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    Default Re: New homebrew challenge for myself [need advice to get started] (Angelic Paragons)

    Okay, so I have seven angels planned out:

    Isamukemen, planetar, Arcadia, paladin/courage support class, fights a war against the formians mainly

    Peoneir, movadic, Bytopia, healing, ravages and small spellcasting, studies the both medicine and poison to find the common root of both, and hopes to use this to cure moral and fiendish infections too.

    Agapeial, astral, Beastlands, skills class that gains the ability to access animal totems and fight spirits better, sends angels to cripple the gith, ethergaunt and shadar-kai armies, protecting the Material.

    Treasanerva, monadic, Ysgard, brawler class that combines the physical and the supernatural to call forth evil to fight, a friend to all the elemental princes of good, who has fought against both the slaad and the elemental princes of evil

    Scarumaiel, solar, Avalon (the demiplane between Elysium and the Outlands), warlock class able to put its own evil behind it, and force others to lose powers gained by evil as well, leader of the other ones above, holds court with many lesser good gods and pledges aid to their causes in exchange for aid to hers

    Moriphractiel, unique angel, Pangea (the demiplane between Arborea and the Outlands), I don't know (ideas include a celestial dinosaur master, a hunter of evil animals and magical animals/aberrations), was stripped of his higher mind and celestial power by Seraphitus, and now lives in the eternally pre-historic demiplane of Pangea.

    Seraphitus, unique fallen angel, Kun'Lun (the demiplane between Celestia and the Outlands), some sort of blackguard-esque class, but I'd guess it would be more skills based and less combat based, rebelled against the other angels and led an attack on Moriphractiel, stripping him of his essense. The other angels and the Hebdomad of Celestial dare not endanger the essense of the Lost One, so they do not attack him yet. Has a group of unique erinyes who are not from Baator, but instead are angels who fell with him.
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