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    Faction Profile: The Mission Settlement

    General Information
    • Reform Centers: Currently, the Mission of the Godking has made care centers in condesnsed, low-income areas. These care centers provide moral aid and ethical advice for all of those who enter.
    • Church Summit: The Mission centers also provide church service, in worship of the Godking. The service hours are whenever a Cleric or Bishop is not preoccupied.
    • Tremendous Architecture: If one were to visit the High Cathedral of His Majesty, the Godking, they would be able to see the high walls, the angels weeping in repentance, the great artwork inspired by him, and, if annointed with the special ceremony "incense," obtain a service from the Godking's Champion, Nazorath.
    • Restuarant: The Godking, being a benevolent leader, has instructed his followers to create what is now known as "Restuarants" as part of the Care Center/Church. These serve delicacies such as Deep Fried Lamb, Rat on the Barbie, and, a family favorite, Fish Eye Stew.
    • Private Military: The Mission also offers protection from the forces of evil, with high-end technology and faith itself. They are His fist.

    Faction Leader: One could say the Godking, but the current leader who has not ascended is High Champion Nazorath.
    Faction Talents: Despite not having the mystical powers of other "Clerics" the Godking offers his music, his power in the forms of military, and his morale. It is nigh impossible to see a distraught worshipper.
    Faction Goals: To convert and help the unworthy, to protect and serve the oppressed, and to, most of all, worship the Godking.
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