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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Kobold
    Age: 36
    Alignment: Neutral-ish
    Class (or approximation): Sorceror-type
    Power Rating or, an Alternate System (optional): 4 or E- (no magic); probably C+ including magic
    Description: Small brown reptilian being, wearing purple silk robes that shimmer as he moves and, usually, a very tall green hat orbited by small, metallic planets. He has expressed the opinion that the planets are over the top, however.
    Equipment: Variety of magical ingredients, tall, silly green hat orbited by planets, palanquin, two kobold-shaped marble golems, a large mansion and accoutrements including a wizard-type lab, spell componant belt and two bandoleers for the same purpose; all of his robes have many pockets for storage as well. Dagger, slightly magical.
    Abilities: Spell casting, using strange and uncommon spells with eccentric effects.
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