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    Name: Evangelion, Project REAPER
    Age: Appears 19.
    Race: Fallen Angel
    Class: Swordmage/Sorcerer.
    Power Rating: Seven.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


    Evangelion (Evan for short), has a strange colored hair. It's black with neon blue stripes in it, and it's spiked randomly, with long bangs on the left side of his face. He has on a long black coat, and two shoulder pieces on the sides. The coat has some eerily ancient symbols on the sides, and the symbols appear to be glowing... When Evangelion chooses to, he can summon his wings, one demonic, one angelic, to defeat his opponents.


    Evangelion does not carry equipment, preferring to summon it with Incantations. He usually uses the Pankratosword, and his version of it is a medium sized scythe, that seems to be made of bones. He can also use epic-level spells, mostly dangerous ones that are either AoE or just plain evil attacks.

    Evangelion is a Fallen Angel who was trying to regain his wings. He was cast out for fighting and killing a fellow Angel, not out of spite or anger, but merely to see if it could be done. As he was cast down, through sheer willpower he kept his wings, but only barely.

    SOUL Agency: - Saviors Of Ultimate Lives.
    Soon after Evangelion Fell, he was captured by an agency known as SOUL. SOUL's duty was to help, and protect the Fallen like him. Evangelion was soon sent out on missions with Soul, due to his masterful abilities with magic.

    Project REAPER: - Rejection Enhancement And Peerless Embodiment Restoration
    After Evangelion had gone on several missions, he was noticed by Project REAPER. Project REAPER's duty was to capture, study, and figure out ways for humans to gain the abilities of Angels. Evangelion escaped, but he barely made it out with his life, and during his time at REAPER, he became a Swordmage, capable of summoning weapons to aid him. But... While he was there, he discovered that both SOUL and REAPER were merely servants of a far greater agency... The agency he now searches for.



    Faction Name: SANCTUARY
    Faction Leader: (Grim) Reaper.
    Faction Talents: SANCTUARY trains their soldiers to nigh-indestructible levels, in hopes to make sure that they can easily capture and kill Angels.

    Beliefs and Creed:

    Technology and Magic: SANCTUARY has advanced technology, and they rarely touch magic, believing it to be the stuff of the Angels, which is why they capture them, and all magic-users.

    Race and gender:
    Anyone, so long as they're willing to operate and kill and capture Angels.

    Religion: SANCTUARY accepts one and all, as long as the recruit's beliefs do not conflict with their mission.

    Movement: SANCTUARY is currently doing small-scale operations. They do not want to attract attention to themselves until they are large enough to attack with impunity.

    Location: A very small mountain range in Outside. They use high-grade cloaking technology, as well as illusionary magicks, to keep themselves hidden.

    Security: SANCTUARY has its own private army, as well as laser turrets, magic detectors, and a crack team of fifty scryers constantly looking for movement.


    Project REAPER, SOUL Agency, EVANGELION, The recapture of Evangelion, the only known Fallen.

    Name: Ghost
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Human, Half-???
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Power Rating: 7.
    Affiliation: Good League Of Good, ENCLAVE.
    Age: Appears to be 19.
    He is of an average height, with an athletic build. Ghost has neck length brown hair, with his bangs barely covering his right eye. He has a few stray strands of hair sticking up at the front, and the back is messy, and often tied back. His almost metal gray eyes give off a feeling of intelligence, and are constantly absorbing the surroundings. He wears a black fingerless glove on his right hand, which is inscribed with the a glyph. He wears a simple black turtleneck, with a hidden guard around his neck, and a pair of well worn leather greaves. His shoes are simple boots, and he often wears a single silver skull earring. His belt is a suspicious leather belt, which when the buckle is angled correctly, reveals several secret slots for glyphs.

    Special Abilities: Various spells, teleportation, ability to seemingly vanish. (See Vetinari from Discworld to figure out what it's like.)
    Combat Proficiencies: Swords, Katanas, Most magical weapons.
    Common Knowledge: He has no past that he can remember, or it could be that I'm a lazy bastard.
    Connections: Sol, and Ven are both inside of his body now, because of a freak accident. Also, because I cannot be bothered to come up with a reason why I wasn't posting for two straight years.

    Reconcilio - The standard-issue ENCLAVE Glyph is inscribed upon his broadsword and his glove.

    Ignis - The Glyph for fire is inscribed upon his glove, which he imbued with the power of fire to give him a slight edge against melee opponents.

    Infragilis - The Glyph for unbreakable is inscribed on his sword, to make sure it will not chip and shatter.

    Fortuna - On a whim, Ghost inscribed the Glyph for luck upon his earring. While this usually has no effect, it sometimes shines, which is why he continues to wear it.

    Vereor - The Glyph for Fear is inscribed upon his crossguard, so if his opponent gets to close for comfort he can emit a wave of fear.

    Scientia - Preferring skill to power, Ghost has the Scientia Glyph inscribed on his belt, granting him a slight edge against powerful opponents.
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