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    Name: Azmus "das Stachelschwein" von Greyssen
    Position: TBA
    Aspect of Death: Assassination
    Reiatsu: Maroon (#800000)
    Age: 420, looks about 20
    Height: 6’ 1”
    Weight: 150


    Appearance: Azmus is a thin man, with a mane of black hair pulled back in a ponytail. His aquamarine eyes are always darting around, as if he is watching everything at once. He could be considered attractive, his face unblemished and slightly nordic in structure. In the way of clothing, Azmus wears a grey dress shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, and a dark grey trenchcoat so long it touches the floor. The inside of this coat holds his zanpakuto, Die Attentäter. His hollow hole is in his right shoulder. His mask fragment is a monocle with a targeting reticule over his right eye.

    Personality: Azmus is cold and calculating. He says little, preferring to let his actions speak for him. His words are slow, and his voice is low and gravelly. While ultimately loyal to his superiors, Azmus has a bit of chivalry left in him from his past. While his loyalties frequently override this feeling, he still finds it hard to fight women or see them unnecessarily beaten.

    Zanpakuto: Die Attentäter is a six inch stiletto with a black handle and a bone white blade. Instead of trying to fight with the dagger hand to hand, Azmus prefers to throw it at his opponents. This works well, as after it is thrown, Die Attentäter returns to Azmus. Seconds after hitting(or missing) its target, Die Attentäter appears in Azmus’s hand. Azmus is very skilled in the use of Die Attentäter, both in throwing and melee. When it’s not being used, it is strapped just inside is coat, for quick attacks.

    Resurreccion: Füllen Sie sie voller Löcher, Die Attentäter!: Azmus spins Die Attentäter around his fingers, leaning his head back. He then swallows it, causing twelve foot-long bone-white blades to sprout from his back. These blades, when used, sink into his back and appear in his hands, with grey cloth handles. They can then be thrown, or used to stab his opponents. These blades, like the original, return to his back two seconds after hitting or missing their target. Azmus's already impressive speed increases, making him a very hard target to hit. In addition, the speed at which Azmus throws his knives increases to the point of them being bullet-like.

    Abilities: Azmus is very skilled in throwing knives, in both accuracy and speed. In addition, he is very skilled at dodging, for the times when he is without a weapon. To couple with the dodging, he is also a master of Sonido.

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