surprisingly nondescript and worn on his left wrist at all times.

    While hollowfied his left arm gains a solid white vambrace and his face is covered by a blank white mask. The mask is flat, with no nose or mouth at all.

    Personality: Alexander has a very straightforward view on good and evil. Everything that stops him from killing as many hollows as possible is evil. He is terse with mediums but likes to keep in contact with them. He has mixed feelings about "living" arrancar/visards and dislikes working with Hollowings. He usually views himself as better than other spiritually empowered mortals. He never states he is better unless directly challenged. He often will be more easily talked to with a group, however.

    While hollowfied Alexander's worst personality trait, his ego, is heightened tremendously. He will resist all claims of inadequacy and will reply harshly to any offered help.

    Family history:
    The Yori family have been quincy for many years, though only ever passed through the male gene. They inhabited the area of Phoenix town until recently, when his great grandfather migrated to America in order to escape the Yakuza. There the Quincy lifestyle fell to the wayside, with Alexander's father not even knowing of his powers. Alexander had learned of his own powers a few years ago when the American shinigami were fighting a hollow incursion. He shortly learned of his ancestry from his grandfather and moved back to Phoenix town. Last year, his parents passed in a tragic car accident, leaving Alexander with a sizable amount of money. He has since been living in a studio apartment standing over a storage building alone.

    Abilities: Alexander is quite masterful of the basic quincy arts.

    While hollowfied his powers are magnified by quite a bit as well as gaining a minor amount of heirro and the ability to use garganta. He will also slowly regenerate wounds, keeping himself from bleeding out.

    Archery: (Raven's Qualm) A specialty of his, he is able to fire up to five arrows at once. His shots are quite strong as well as fast.

    While hollowfied his spirit bow becomes a bright crimson and becomes much more powerful. The speed stays the same, but he can now fire up to thirteen arrows simultaneously. His normal quincy bow will take on a violet color after his first transformation.

    Seele Schneider: He is capable of using this Quincy technique but is fairly unpracticed. He doesn't usually use these weapons.

    Ginto: Alexander rarely uses these in battle, using them instead to fortify his apartment or rarely to open a garganta.

    Hirenkyaku: Alexander can use this ability but rarely if ever does so outside of combat.

    While hollowfied, Alexander's speed increases greatly, while being supplemented by sonido.
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