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    Default Re: New homebrew challenge for myself [need advice to get started] (Angelic Paragons)

    Okay, so after asking a few questions of St. Jude, I'm back to relaunch this project (with only half a month to spare before death).

    I need to use non-real world names for these paragons, and there in lies the first challenge. Expect much in the coming days. Anyone got suggestions to start off with?

    Perhaps ideals or something?

    First idea for a name: Isamukemen (the japanese and basque words for courage, smushed into one word)

    Angel of healers or doctors or something: Peoneir (a mash of a few pan-celtic names)

    I also had a preliminary idea for a brawler PrC: Liazubuike, or perhaps Treasanerva (genderless or feminine names indicating strength)
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