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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 17

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class (or approximation): Commoner

    Power Rating: E


    Lykaios is a tall, slender youth. His leather shorts and hide shirt are almost as weather-beaten and battle scarred as his shadowy green travelling cloak, and his amateur attempts to repair his clothes just accentuate their wear. His body seems less worn than his clothes would suggest, and he is mostly unscarred, save a few black scars across his chest and one across the bridge of his nose. His short brown hair and non-muscular form do little to hide these scars, and his light blue eyes and pale skin contrast so sharply with the deep black scar on his face that people’s eyes rest naturally upon it.


    Lykaios has his trademark shadowy green travel cloak and a blunt dagger that would fail even a master in combat.


    Lykaios is the carrier of the Terminus disease, a magically created sickness designed to be a weapon. It can only pass via physical contact, however, and even then it is unlikely one will catch it, but if one does catch it, they start showing symptoms almost immediately, and there is no cure.

    The disease causes intolerance to magic. Magical energy and magical spells give him headaches, make him feel naseated, and just generally make him feel sick. His symptoms are erratic, however, and one moment he may feel fine while the next he might feel terrible, especially when there is a lot of magical energy in the air. Eventually, he will die, as he'll get to the point that he'll no longer even be able to survive the magic in the air. Any person who has the disease will show similar if not identical symptoms.


    Lykaios was an average farm boy until at the age of 14 he was taken during a raid by a terrorist group. He was taken to a lab where he was made the first test subject for the Terminus disease. After nearly three years of brutal tests, he was released into society, where the terrorists hoped he would spread the disease. So far, he has not, but this has come at the cost of human contact. Through his wanderings, he's found his way to the ACROverse.

    Miscellaneous: The disease has a low chance of spreading, so it is unlikely one will be infected even if they do touch him. Even so, it is best that one doesn’t touch him unless they want to catch the disease…
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