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    Pan, Arrancar and Novena Canditate

    Age: Indeterminable
    Height: 3’8”
    Weight: 58 lb.
    Speech/Reiatsu/Cero color: Copper/White/White
    Aspect of Death: Abandonment
    Mask Fragment: Crest coving his forehead with a large horn protruding from it's centre.
    Hollow Hole: Rather large, encompassing his entire abdomen.

    Physical Description:
    Pan is physically the least of the Espada perhaps even of the Arrancar. He his short, by all appearances quite weak and more closely resembles a small child then one of the Las Noches elite. Pan has a rather dark complexion and copper toned hair. His Espada number, that is a nine, rings his left eye. He has a black scarf bound around his head and carefully knotted around his single horn. Pan wears the standard Arrancar jacket, sash and trousers (cut to his size of course) as well as a white poncho or chamanto over top. He wears wooden sandals but at times he wedges them in his sash and opts to go barefoot.

    Through both appearance and actions Pan is rather childish. He is quite cheerful and and energetic, smiling and laughter come easily to him. He shows himself as naive and takes a keen fascination with nearly everything around him. But for all his childishness, he still happens to be one of the powerful Espada. Pan is far more mature then his character lets on, but his body being what it is, at least part of it is genuine. Pan acts more restrained and sensible when attending the king and queen also usually when discussing serious matters with other Arrancar.

    Pan dislikes killing but is certainly not above it, although he may get gloomy during and after the act. He is enthusiastic about fighting and keeps his bright attitude till the game turns down that bloody road. Pan has an odd affection for Gillians, when outside of Las Noches, its not unusual to find a number of them accompanying him. Pan's personal views on Shinigami are neutral, he regards them with a sensible amount of wariness but is removed form fear or hate. On mortals, Pan takes avid interest, as there seems to be so much more in their short fluttering lives then that of the eon-spanning spirit lives.

    As he is, Pan is weaker then even the standard Gillian, his particular abilities are as such though that he is numbered among the Espada.

    Bala: Pan has no bala to speak of, or at least he has never been seen using one (he doesn't have one)

    Cero: He gathers and fires it from the very tip of his horn. By itself, Pan's Cero is pathetic. he could likely obliterate a low ranked Shinigami at point blank range but it would hardly make a captain flinch. It does however have the interesting effect of combining and multiplying the power of other Cero beams. It can also serve as a catalyst for combining several Ceros together.

    Hierro: Much like the above, Pan's Hierro is weak, he depends on a means of regeneration for the most part.

    Garganta: One his few true areas of mastery for Pan is the Garganta. He is capable of tearing holes both great and small as well as one of the few that can use a form of Garganta broadcast.

    Sonido: Pan's Sonido is passable for an Arrancar.

    Zanpakutou: Calaverita (Little Skull)
    Sealed Form:
    Pan's Zanpakutou is near appropriate for his size. The sword bares a cruciform shape and resembles a European Arming sword. Pan hangs the sword unconventionally from his neck on a chain.

    Embalsamar: Much of Pan's spiritual power is in fact bound in his Zanpakutou, his true collective Reiryoku is phenomenal. Pan cannot access his sealed Reiryoku directly, instead he channels it through his Zanpakutou. In short he may stab the sword into a creature and fill it with his spirit power. For a hollow or Arrancar it grants them an incredible power boost in addition to taking their own spiritual pressure to extremes. Pan has to take care about moderating how much he releases as too much really can be too much, lesser hollows would likely burn out regardless. When the sword is removed, remaining residue is quick to seal up the wound it leaves. For the living and possibly Shinigami, Pan's Reiatsu has a more adverse effect. Similar to the acidic touch of some hollows, the Reiatsu imposes itself on the victim, diminishing their own spirit to the point of death. The time this takes is dependent on the victim's spirit level but the shear violence in the invasion should render all but the strongest quite helpless.

    Pan can use the Zanpakutou on himself to an extent. By cutting himself, he may gain small boosts of power for certain activities although doing this is far more taxing on him then with others. Pan may enhance his Cero through this means where it's power is indistinguishable from the Espada's Gran Rey Cero (although it's achieved exactly the same way). He may also enhance his Sonido, making him ludicrously fast but he moves blind and can't measure distance. Presumably, he can do the same with the Hierro ability but he'd sooner escape danger then test his skin against an unfriendly cut.

    "Impart, Calaverita."
    Pan impales himself with his Zanpakutou to activate the ability. In this form pan loses nearly all of his recognizable form. The most tangible remnant of Pan is a large white hollow mask baring the horn of his mask fragment. His eyes are the black of a hollow with glossy white irises and theres no indication of a mouth at all. The mask trails a organic looking shroud of varying length. Pan floats or flies freely through air without the use of air-walking. The shroud aspect of Pan's body may be pierced and damaged with little resistance, he would show no sign of pain for it and it regenerates quickly.

    Physical contact with the shroud is similar to the effects of his Zanpakutou, but certainly milder. Needless to say, Shinigami should do their best to avoid entangling themselves inadvertently while attacking.

    Mortaja De Entierro: The transformed Pan may possess other hollows and more completely give them access to his spirit power. For weaker hollows and Arrancar he may gain control over them. With the more powerful hollows and the Espada a struggle would ensue, Pan may even be forcefully expelled so mutual cooperation is key. When in possession, the host under goes a transformation. The changes differ between hosts but generally Pan's mask merges with the body and bony growths similar to Pan's horn may appear. With a truly formidable host, such as the strongest of the Espada or the king of hollows himself, it's arguable that the combination would make them the most powerful being in the spirit world.

    ..Of course the potential for power is not without consequences. Pan's full Reiryoku would suppliment the hosts, but there's only so much spirit power that can be handled. Pan's spirit power merges gradually but still quickly with the hosts, he has no way to prevent it. Eventually, the hosts body may overload if it's spirit power too far exceeds it's capabilities. The result is short boom and two less hollows plaguing the world. Due to the already impressive spirit levels of the Espada, it's unlikely that Pan nor the others would risk themselves in this, unless under truly dire duress.

    Segunda Etapa: Unachieved

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