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    ((Note: this is intended to be a crossover character between ACRONYM and TOWN.))

    Iathis, 'King of the Dead'

    Gender: Male
    Race: Mohrg
    Age: He doesn't remember anymore.
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Power Rating: A

    Description: Iathis looks like most Mohrgs. At first glance, he may resemble something of a regular old undead human Skeleton. However, it's difficult not to notice the slime-coated, fleshy, intestine-like undead parasite that covers his torso and fills his rib cage. The color of this parasite is a blood red rather than the typical pink, denoting his position as a Greater Mohrg.

    A pair of tentacles spread upward from the parasite and wrap around the Mohrg's arms, ending at his wrists in strange, mouth-like things with three hook-like teeth. A similar tentacle wraps around his spine and occupies the space where his tongue would be, writhing up and reaching out of his bleached mouth or recoiling inside as he wishes. His 'eyes' are twin pits of cavernous darkness resting in the center of his skull, nothing but empty sockets given sight by necromantic energy.

    As he never takes it off, it is best to know that he wears what was once a pricey suit, a fine thing now reduced to a dusty, smelly, dirty piece of clothing that is ripped and stained with blood in several places. The tie, along with several buttons, are missing, partially revealing his ribcage and the parasite in his chest.

    Equipment and Abilities: Iathis is most likely the strongest, fastest undead you will ever see. He has physical power equal to that of some older dragons, and mental capabilities rivalling that of lesser liches. He uses his physical power sparingly in most cases, however. The parasite that gives him strength is old, and heavy, repeated combat may leave him powerless for minutes or hours at a time while the creature 'catches it's breath'. However, most people he goes up against don't last long enough to see this occurrence.

    Iathis can cast some mid-level wizard or necromancer spells, making him a competent magic user as well. However, most magic-users with real experience tend to out-class him, and his spells are sloppy and violent at best.

    Besides these abilities, he has skill as a manipulator, liar, cheat, and general sower of dissent.

    He has no earthly possessions besides his horrid suit.

    Backstory: Mohrg's automatically remember little of their previous lives. Iathis gets flashbacks, now and then. Murder. Blood. Explosions. Lots of explosions. He was buried with his suit.

    He likes those flashbacks.

    After he became undead, Iathis was bound to the service of a necromancer. He was content, for a time. Murder and bloodshed were as fun as ever. After nearly fifty years of service, the necromancer keeled over and died. He'd attempted the ritual of lichdom, but had simply killed himself instead. So Iathis went off to find a real lich. You see, Iathis didn't much like thinking for himself at first. And that necromancer had always had plenty of people for him to kill. He spent the next couple hundred years wandering the land, slaughtering random adventurers or small villages as he pleased.

    He eventually did find a lich, a bookish creature named Arla Teyce. She took him under her wing and taught him some magic, but being a Mohrg, he was never able to fully master the art.

    Arla had big plans for their world. After a brief campaign of gathering followers and minions, they conquered a small kingdom that Iathis forgets the name of. After which they promptly slaughtered every living thing in the kingdom, turning it into legion of the undead. The Mohrg served as Arla's lieutenant for the remainder of their time together.

    This legion of plague and death swept across the world's main continent as though a great tide, devouring and transforming all in it's path. Whilst Arla worked her magic from afar, Iathis led their armies on the front lines, and kingdom after kingdom fell to their unstoppable might. All the while Iathis was growing more and more intelligent, and quite a bit less Chaotic.

    But their relationship soon soured. Arla grew far too controlling and bossy for Iathis' liking. One night, while Arla was off preparing her spells for the next day, Iathis discovered her phylactery.

    It took the Mohrg about eight seconds to make up his mind what to do about this. He crushed the phylactery in his bony palm. There was a scream and a fizzling sound as he did so. Iathis found a pile of ash and arcane robes where Arla had once studied.

    For the next decade Iathis ran the empire on his own, using what Arla had taught him to cut his way forward. His advance was halted briefly by a conclave of mages and their families, seeking to defend themselves and their home. All were killed, but for the archmage. The Archmage decimated Iathis' entourage, his main army off at the country's other borders. Iathis fought the archmage, using the abilities granted by his status as a Greater Mohrg.

    In the end, the monster lost. The mage trapped him in a warded tomb, and, opening a portal, cast the vile creature into the Abyss.

    It was centuries before the Abyss spat the tomb back out, strange energies propelling the casket into a new place: the multiverse of ACRONYM and TOWN. The tomb's wards are broken or gone. Now, at last, he awakens.
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